Guess who? Married actor hooks up with this Bollywood diva on foreign shores yet again

Can you guess who the celebrities in question are?
Guess Who,guess who
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Bollywood is known for its dirty gossip! Stories about an actor or actress’ extramarital affairs and one night stands often grab all the eyeballs. And while the audience is stunned and shocked about it, the industry insiders have come to terms with this practice! Generally, their reaction to it is - Iss industry main toh Aisa hote rehta hai...

In short, one night stands and other things are quite normal in B-town! Hence our stars don’t think twice before getting involved in it. This pretty lady is no different. News of her rendezvous with a few good looking gentlemen has often grabbed headlines. 

This time, it was with a married handsome actor on the foreign shores. And no, it’s not the first time that the actress, who herself has been in an on-off relationship, hooked up with the actor. Infatuation between the two happened a few years back, after which they had a steamy night out in a plush hotel. Reports were rife that they both were bonding as they were soon to share screen space together. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t happen and that one night’s story was discussed in hushed tones in the industry as one of those instances that happen after an overdose of booze.

Guess, most of us were wrong. There was more to it than just being intoxicated. This time when the two stars came face to face, in the public eye, they were cordial but later within the four walls, things happened to steam up again! Obviously, unlike last time, which was an after party where all eyes were on them and people could notice their overly friendly behaviour, this time, the stars were conscious of their surroundings. Post the event, the diva, smitten by the actor’s good looks and flirtatious ways, was seen heading to his room for a quick romance. But well, when you are popular, nothing stays hidden.

While both of them had their share of fun, we wonder what will the industrywallahs react to this! Have you guessed the actor and the actress we are talking about? Let us know in the comments below.

This Day That Year


Kri Arj has cooked up its numbers since day 1. Someone shud raid n audit their accounts

Kjo shud focus on becoming a decent human now that he has to raise two kids. Stop ur dirty ways to break every single relation around just bcoz u are one jealous bitter person. AH

Deepveer forever

Ranbir’s attempts at getting back deepika are so cheap lol.. he should respect his boyfriend Ayan and come out public with it

No matter how much u try kjo and RK Deepveer will not breakup



Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan

wow multiple blinda about deepika and shes still a sati savitri

It is blind rumor, fake, fawad and deepika , they are just friends, she named him in the show, because , everyone knows that he is happily married, not an alcoholic, with dm1 diagnosis, alcoholism lead to kidney failure, he is very strict with his diet, every one in pak knows this that worked with him. so, stop it, it probably with a bw actor!

Karan Johar, stay out of other people's relationships. Just bcoz u cannot marry does not mean u shud spoil every other relation or marriage.

Katrina and hrithik

It could be deepika but no way it's fawad. Stop with such silly blinds.

Deepveer for life

Karma for Deepika fans who believed stupid and fake blind about Ranveer Anushka

get a life ... your fave will get one

Decent girl will not agree to be in an event with fawad or Ex Ranbir if she care about her image . sadly Deepika is drama and headline queen. she insist to be around ex and Fawad . she can avoid contact or reject walking ramp with RK but she loves money and gossip . get what you love sweety , simple .

"Deepika Padukone went on a flash-vacation to Barcelona with Fawad Khan and Karan Johar. Once back, Dippy was pretty keen that Fawad get on board for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati.""Now, it has been said that Ranveer Singh was irked with Deepika Padukone after seeing her fondness for Pakistani actor Fawad Khan" : an article in 2016(deccan chronicle)
So there is no fire without a spark, and deepika fans STOP blaming karan johar!!
And lost all my respect for Fawad, never had any for Deepika amyways.

'The movie didn't happen' and Padmavati was released so can't be DP is other actress

Movie didnt happen means it didnt happen between them, the cast that was intended, are u in kindergarten??

hey genius movie that was intended with fawad had the cast fawad/kat not fk/dp

Deepika shud stay away from Kjo n RK. Both r trying to hurt her relation with RS.

Amitabh and Rekha

Kjo and Ranbir trying anything yo break Deepveer try harder ... im ranveer fan and I dont believe... she is not a cheater and they are powerful pair ...

thats a lesson for Deepika to not trust Rk and Kjo ever

Ranbir married to Aryan and KjO cheated with Mahira , Alia etc

Why bring Mahira name here ?

Obviously humari padmavati, isse pehle ye chris martin pe line mar chuki hai

Padmavati ne to Vin Diesel Bhaiyya ko bhi nahi chora. Us k saath to bachay bhi paida kar chuki her head/imagination.

Wow...look at the spite DP is getting from losers over a blind that isn't even about her. She is not in an on-off relation to begin with. She is going steady with Ranveer for past 5 years. Also, if its Fawad, the article would have mentioned about him being from another country.

What’s the blind in that...he is the only actor from another country!?!

Mahira is the only actress from that country too. That didn't stop them from mentioning that. The blinds about Sara, Aamir-Fatima, Tiger-Disha were plain obvious too.

priyanka shahrukh

Srk and priyanka

Priyanka and SRK. Bollywood diva and married actor!

They have many movies together FYI!

What am I supposed to do with the information??? The rticke doesn’t mention if they have many movies together or not.

According to the article the pair in question have never worked together .

Yes is Industry main kjo keeps making such fake blinds to ruin fawad life because fawad isn't drinking insanely anymore as directed by kjo and didn't pay much attention to kjo at filmfare me event. Pv plz post

Lolo and bebo with akki hot 3some mmm

Fawad is not a natural beauty he has a plastic surgery in his face and nose he's a plastic boy, slept with kjo, he's not loyal and is an alcoholic

You really hate Fawad to write these lies, respectfully this is not true

Kjo nice try but you will still not get him

Alia and Akshay kumar. 100%

Is Fawad a flirt like this article says? Somehow he comes across as a serious man & not the partying type.

so partying type is flirt
and serious man is saint

you need to load brain and logic in your standards

Even Mahira was thought to be simple’s called PR

I agree images are carefully cultivated by stars , then again not all of us in India are familiar with Pakistani stars or their reputation . Our impression comes mainly from their limited work experience in Indian movies ( & not their immense body of work back home in Pakistan ) .

As someone mentioned he is a diabetic...he won't even try to play around to avoid embarrassing himself...that's why he seems so greatful for his wife bc she is the only one who will tolerate his condition...
But I agree all this Pakistani actors acting holier than the thou all the time...

Serves both mahira and fawad for trusting kjo and gang

Correction it's called kjo / rk PR making fool's out of both fawad and mahira . Pv plz post

I was about to say the same. It really doesn’t need to stay overnight for the act. Lol. People go to any lengths to protect their favourite’s image. And their favourites keep on embarrassing them.

Disgusting deepika! i guess ranbir took the right decision n high time ranveer shud also do the same !!

Those saying she was just there for 3 hours. Well, "the act " doesnt need 3 hours. It can be done in 1/6 th of that time and then quick change of clothes and both were off to their respective destinations. I guess deepika and fawad are f*** buddies. No serious relationship just enjoy casual nights together... She cant resist hot guys, can she!

Did you see the pictures and videos from the event. KJO was glued to Fawad's side all through the event. Dp is not stupid enough to hookup with Fawad with the biggest gossip monger of bollywood around. She has a image to protect after all.

Means she still went for it, and therefore the news...

Guys its Rakhi sawant the diva and actor is Alok nath .Let them enjoyy guys please

Kat fans are jealous. Dp is having fun

Deepika was there for work . She was there with her team . She went with them and came back with her team and Mrs Malhotra . Plz gayjo consantre on your fav babies RK Alia.. leave Deepveer alone you can't break their relationship. Move on !

Yes she left Dubai early and returned with Manish and Her team . Don t forget it wasn't a personal trip . She was there with her huge TEAM members . Maybe after the event she went to her room changed her outfit, wore her airport outfit and before leaving she went to say bye to Fawad . They are all mature human beings and all are good friends . Their also have pics on red carpet when they greet with each other. Just bcz she went to say bye before leaving doesn't means that they had a sex in just 3-4 minutes lol )))

cant say anything

Fawad Khan and Lata Mangeshkar

Are you crazy


So less hints. Is this actor from Bollywood or neighbor country? Which movie is this that didn't happen ? Says actress was on-off relationship.. which actress is she ? If I'm not wrong Deepika is dating with Ranveer in last 5 years and their relationship is steadily growing bcz there so many wedding rumors.

Booze = Fawad


Who spread Srk -Alia blind? Who spread RK -Alia , Varun -Alia blinds ??? , who spreads Fawad -Deepika , RK -Deepika blinds ??? Who is always spread deepveer's break up or fight blinds ??? There only one GOSSIP GIRL AND She is A KARAN JOHAR!!! Just wait Mijwan show . After that we will get how Rkdp fly to Mars and marry there secretly ))! Post plz

I am a fan of Fawad and this sounds like Fawad and Deepika. But its not believable as Deepika left Dubai soon after the event.

Hrithik and Kangna

Hrithik is not married. And Kangana is no "Diva" even if she acts like one

yes she's not a DIVA she's a QUEEN

Yeah. DRAMA Queen who gave back to back washouts n still acting like a Star lol

I don't know why everyone is freaking out. Deepika left soon after the event but changed her outfit. She probably went to Fawad's room to use the facilities & change her outfit before heading to the airport. Just because he's a married man doesn't mean he can't be a good friend. Really wish his fans weren't so uptight and virginal. Chill out guys :-)

she changed her outfit in his room hmmmmm !!

Parineeti and Akki

Kjo and ?

Kjo doesnot even spare SRK n even linked him to Alia to promote Dear Zindagi. U think he will spare DP- Ranveer. That man hates to see Happy relations n marriages. Bcoz he cannot find one for himself. He planted so many fake blinds against so many stars. Just to sell his film, he links Alia with every male star she acts with.

Kjo doesnot spare SRK. U think he will spare DP- Ranveer. That man hates to see Happy relations n marriages. Bcoz he cannot find one for himself. He planted so many fake blinds against so many stars. Just to sell his film, he links Alia with every male star she acts with.

It can be anyone.. everyone knows that it's not DP . we all know how Deepika cheerful and a bit flirtatious girl with everyone ( be it directors or actors or just friends) . It's her character. But Deepika went there and returned with Manish ( have selfie with her at airport) . She literally stayed only 2-3 hours . And at the event she sat with Kjo and Manish . This blind is other bw actor and actress. But it's a perfect time to leak it with a few fake hints ... bcz mastermind and gossip queen wants to make his fav boys ( RK and FK ) desirable man in bw.

Jaha bachhan and alok nath. Leave them in peace folks!

I do not believe this blind, but if pics comes out ,I will ,this blind is so much like MK/RK, blind ,that I did not believed at first!

rk mahira blind from rk himself

Akshay or sunny?

It's all in kjo mind...fawad is not sexually active as this blinds suggests...
He is a diabetic...that's why he sticks to his wife and she always around him to take care of him bc diabetic patient feels tired easily, always feeling cold,have a tinnitus and have had breath(maybe that's why he avoids kissing in movies...)...
And that's the reason he never seemed interested in the promotions,parties or public events...
That's the truth...I know his fans will dislike this...but I guess being diabetic is way better than being kjo pls leave him will never get him...

Now post PV don't be biased...thanks

Things you said are not all true and guessess,he is active and working in movies and is very busy

Karan Singh Grover and Sonam Kapoor.

I m a Fawad fan but i have to admit i was also surprised to see he & deepika didnt even pose for a pic together for media considering how much she loves Fawad( remember komal nahta show). That made me suspicious. I m not saying they had one night stand but they must've met privately.

Then Ranveer should not stay with a selfish partner ... who flirts with anyone and dosnt respect her boyfriend

beside hookup with Ex and Fawad all time

There pictures of DP and Fawad talking to each other on the red carpet. Dp fan clubs shared the picture on social media.

There is a picture of Fawad and Deepika talking with each other on the red carpet. Dp's fanclubs on twitter and instagram shared it. No need for them to meet privately to talk.

There is a picture of Fawad and Deepika talking with each other on the red carpet. Dp's fanclubs on twitter and instagram shared it. No need for them to meet privately to talk.

Tjere is a picture of Fawad and Deepika talking on the red carpet. It is on fan clubs instagram and twitter.

for god sake fawad please please please stay far far away from kjo and his advice he is after your marriage and imagine


I'm sorry but Fawad cannot be described as flirtatious. Previous blinds have all stated he loves his booze but his eyes never wonder and he is loyal to his wife regardless of the actresses fawning all over him. This is a fake blind.

don't know who are they .. maybe it's a fake blind

This " pretty actress " .... Actress who has been on and off relationship ??? Who is her ? Also blind says they should do a movie together but movie didn't happen. Which movie cancelled???

Padmavati, sahid’s role was offered to fawhad.

Hai Ram! If this is indeed true then how I wish Bansali had better sense and cast Fawad instead of Shahid. Ranveer would have been sidelined then.

Ranveer will never be sidelinded but padmaavat will be a better film than horrible Shahid _ Deepika chemistry

it will have Ranveer's 5 stars performance in 5 stars film

But blind says "MOVIE DIDNT HAPPEN " Padmavati happened and was a super hit .

Deepika fans are kid . They mean film between them didn't happen as a pair

Actress who went to a foreign locale recently: DEEPIKA
Actor who was also there : FAWAD
Is he married: YES
Were there speculations of them being in a movie together : YES
Did that movie happen: NO
Is deepika smitten by his looks: YES, by her own confession.
Have they met before: YES!
Can it be Alia-sharukh, priyanka-shahrukh, katrina-sharukh, akshay-katrina, diana-john, ileana-ajay: NO, because we have already seen them in movies.
Congratulations deepika, at this "break-neck" (pun intended) speed, you might complete a century of the guys you have ******. Fawad, not you, i thought you were the decent one.

Could be akshay,hr, Abhi or Ajay

stop believing kjos lies

Oh please stop being so non sense FYI dp left for Mumbai with Manish within hours of the event and fawad also left for an add shoot during the event it was kjo who was glued to fawad. so buddy its kjo who is trying to ruin lives of both fk and dp. both fk and dp are same professional people . pv plz post

She didnt have to construct a house in three hours. It needs two people and few minutes. These fellows arent serious, just having fun around, kinda like we know how deepika is..

no genious its kjo who is after fawad and producing this fake bling to cause unrest in his life

Fawad khan has nothing for Deepika, he is a happy married man, Kjo is obsessed with him and he is planting all these fake stories, Deepika and Fawad both were out of the country with in 3 hours so no question of them seeing each other.. Kutch bhi..

Hinting at Deepika -Fawhad. People’ll Believe it because Deepu has bad reputation. KJO gang is at work to break Deepika-RS.

KJO Will do anything to raise his kids Alia and Ranbir in relatonship and in career over deepveer

he will break DPRS the stars and couple

Fawad and DP. Major chemistry between them. There have been quite rumours about them. This was during Deepika and Ranveer were going through their issues.

Either it is SRK-Kat OR PV couldnt find something and has put up a random post.

If it was about Fawad it would be actor from neighbor country. It's two bw actors

That's why I want Deepika to stay away from Kjo camp . When this girl teamin up with them faster than faster here comes fake blind items ...

Deepika back at it again

This makes me afraid for people. I go on holiday with my guy friends and we stay in same room but we are friends. Wonder what you make of it!! Sad.

Looks like blind from Kjo who likes to break up relations n marriages. Here, he is targeting Fawad n Deepika. Maybe to break Deepika - Ranveer to help Ranbir and break Fawad marriage to help himself. The way Kjo-Manish-Ranbir hv been suddenly wooing Deepika seems to be fishy. They clearly trying to spoil her relation with Ranveer

fawad and dp its a fan request keep far away from kjo and his nonsense please .

Srk and Alia. Had it been fawad it would be mentioned 'actor across the border'


Srk and Alia. Had it been fawad it would be mentioned 'actor across border'

Alia was in an off on relationship with Sid last years so can be her and the other maybe Akki

this is too vague. no idea who it could be.

Sounds fake... when it's real, we know narrow it down. This is to stir up drama.

Haha PV first exposed Mahira and now Fawad..where are the leaked pics??

kjo and gang did their version of surgical strikes

First Mahira caught with RK and now Fawad with DP..hahaha

Sunny and dimple

hey kjo leave him now

RK/MK was the reason that I started coming on this site! it is so much fun!

This is totally Fawad..showing his true colors once outside the country lol

this is totally kjo still not over fawad and hell bent on destroying his image

Was Fawad really an.alcoholic ? Isn't he type 1 diabetic and has to take very good care of his diet? Hard to believe.

kjo handy work

sonam work with fawad, she knows how strict he is about his diet and meds. sadaf check on him 24/7's . so stop, he is not in india or bw, let him live, with dignity!

Fawad is happily married, it is not an act, his wife take good care of him, he is a very humble and niece guy. Deepika should tell kjo off, because this really tarnish her image, she is about to marry RS! Kjo stop it with this, fake blind and get therapy!

Even SRK is allegedly happily married, that dint stop PC or Abram from happening...Fawad is learning BW rules real fast and how!!!

fawad is no longer in BW but the one rule he needs to learn is to stay away from kjo for life

Why are you talking to KJo on PV lol

Neither Akshay nor SRK booze, that means it’s Fawad...who until Maula Jatt shooting started, was an alcoholic...and the only BW Diva he met recently was DP for Filmfare ME...PV plz post

Katrina and shahrukh. She is way too friendly with him.

Sadaf ka time up!!

kjo you will never get fawad get a life

Overdose of booze...that rules out Akshay completely...its gotta be Fawad bcoz there were other blinds about his alcoholism and the lady has gotta be DP!! PV plz post

kjo stop obsessing over fawad

KJo already dumped Fawad beforeADHM release..why would he do this now when Fawad is not in a single movie in one benefits from Fawad blinds!!!

oh yeah is that why kjo was glued to fawad at the filmfare me event. Also this blind is to target both fawad and dp image because they have better images than his favs

Deepika pr in defensive mode here proves the point.
It says 'the movie never happened', therefore katrina ileana, diana Priyanka arent even relevant, as they were recently with the people with whom they have had a movie

fawad this fake blind is exactly why your fans want you to stay away from kjo. Please stay away from kjo who is out to ruin your image for his fav star kids

SRK and Alia

Maybe this blind is really about Kjo and Fawad. For legal purposes pv can't write it is about two men. We all know Karan is a diva who is smitten with Fawad. He really can't help throwing himself at Fawad. Get a grip Karan. Fawad is a married man.

PV writes about KJo and Manish all the time :)

Has to be Katrina and shahrukh.

Dear Kat fans ,do some homework before bashing DP. First she didn't stay in Dubai but there for 3 hours. Pics are there as a proof. Second, she is committed to RS. And not like Kat to two time men. Lastly kjo were stick to fawad like a glue through out. Get a life and stop dp character assaisanation.

Katrina and Aamir, Katrina and SRK, Ileana and Ajay or Katrina and Akshay

Anushka and Ranbir, Salman and Sonam or Kareena and Salman

Aamir and katty.

Aamir is in that village doing paani foundation work

Kat and akki

Katrina and shahrukh

Kat and srk

Deepika did not even stay in Dubai after the filmfare event ended. Manish posted a picture on his IG story of him and Deepika coming back to Mumbai right after the event ended. Fake blind!!

Who r saying dp n faqad r actually kat fans

Fawad and dp two outsider in bw whose fans wanted to see in a movie at one point and the head of nepo gang kjo creates a fake Blind to ruin their imagine.fawad is no longer part of bw can you leave him alone kjo. Kjo you are so transparent with your fake blinds

Fawad this is why your fans want you to stay away from kjo. Kjo about time you moved on from fawad honestly stay the hell away from him

Kjo is bent on breaking up RSDP for his favourite RK

"Diva, smitten by the actor’s good looks... ". HELLO DEEPIKA

Divs smitten by the actors good looks HELLO KATRINA.

Fake blind created by Kjo..

Kjo planting fake blinds about DP and Fawad. DP didnot even stay the night in Dubai after the cover launch. Manish Malhotra on his instagram story posted a picture of him and DP onboard a flight coming back to Mumbai.she only changed her gown and was still wearing the makeup and hairstyle from the cover launch event. Such a fake blind this is..

Fawad also came on the day of the event with his manager and left for an add shoot his pics from the add shoot we're shared by the add team. Kjo planting fake blinds to ruin their images

LOL The one thing I have always noticed whenever blinds come on Deepika, they are always less detailed & hard-to-BELIEVE. Anyways this shouldn't be called a blind as only DP met Fawad in his hotel room. There is nothing wrong in it!

Oh do left for Mumbai with Manish within hours of the event and fawad also left for an add shoot during the event it was kjo who was glued to fawad.

It's definitely Deepika fawad

Fawad dp

Akshay Kumar good looking married actor with anybody

Kjo stop corrupting people's imagine just because it's fun for you.

Kjo being his true self with another fake blind

DO and John

Srk and Priyanka or Jay devgan and iliana

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

They said handsome, SRK is not

The movie didn't hapoen...!

Akshay and Alia!!’

SRK and Alia.

Who is it

Ajay D is abroad but I refuse to think he's that stupid to do this when he's on holiday with his family

married actor : shahid
Diva (not a diva): alia

Deepika and Fawad?

SRK and Alia

Actress- deepika, married actor- fawad, latest event- filmfare launch in dubai, previous event- barcelona post iifa 2016, film that did not happen- padmavaat. Fawad has always covered his playboy image under his "married" status but not anymore ha ha

oh please dp left within hours of the event with manish manish posted on ig story and fawad was also made his way to bangkok for an add shoot pics from which were posted by the add team .
PV plz post this

you should say I trust Deepika loves Ranveer and loyal than justifying with pictures and other excuses

halo kjo stop messing with fawad imagine enough with your fawad obsession already move on already

Akshay and Alia

ts alia and shahid. oh god kjo can you stop trying to paint alia as desirable using such bad blinds after rk/alia isnt working Also alia is honestly ranbir 2.0 now girl wake up it will cost you

Deepika and Fawad khan

The only actors that are considered handsome and married are Aamir khan but the blind doesnt say its a star or superstar. John abraham. Arjun rampal. R madhavan. Vivek oberoi. Maybe john abraham and diana penty?

john and diana have completed the shooting for Parmanu, they didnt shoot in any foreign locations because its a film set in Pokhran. Also diana has never been part of any blinds before, and Parmanu is currently going through some scandal because john has filed a case against the other producer KriArj (prerna arora) for some financial betrayal of some sort.

They say d movie didnt happen... Leave poor Diana

alia and shahid

Deepika and fawad

Deepika and fawad

sunny deol and dimple

Deepika and fawad?

SRK with....Deepika, Alia, Urvashi, on so on

I dont know at all

Who ?

Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai ?

Jaya Bachchan-Varun Dhawan

this time very litle hint. it can be anyone

even with valid hint how can you believe any blind

Akki and alia

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