EXCLUSIVE - Tiger Zinda Hai: Salman Khan to FLAUNT his 6-PACK abs and go SHIRTLESS in STUNNING action scene

Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai is slated to release on December 22, 2017.
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Salman Khan fans are in for a visual treat this Christmas when they watch Tiger Zinda Hai. After flaunting his hot bod and six-pack abs in Sultan (2016) where he played a wrestler, now we hear Salman will flaunt his six-pack abs as he goes shirtless in a high octane action sequence in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tiger Zinda Hai. The actor worked on his body rigorously and even gave up drinking for months to get into the right shape as he shot for it on Saturday. Few know that the actor had a very high fever and still shot for it.
Says our highly-placed source who was present at the TZH shoot on Saturday, “Salman is very sick. He’s down with very bad flu and was suffering from high temperature when he had to do the shoot. We don’t know how he shot for Big Boss 11 and Tiger Zinda Hai and without any complaints at all. He shot for BB11 in Panvel and then came back early morning to shoot for TZH at YRF Studios where he shot for a high-octane, intense action scene where he had to go shirtless despite such high fever. It was the last patchwork after which they wrapped the film. He was shivering but then some final patchwork was left with Katrina and he had to complete it. Salman has been working out very hard for the shirtless scene for the last one-and-a-half-months and made a superb body for it. He’s been off drinks for weeks and sleeping early and reaching the sets much earlier than usual.”
The source adds that the strict workout regime and the rigorous routine that he put himself through could have possibly taken its toll on the actor which is why he’s fallen so unwell. “Salman hasn’t done a shirtless scene in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Tubelight and his fans like to see that. In Sultan, he played a wrestler so he had to go shirtless. This particular scene is one of hottest action scenes where you will see Salman doing some intense bare-bodied hand-to-hand combat which will have the fans go mad and the frontbenchers whistle and clap loudly! He was so unwell but looking at that scene and the way he did it with so much passion and intensity, you will never guess what was happening with him with raging fever. It was a scene that had everyone, including Katrina gasping in awe and clapping, with the ease and perfection that Salman performed the stunt!”  
Salman is known to have the hottest bodies in B-Town and one with six-pack abs. Right from the poster in Maine Pyaar Kiya and Dabangg 2 to Tere Naam and Bodyguard, among other films, he was the first who brought in the trend of going shirtless with the song Oh Oh Jaane Jaana in Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. He is the only superstar who has been maintaining his six packs for more than 20 years and has his own gym at home.


Salman ki age me aaoge tab tak tumse six pack to kya rasta chalna mushkil ho jayega

When you come salman age you will die

Wow! So many envious and jealous people resent Mr. Khan for his success.

As a 70 year-old American Bollywood fan, I love Salman Khan. I would like to see him do a "Ranbir Kapoor" scene, dancing with a large, diaphanous silk scarf. I think Mr. Khan would be marvelous. Sally Vaughn, Cheyenne, Wyoming

As a 70 year-old American Bollywood fan, I love Salman Khan. I would like to see him do a "Ranbir Kapoor" scene, dancing with a large, diaphanous silk scarf. I think Mr. Khan would be marvelous. Sally Vaughn, Cheyenne, Wyoming

He is a fat cow. He use graphics to show six pacs. His ab now looks like a big biriyani’s handi

Wo ab ab budhe ho chuka hai salman Buddha ke tarah

So the same stuff as usual from him

This smells huge PR! and very defensive too.. I mean why is this news? Salman to flaunt his body..lol like it has never done before

Never talked about for his performance just his physique.

Yes 6 pack abs on his body with graphics LOL

More like flaunting his family pack

3 letters...


We looked at the pictures behind the scenes thanks to Katrina the source is lying .

What's so "exclusive" in that???

Oh please he is quite fit for his age and he will flaunt it...

Wat 6 pack abs? The dude is fat. His shirts are bursting at seams around his belly.


Yay. He is amazing. Working with fever and all, wow.

He does that in every movie of his. What's new

He actually has six packs?

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