EXCLUSIVE: Shanaya Kapoor is getting ready for her Bollywood debut, CONFIRMS dad Sanjay Kapoor

For years, there has been speculations about Shanaya Kapoor's big debut. But parents Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor have never confirmed the same, until now. In this exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, daddy Kapoor has finally spilled beans on how beti Shanaya is prepping up to make her foray in Bollywood.
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In the last few years, Bollywood has witnessed the launch of several newcomers - both industry kids as well as outsiders - who now constitute the Gen-Y brigade of actors. After cousin Janhvi Kapoor's big debut last year, we hear another member of the Kapoor khandaan is now prepping up to make her foray into Bollywood. Who's it? Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor's daughter Shanaya Kapoor. 

The 19-year-old has been constantly grabbing headlines for a possible launch but there were no confirmations till date. Now, Shanaya has taken the usual road and turned an AD on Janhvi's next film which is a biopic on IAF pilot Gunjan Saxena. Daddy Kapoor has finally revealed the big plans to Pinkvilla in an exclusive chat. Sanjay tells us, "It's true that Shanaya is now in Lucknow and working as an assistant on Janhvi's film. It was a joint decision. She was very keen on doing something different to understand the space, rather than just wasting time. Before she wanted to take up a film, she didn't want to be abroad for a three-year-course. Instead, she chose something personal like this. Obviously, I'm always there to guide her. Nothing in life is better than experience."

The doting dad also adds that she has already begun prepping up for her big debut. "She is doing her acting workshops, her dance classes and other things that you need to do before you take it up as a career." Coming from a family that has several heavyweight names in the business already, there's a certain pedigree that star kids usually are trained with. But Sanjay feels life's much more than just that. "For me, I believe my kids need to also know that this is an extremely professional space and it isn't a cakewalk. Today, she is in Lucknow where it's 41 degrees. So it will be difficult and requires a lot of hard work. She might be from a film family and connections are easy but sustaining won't be easy. It's very tough to survive in this industry. I know it really well which is also why I made her go through this process of assisting. All the glamour is only an exterior thought, inside, it's a lot of hard work."



Glamorous look and style of @shanayakapoor02 stunning in @janashia_ suit

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With the boom in digital media, the young girl has been a paparazzi favourite. In fact, stories about her wanting to be a heroine has been doing the rounds for the last three-four years. Sanjay rues, "We cannot change that. I can't stop people from writing it. At 15-16, people started talking about this. So it was all on basis of assumptions and presumptions. We never made a statement. We can't change the fact that she will get clicked wherever she goes. But yes, right now, I can definitely tell you that she's preparing herself for a career in movies."

There are murmurs that just like her cousin sister, Karan Johar is planning to introduce Shanaya into the movies as well. "There's no truth to that. She's just assisting on his production venture. She has not taken a call on anything yet. Yes, she's definitely getting ready for a Bollywood career. Hopefully soon, she must work hard and land a good film. We will all wait for that. I just want her to concentrate on this for now," the Lust Stories actor signed off. 


I will watch her movie if she is not debuting under Dharma production. Can’t stand nepopapa anymore.

Sanjay Kapoor must have been smart enough to learn from his own career debacle and give his kids a good education. His kiddo is trending on PV even before formally entering the industry for all the wrong reasons!

In bollywood, it's either star kids, or foreign actors. There seems to be no place for real talent from outside the bollywood family.It's sad.

Anybody listening? Make a movie and call it the " Rise of Nepo Kids"

ya ya ya we can hate on these young girls but what about arjun kapoor.
about time we talked about namastey england's 50 lakh opening collection after 7 years in the industry?

Your point being.... what exactly ? That he doesn't get enough hate? He is probably the most hated star kid among his peers on social media. Have you been living under a rock?
But obviously this article would have more comments on Shanaya's sisters because they along with the likes of Ananya are more relevant here - as they are her peers and competition.

y'all keep bringing in education into the debate, especially post sara. but education really isnt the point here - even deepika hasnt gone to college, katrina, anushka all are drop outs.

what matters here just the abundance of undeserved opportunities! even the most educated kid in the block could be a shitty actor and if he/she is an actor despite that - it is undeserved and unfair! education/ qualification in ONE area doesnt excuse that scarcity of talent in another. and parineeti chopra with her triple major is a prime example of the same.

salman khan's notebook launched two shitty nepokids. and lets not forget aayush sharma and sonakshi sinha and athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi.

slb will launch his niece this year who btw, also went to lee strasberg for the same course as janhvi coz there are pictures of them performing together. so wheres the college degree, where is the worthiness?

sunny will launch his son coz noone else wants to launch the ugly duckling.

and akshay is launching karan kapadia in what will be a massive flop.

meanwhile sajid nadiadwalas proteges include athiya shetty's brother ahaan shetty, tiger shroff etc.

point being, karan johar isnt alone in perpetuating nepotism and you gotta admit he got a better success rate of launching talent than the others.

you should make them sit a test in their understanding of the craft of filmmaking.
make them analyse a film and write about classic films - hindi/english.

pretty sure all they will know is bom diggy diggy and endgame.

you cant compare shanaya's situation with janhvis. if anything, shanaya is Ananya 2.0.

1. both straight out of high school, into the movies with no experience what so ever.
2. both have the same fair skin and super skinny bodies.
3. both their mommies know and play with papa johar through the srk factor (suhana being friends with the girls).
4. both got flop actor fathers.

but ok ananya is pretty and shanaya is not.

all nepo kids get it easy. but suhana, janvi, khusi, and even abhishek bachchan struggle with a little bit of pressure atleast- due to comparisons with powerful and talented parents. thats nothing before the struggle of outsiders, but still SOMETHING atleast.

but kids like ananya and shanaya have it SOO easy! They get in through the back door coz their moms know papa johar, but they never struggle with any pressure of comparison because what, are you going to compare sanjay kapoor and shanaya or are you going to compare chunky panday with ananya?

now THAT is unfair - to get the best of both worlds.

Oh dear! The future of Bollywood is bleak! DP, Kat, and PC are the only last ones standing. Then it’s all nepokids from there onwards. I do have hopes for Kriti though!

Bollywood is doomed ...

Bollywood is all set to see its end soon.all star kids recent times that too with zero talent ,no outsider at all.

Am so sick of Sridevi fans acting like her daughters deserve the royal treatment . Fed up of watching the two girls with a different nose and lips every month. Can't stop rolling my eyes when I see posts about Khushi's invisible aura. She is a rude, obnoxious teenage SOBO brat whom I have seen treat airport staff with condescension. Janhvi is a sweetheart though. I would see a Janhvi or Shanaya any day on screen over Khushi.

None of these girls are good-looking OR talented, they just want to be famous. They are really ruining Bollywood movies with their mediocrity.

The nepo debate is never ending and pointless, there is nothing wrong in it and sure they have an easier time getting in but at the end of day if they cannot bring in the money, are not bankable and/or are not liked by the masses thn they disappear too. So many star kids have failed in the past, let them try. Plus, How many tall and light skinned girls can you really find in India!?. Nepo kids have good genes due to star parents so naturally directors who have seen them grow up want to launch them.

True. Remember Zayed Khan and Fardeen Khan, guys?

I want all these girls to go through auditions for whether for acting or for AD positions.

Sure. When you have a job to offer them please let them audition it till then it is none of your business in literal and real sense

That list someone listed is not complete:

Pranutan Bahl
Pooja Bedi's daughter Aalia

The comments about Janhvi being more worthy to get a nepo-launch because she went to Lee Stratsberg make me laugh. It was a holiday , not an education. You can throw money, get into it and call yourself an alumni.
If Khushi can, even before going to NY film school, sit on her tattooed bum and talk about papa KJo launching her and papa Boney cherry-picking her costars , I don't see why Shanaya isn't as "worthy" . Aint her fault her mom isnt a dead superstar.

i agree, going to film school doesnt make you 'worthy' of a launch necessarily, but it shows you are atleast ATTEMPTING to learn something substantial before an undeserved debut..

I agree with all you had to say till the last sentence- the 'dead superstar mom' comment is highly unwarranted. She is after all a highly respected actor, give her, her dues if not her daughters.
And really, if you must bring it up, then yes, the dead superstar angle DOES make the kapoor sisters a more worthy launch, because people will come to theatres INTIALLY atleast, to watch them because of sridevi if not anything else. and that makes janhvi and khushi more reliable kids for nepopapa to launch. But who is going to watch shanaya's movies? SANJAY KAPOOR'S FANS? ... coz clearly it isnt a competition of looks or talent - none of the kapoors got that.

Eh, I found it harsh but true - the whole public perception towards her changed from a privileged rich kid with a vapid personality to someone who is a "bichari" and suddenly a person with depth in her personality. No way it would have happened if it wasn't due to the sympathy factor - regardless of how many interviews she had given with humility and sincerity. It was unfortunate but contributed to the excellent PR persona she has now. Let's not kid ourselves that it isn't true.

Janhvi didn't have to work for either film opportunities or to create a pleasant public image.

Like you said, Shanaya has nothing going for her.

Sridevi got her due. Why should that entitle her daughters to take advantage of the dues paid to Sridevi? If anything, Janhvi and Khushi are much higher in the nepo-hierarchy than Shanaya.
Going by your post, Shanaya has to work harder to earn her fans. Unlike Janhvi who has inherited half of her mother's fan clubs

1. it wasnt khushi's fault that neha invited for for bffs with vogue for an interview. and idk where pinkvilla landed this exclusive information about khushi's bum tattoo or about papa johar launching her but its been blown out of proportion. take the time to watch the interview, all she says is 'its a big deal what karan johar mentioned her as one of the faces to look out for', because karan himself said so during hIS interview with neha, BUT 'she has no plans of getting launched yet'.

2. lee strasberg is a very reputed school. sure, janhvi might have paid her way in. But Sara may have also paid her way into Columbia. Obama daughter got into harvard because of legacy. Doesnt take away from the fact that they all still get in, and irrespective of HOW and WHY you might have gotten into any such school, just BEING in these institutions is enough to teach you something that's a lil more than being on your sister's filmsets as an AD for 2 weeks as shanaya has been, before declaring your worthy of a debut.

1) If Janhvi has earned her stripes by strolling in an out of Lee Strasberg, then so is Shanaya by gaining real-life experience. Not everyone's parents have insurance money to fund movies and splurge on token film courses abroad. Shanaya has ADed for more than 2 weeks btw.
2) If papa Boney can put out that humiliating article degrading Amrita Singh (and Janhvi doesn't have the guts to or the brains to confront her dad), then it isn't a big deal to have that part of the show edited out. The articles gave out way too much information about that tattoo - no way was all that made up.
3) If we really have to talk about privilege, then some posts on Pinkvilla, as a means of supporting Janhvi have actually only highlighted how Shanaya is the underdog and way less privileged than Janhvi is.

There is one person on this article constantly seeking to excuse sara from the nepotism debate- who knows maybe its sara herself, but either way sara is really no better than janhvi or anybody else. Sure she speaks far better than the rest but the merit of an actor is based on acting and not on articulation during interviews and just coz sara is confident onscreen doesnt mean she is necessarily a wonderful actor or anything of the sort. she is still very much amidst the cohort of nepokids.

Nepotism exists in the south as well but at least they make sure they complete their education, in many cases even getting post graduation before trying their luck in films. I say luck cause the threshold down isn't really long, you don't get chances after chance like in bollywood, ask Sai Dharam Tej

Only Sara Ali Khan the only starkid I like and I am rooting for
Don't know if this whole hate for nepo kids will affect Sara
So only Sara Ali Khan for me...all can just disappear.....end of the discussion

Oh thanks for deciding when to begin and end the discussion baby <3

Oh saras definitely here because of nepotism as well. Just because she speaks well, doesnt shield the fact that she landed her second film before her first released and that too by personally texting rohit shetty- how many of y’all got rohit shettys number? And ok she got street smarts but its not like she is gods gift to earth. She was highly mediocre in simmba and in no comparison w ... say alia who is only 2 years older than her.

btown nepo daddies need to fund the garbage/trash actors &send them to university instead.

Look,working in 41 degrees temperature is NOT struggling . Shanaya ,along with plenty of other star kids , just does not have screen presence . Excluding Anil & Sri ,all the other Kapoors have nothing . Jhanvi has only 1 movie out ,she lacks the street smarts to make it big . Sonam is known for her clothes & Arjun is making news for his love life. Harshvardhan is out. Please don't keep taking these kids who lack the spark .Next will be SRK's girl.

Agreed. Whatever one might say about Katrina’s lack of acting ability, she definitely has an amazing aura and screen presence

Agreed. Whatever one might say about Katrina’s lack of acting ability, she definitely has an amazing aura and screen presence

this is getting out of the hand. bollywood what you doing! boring

if your not gonna learn acting, atleast spend some money and fix your face, shanaya, you look terrible.

I find her face much better than the distorted faces of Janhvi and Khushi. It is only going to get worse because they will continue hacking their faces.

There seems to be only one person to blame KJO
He is promoting and encouraging this culture of taking unqualified star kids as actors and ADs in his productions. We as audiences need to stop watching dharma movies. There needs to be some form of protest against this man!

No matter how obnoxious and rude Kangana is I still support and love her cause she is fighting against this unfair partiality in Bollywood alone. That is why even after giving bizarre statements Kangana is still loved by Indian general public because every one knows she is right.

Now with plastic surgeries no stopping nepotism. Before atleast looks stopped few star kids

Lol! How true!!

Why don't star kids like Ananya and Shanaya think it's important to complete some kind of formal education?

Her mom is nepodad’s friend

Even hema malin could not name a star out of Kesha how hard she tried where can this new lot go nosejobs snd all will not help .it helped but not the offspring.infia has good plastic surgeons. Coin Mr pladic

**SUPANDI** :) :)

" Before she wanted to take up a film, she didn't want to be abroad for a three-year-course."

she had a choice to get formally trained and she didnt take it.

possible reasons:
1. she couldnt qualify in any film school audition coz she was just not good enough.
2. her parents couldnt afford it.
3. sanjay decided to launch her even before she graduated high school.

i think its option 1. what do u think?

thats what kangna was saying about all the training

even her choice of film to AD on, is based on nepotism.

her cousin sister janhvi's film directed by cousin brother arjun's friend sharan and produced by sanjay's friend karan.

Sharan is closer to Janhvi and Anshula - not Arjun.

and i thought athiya shetty was the worst that bollywood could launch.

from the likes of deepika and katrina to the likes of shanaya and ananya - what a step down.

fair skin, height and a good body isnt everything kids.

anorexia is a medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Garbage Alert!! Bhago

slb's niece

and amongst boys
ahan shetty
ahaan panday
meezan jafery
ishaan khatter
aryan khan
sunny deol's son.

and you wonder why end game opened bigger in india than any bollywood film.
THIS is the reason.

agree with your comment and gald that you listed all of these names, the situation is getting out of cotrol
but one thing I am glad you have put Sara's name first. yes she a nepo kid but she's the only good one that came out of from a family
I just love Sara and I cant help it...hopefully things get better and more outsiders get a chance

Ok Sara! You are wasting your Columbine law degree.

alia varun shraddha tiger???

surgery or no surgery janhvi looks good.

shanaya even after surgery looks bad. fair skin and pinched up nose isnt equal to beauty, kids.

oh wow shanaya spent '2 weeks in lucknow where it is 41 degrees C'.

what dedication. TOTALLY CALLS for debut -.-
karan dont kill your credibility. dhadak still launched good talent and so did soty.
but with nepotism allegations running high and soty, kalank all flopping you really cant afford to launch a girl like shanaya.

gonna be a big flop because she has a really flat face.
the only thing visible on her face was her nose but the kapoor family surgeon took care of getting that nose cut off as well, so now her face has absolutely no meat.

no X factor, no talent. what the hell is she doing?

One Kangana can’t do anything...more outsiders need to start speaking up! Or the future of the film industry looks miserable in the hands of these people ..

sara is from columbia.
janhvi studied in lee strasberg for over a year and a half/two years.
khushi will be studying in new york film academy.
suhana has long been engaged with films and theatre even from school.
tara had her break with disney and other production ventures.

they're all privileged, but atleast they have done SOMETHING that qualifies them for a debut.

ananya and shanaya are the ones i have a problem with because they legit walked out of school and into a film set because karan johar is friends with their moms.

i so appreciate shweta for keeping navya away from the glamour of things, because of a true understanding of what it entails to be an actor.

and navya is far superior than the likes of shanaya and ananya - even suhana.

Hi shweta

u know y'all hate on janhvi and khushi and all, but atleast they went to acting school for a solid, year-year and a half.
janhvi AD'ed on kalank AFTER shooting dhadak.

shanaya has done NOTHING! literally just at at home for a year after her graduation, then ADed for TWO WEEKS on her sister's film and then was spotted at the dharma office.

ok so maybe janhvi and sara got opportunities because of their parents being big stars.

but what the hell has sanjay accomplished? why does HIS kid get opportunities, since clearly looks and talent isnt the draw here?

she looks terrible.
she needs to put on weight because this is dangerous

no more nepo kids

Don’t buy tickets. Ban nepo kids. Nepos are garbage.

omg she is ugly as hell! I thought ugly star kids like alia and jhanvi were bad, but shanaya is on another level of ugly all together!

Alia can act. The rest of them cannot. They have been handed things on a silver platter - there was so much buzz about Ananya Panday, but she looks like a side fiddle next to Tara Sutaria who has much more of a star presence. Connections can not buy you the aura or the magic or the drive to work hard.

How I'd Sanjay Kapoor who didn't have much luck in Bollywood letting his daughter go down the same road? Sure my daughter won't listen to me but if i were Sanjay, I'd be very apprehensive and push my daughter to study something employable and stay away from films. Both Sanjay and Chunky

Not another Nepo star! None of the new actors can act. Bollywood is filled with star kids and then when they will need a real actor they will try to import them from Pakistan or wherever else. Hey Bhagwan.


Audiences are gonna sink these neppos.

We know why talented actresses in the likes of Amrita Rao vanished. Ban the Nepo cult NOW.

Amrita Rao is a nepo kid. G check her rlatives out they are all from Bollywood

ugly nepo kid

Karan Johar’s next pet project after Ananya?

We should all stand up against NEPOTORTURE.

Please spare the ticket paying public any more clones of these bimbo nepo kids

oh no! not another one

Garbage alert .. more star kids on the way

Why aren't these kids experiencing life outside their bougie bubble? Why aren'they studying- short course diplomas in acting are not 'education'.the future of bollywood looks bleak.

Is there anyone from kapoor khandan that doesn't want to be an actor/actress? Sonam, Arjun, Harshwardhan, Janhvi and then is going to be Khushi and this kid and none of them can act and can make it big. Sonam is allmost finished, her father and sister can't produce movies for her all the time, Arjun is going to disappear soon,his movies are floping, Harsh never even started well, Janhvi will do few more movies and will get rejected because she has no screen space and talent of her mother, Khushi will be same, this kapoor girl will do a small budget movie and will disappear as well

i actually do think janhvi will sustain - the girl seems very hardworking and she IS sridevi's child.
for sonam, i think she's pregnant so she is out.
arjun - it depends on how panipat fares in the BO.
harshvardhan - out.
Khushi is depends on when she gets launched - if she is the last of this nepotism wave, she wont survive, but if she gives it a couple of years and debuts when she is older (around 23) and more importantly, more mature, she could survive.

Janhvi's mother was one of the best actresses in indian cinema, she was a legend and no way her daughter can come close to her. No big star's kid could make it big. She'd be compared to her mother and will be out soon. And I don't see any hard work here. She had so much time for her debut and still her dialogue delivery was horrible, her diction is bad and acting is average.
Sonam ia always famous for being so colled fashionista, she never make it big and now with new birgade of nepokids she has no chance. Khushi will follow Janhvi, she 'd be compared to her mother and will be out soon

ofc if you compare janhvi to her mother, you'll find her substandard. 90% actresses in bollywood are substandard compared to sridevi. but janhvi's competition isnt sridevi, it is ananya, tara, and now shanaya, and keeping that relativity in mind, i think she's in a more than good position. Not saying in the best, but better than 'ab ho gayi ladies bike, park here now princess', ananya.

also, janhvi wont get compared to her mother that much because the current lot of cinegoers, ie the youth hasnt seen much of her mother's work coz she only did 2 films in the recent past. suhana however, has a whole other struggle coming her way.

Actually Sonam and Rhea both know their strength and limitations and collaboratively can make it work based of that. Mark it down, but she will sustain in the long run. She may not churn out as many hits or blockbusters like the rest but her films tend to make money in the long run. That is how she has come this far.

Sonam and Rhea are using their privilege to come up with different films and fill the space of fun women-oriented films which was lacking in Bollywood. Their productions might be funded by Anil Kapoor - but they have never lost his money by spending it irresponsibly. Finally, with VDW they have a huge hit.

Janhvi doesn't have the smarts of a Rhea or Sonam to do anything apart from trying to become a decent actress from a wooden-faced one. She has gone after her mom - who was needy and dependent on others. Had no other life or survival skills.
Except that Janhvi can't act extraordinarily well either.

as if already it wasnt enof ! digging their own grave, all will sink in this anti nepo wave

Dear people, stop hating. Appreciate,grow live and let live :")

Fair skin, Kapoor surname, Karan Johar launchpad, Manish Malhotra costumes, film after film wooden acting...so many more such filmi kids to be forced down our throats :(

Add old hit remixes , guest appearances from
Other nepotism kids

People who download movies from torrent are getting agitated by these dumb kids. You're not gonna pay and watch and you can always change the channel. So, stfu fuckwits.



go to school kids.

She is really ugly..will get trolled badly

what a bunch of generic morons these kids are. no imagination :/

As if we needed more nepo kids

Sigh! The audience have another wannabe to deal with.

O Lordy!!

She is flat af from the pictures I've seen. Consider getting implants before debut.

The only girl star kid thats gonna make it long term is Sara Ali Khan. The rest are just gonna fade away no matter how many big budgeted movies are given to them.

And even if Sara fades she made the correct choice by getting a proper education so she has a back up plan. What do these other girls have??

youre not these kids' mom. you dont need to worry about THEIR back up plan on how to earn money - they have enough of it, put it into a family office and live off interest for the rest of their lives if it really comes to that.

Yes you're right! Most of them will fade away because even they know that they don't want to be actors, they want to be "stars" - 2 completely different things.

Well said

alia bhatt has ruined the industry. after her, and including her..all these actresses are mirror images of e/o. average looking star kids trying to look and be glamerous, and daddy kjo producing content oriented films for them so they can sprout.

Agree. Before Alia, there was some level of standard to the star kids, that's why we never complained about them. For example, Shweta Bachchan was the daughter of the biggest star to ever exist, he could have just snapped his fingers to make her a movie star, but she was realistic and knew she wasn't "covergirl" material. Sad but true. The same will NOT happen with Suhana Khan, I can tell you that.

So true, they were not shoved down our throats to this extent back then. Even Abishek and Kareena had faded when they failed to meet box office expectations and had to earn their spots back in. Now it seems every actor, crew member, producer's daughter/niece/cousin/chachi/chacha/nephew/etc is being forced on us. Look at the disaster Kalank which is supposed to be featuring the "big stars" of today's generation Varun and Alia (Blah).

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