EXCLUSIVE: On Mother's Day, Bhavana Panday discusses Ananya Panday's choices in films and men; watch video

Ananya Panday is now officially launched in Bollywood. While her first film Student Of the Year 2 is raking in good numbers, she and her mother Bhavana Panday get candid about the bond they share.
Ananya Panday and Bhavana Panday get candid with PinkvillaAnanya Panday and Bhavana Panday get candid with Pinkvilla
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Ananya Panday's big debut has just happened. Student Of The Year 2 has released and the film is working decently well at the box office too. The campus drama has already collected over Rs 26 crore in two days and that has also left everyone involved really happy. We caught up with Ananya and her mother Bhavana Panday and the mother-daughter duo shot for a special video for Mother's Day. Titled Sitare Behind The Stars, the show will make you meet the people who are the main men/women behind our favourite actors. The two pretty ladies flagged off the first episode, which happened to be a lot of fun.

When asked about whether she always wanted to become an actor, Ananya smiles, "Ever since I popped out of her, I think I wanted to be an actor. They know that as well. When I was younger, Suhana, Shanaya and I would act in front of them and imitate my mom, Gauri aunty and Maheep aunty. We were always ready to perform. Our parents wouldn't even need to ask us to dance at a party. They would just say 'D' and we would start dancing." Bhavana chipped in, "They always used to be synchronised. Once you all did something very funny where one of them was the maid."

To that, Anaya responded and said, "We have done some really weird things. Shah Rukh sir always used to encourage us and do photoshoots with us. He would take our videos and make us feel like we are the best actors. He would show them to everyone and say, 'Look what they did'."

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When did Ananya finally break the news to her parents? The doting mother reminisces, "She said it quite a few times but we kept asking her to finish her education. But I remember she became really serious about it when she got into USC which is the college she wanted to be in. Then, she got this offer around the same time and then she decided to take this offer over college, which she again struggled to get to. She told me she wants to give it her full and this is what she wants to do."

Ananya added, "More than supportive, my parents have been really realistic. Even when they saw me in plays and stuff, they were very clear that audition if you want to but they also wanted me to complete my education. They never made me feel that things will come to me on a silver plate. That's why, at home they never made it feel easy. It was always a dream I had to work for to achieve."

But despite the big launchpad, Bhavana still has concerns. "I understand that she is in the best of hands. It is Dharma and she couldn't have asked for better. But that one percent, as a parent, I still worry so I told Ananya come what may, I'm still holding on to that USC seat.  Every semester, she would write a mail and every college encoruages this. They love children who come back with work experience."


according to mommy dear education is just ''mugging up books'' and daughter dearest should only be ''well read'' enough to make an intelligent conversation with people. Do they live in a box?

lovely sooo cute both of you

Such a lovely relationship between mama and daughter. i hope my little one shares the same rapport with me that Ananya has with Bhavna.
Bhavna you are so gorgeous and caring and loving towards your baby girl. how cute. the interviewer too was very cool and asked all the right questions. well done ladies. xxx

Who else thinks she is trying to be the next Aliya Bhatt LOL- the way she talks especially

She and Alia are sooo annoying #BanNepoKids

Ugly talentless nepo kid

she is fine so long she doesnt speak.
she opens her mouth and omfg, that gargling voice makes me wanna pull my hair out

her mom shud act not her plssss

I think she is trying to copy sara

Wat about Sara?

couldn't counite watching Ananya sounds so dumb, go back to school and learn something

She never got into USC. Everyone at Dhirubhai Ambani school knows she just made it up to look smart. She always wanted to start acting right away. She did not even apply to college.

Ananya has a terrible accent. I cannot listen to her talk. Bhavna's accent is normal. What happened to Ananya? Terrible.

Haha she got into USC??? LMAO

USC is in trouble because of kids ( and rich parents) cheating their way in. I wonder how Chunky Pandey who is really not that rich is able to afford the $500k. Also did anyone notice Gauri "aunty" and Shahrukh " sir"? Shahrukh probably told these young ladies not to call them uncle because he may romance them in a few years.

Usc is currently in a major scandal. Did they not read or keep up with the news? It's pretty obvious she didn't deserve her seat and bought her way in. She is basically the Indian olivia jade

She didn't get into USC. She didn't apply. She's just making things up for the media now.

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