EXCLUSIVE: Bipasha Basu on casting couch; reveals how a top producer once tried to act smart with her

Talking about an incident where a top producer kept messaging and bothering her, the Dangerous heroine discusses how she dealt with the situation. Watch her video inside.
EXCLUSIVE: Bipasha Basu on casting couch; reveals how a top producer once tried to act smart with herEXCLUSIVE: Bipasha Basu on casting couch; reveals how a top producer once tried to act smart with her
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In her almost two decade long career, Bipasha Basu has stood the test of time, battling against all odds. In fact, she's known to be a no-nonsense star who clearly doesn't mince her words or shy away from speaking the truth, as is. Calling herself 'dangerous' admittedly, Bipasha opened up about how she was sexually propositioned in the early phase of her career. 

Stating that she always was prepared to face it, Bips shares, "I was a young girl and I was staying alone. I always had this image of mine which was fierce and of someone who won't tolerate ant bulls**t. So a lot of people were scared of me anyway. But there was this one time, I remember when I signed a film with a top producer. I had come back home and I got a text message from him saying 'Missing your smile'. I was too young and I felt a little weird. But I ignored it. After a few days, he again sent me the same text."

Although this was just the beginning of a proposition or a move, Bipasha decided to nip it right in the bud. "I called up my secretary and asked him, 'Why is this producer missing my smile. What does he even?' I was always this fiesty Bengali woman so I messaged a friend of mine and used several expletives for the producer. And I sent the message to the producer, by mistake," she laughs. "But it worked and there were no texts anymore. I told my secretary to take the signing amount and return it to him because I didn't want to work with him anymore. The producer told my secretary, "It's fine, there's no need to return the signing amount. Ask her to keep it.' And I was adamant and it got me really angry."

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She reveals she had a chance encounter to meet the same man yet again in life, but what followed was hilarious. "I was at this event with many other actors, filmmakers and producers. We were all standing in one line on stage. The moment he saw me, he walked quietly towards the corner. It was funny watching that happen," she signed off. 

Watch her bold interview right here: 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Most of her movies were dubbed by a dubbing artist, as her acting wasn't up to mark

Anonymous 3 months ago

Not believing that she only got movies due to her sheer talent . Let’s not forget her phone call with Amar Singh

Anonymous 3 months ago

Are you not that brave anymore. Where is name?

Anonymous 3 months ago

Ummm... I don’t think we had “texting” 20 years back. Liar liar pants on fire. There was a dig in the movie heroine which was a satire to Basu and Abraham. Abraham slept with John for his roles in Dostana and other Dharma productions. You ended up getting married to a total Trash and you are behaving all Sati Savitri now?

Anonymous 3 months ago

naam lo lena why be scared..not that youre getting movies anyways..expose them all

Anonymous 3 months ago

its 2020.....no reason to not take names! think about other folks you might help avoid these pervs.

Anonymous 3 months ago

oh! poor baby-----