Happy CARAT Day: SEVENTEEN members share heartfelt messages for fans on 8th anniversary

SEVENTEEN celebrates CARAT Day, marking their fandom's 8th anniversary, with heartfelt messages, expressing gratitude and love for the dedicated fanbase. Here's what SEVENTEEN members had to share!

Published on Feb 15, 2024  |  02:11 AM IST |  615.4K
SEVENTEEN; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
SEVENTEEN; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • SEVENTEEN commemorate the 8th anniversary of their fandom CARAT
  • SEVENTEEN members send messages for CARATs on their 8th anniversary

February 14th holds a unique significance for SEVENTEEN, marking not only Valentine's Day but also the 8th birthday of their beloved fandom, CARATs. In a joyous celebration, the members express gratitude through heartfelt messages, share selcas, and treat CARATs to a special 1-hour celebratory video, making this anniversary a memorable and cherished occasion for both the group and their dedicated fans.

SEVENTEEN celebrate 8th anniversary of their fans, CARAT

February 14 is not just Valentine's Day for SEVENTEEN, it's the birthday of their cherished fandom, CARATs. On this day in 2016, during their 1st encore concert LIKE SEVENTEEN - Boys Wish, the group unveiled the official fandom name CARATs. The name signifies the symbiotic relationship, stating, "With CARATs, the diamond called SEVENTEEN will always shine so brightly."

Celebrating CARATs' 8th anniversary, SEVENTEEN members share gratitude through messages, selcas, and a special 1-hour celebratory video. This heartfelt gesture reaffirms the strong bond between the group and their dedicated fanbase, creating a joyous occasion filled with love and appreciation for the years of unwavering support.

Here are SEVENTEEN member’s wishes for their fans

This year, SEVENTEEN members took to their Weverse to share heartfelt messages for CARATs, celebrating their 8th anniversary. Take a look at the members’ wishes below!

1. S.Coups

In a touching message, S.Coups, the leader of the group, expressed gratitude to CARATs for their unwavering support, hoping for a future filled with happiness. Promising to work harder, S.Coups extended his love and appreciation to the fandom, reaffirming their special bond.


He wrote:

Thank you for always being by my side. I hope the future will be filled with only happy things for you. We will work harder. I love you and thank you.

2. Jeonghan

In a heartfelt message, Jeonghan wished CARATs a happy birthday, expressing gratitude for their continuous support. He thanked them for providing strength and encouraged collaborative efforts in the future. Wishing good health, Jeonghan, who is recuperating from ankle surgery, assured fans of his return and hoped they had a wonderful day and night.

His message read:

Happy Birthday, Carats! Thank you for always supporting me and giving me strength haha. Let’s work hard together in the future. I hope Carats don’t get sick and are always healthy. I’ll see you soon when I get better too. I hope you have a good day today, good night.

3. Joshua

In a warm message, SEVENTEEN’s gentleman, Joshua celebrated CARATs' 8th birthday, expressing gratitude for their enduring support. He thanked them for the love and unforgettable memories, acknowledging the pivotal role CARATs play in SEVENTEEN's journey. Joshua conveyed anticipation for more shared moments and declared his love for CARATs, urging them to stay safe, healthy, and happy. 

Joshua wrote:

Happy Birthday CARATS you’re already 8 years old !!! Its been such a long a long time that you’ve been with us. Thank you for showing us so much love and support throughout the years and always creating unforgettable memories with us. We truly know that we would not be where we are without you. Lets continue this journey I’m looking forward to make even more memories with you. Love you so much CARATS! Make sure to stay safe, healthy, and happy. Happy Birthday again CARATS.

4. Jun

In the celebratory message, Jun further expressed gratitude on CARATs' birthday, thanking them for their constant support. He wished happiness and health for all CARATs in 2024, expressing a desire to work harder and create more opportunities for frequent meetings. Jun affectionately offered his heart as a birthday gift, symbolizing the special connection between SEVENTEEN and their devoted fandom. 


Here’s what Jun wrote:

It's Carat's birthday!!!!!! Thank you for always being by our sideI hope all Carats are happy and healthy in 2024!!!!! I hope I work harder and have more opportunities to meet often! !!!! Please accept my heart as the birthday gift.

5. Hoshi

Hoshi, SEVENTEEN’s performance leader, celebrated CARATs' birthday, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. He thanked them for standing by SEVENTEEN despite any shortcomings and wished for more days filled with smiles. Hoshi encouraged good health, hearty meals, and conveyed his love, concluding the message with warm wishes for CARATs to have the happiest day.

He wrote:

Happy birthday, Carats! Thank you for always being by our side despite our shortcomings. I hope Carats will have more days to smile than now. Always eat well and stay healthy. And have the happiest day today!! I love you.

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo expressed wishes for CARATs' health and happiness. He pledged ongoing support for the future, hoping all CARATs' dreams come true. Wonwoo wished for nights filled with beautiful smiles and concluded with heartfelt thanks and love.

Wonwoo’s message read:

Happy birthday. I hope you are healthy and full of happiness. I will always support CARATs in the future. I hope that all of CARAT's dreams come true and that you always fall asleep with a beautiful smile every night. Thank you and I love you.

7. Woozi

In a sweet message, Woozi wished CARATs threefold health on their special day. Expressing the desire for more interactions, he emphasized the importance of their well-being. Woozi conveyed his longing to meet and apologized for any absence. Affectionately calling CARATs the world's best, he promised a swift return and expressed gratitude.


His message read:

CARATs, the first one is health, the second one is health, and the third one is health. It may be too normal, but I wanted to emphasize this more because it's such a good day. Everyone, don't get sick. You’re the best fans in the world. Let's meet soon. I miss you a lot. For some reason, I've been doing it a lot lately. I'm sorry I couldn't visit you often. Please always take care of the world's best Carats. I'll be back soon haha.

8. The8

In a poetic message, The8 expressed enduring unity with CARATs through all seasons. Wishing for personal growth and strengthened bonds, he pledged unwavering support through hardships. 

He wrote:

As the four seasons change, we are always together, in spring, summer, fall, and winter. I hope we become stronger people so that we can continue to hold hands and be together. I will overcome all hardships and stand behind you. Happy birthday!

9. Mingyu

In a reflective message, Mingyu celebrated CARATs' birthday, acknowledging the swift passage of time since first encountering the fandom name. Expressing curiosity about CARATs' activities and preferences, he shared a commitment to bring happiness in the future.

Mingyu’s message read:

Happy Birthday CARATs! Time really flies.. It seems like it was just yesterday when I first heard the name CARAT, but now it is the word I use the most in my life. I wonder what CARATs are doing, wherever they are, and what they will like if I show them. Happy birthday and I will make you happy in the future too, I love you.

10. DK

In a heartfelt message, DK celebrated CARATs' 8th birthday, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. Despite personal shortcomings, he pledged to give his best for CARATs in the future. DK wished for joyous celebrations with delicious food.

DK wrote:

Happy birthday to our beloved CARATs! You’re 8 years old now, oh my! Our Carats! Because our Carats are always by our side, caring for us and loving us, we have a lot. I think I can smile and move forward more happily. Even though I have many shortcomings (I'll get scolded again if I say this), I will do my best to do everything I can for CARATs in the future. So please continue to be our fan in the future haha, okay? Celebrate your birthday again today and eat a lot of delicious food, my Carats! On a good day like today, I eat a lot of strawberry chocolate cake haha. You should have the happiest time ever. I cherish you a lot and I really love you.

11. Seungkwan

In a warm message, Seungkwan wished CARATs a happy birthday. Expressing concern for the post-holiday return to routine, he encouraged a comfortable and happy day. Seungkwan urged CARATs to eat well for dinner and hoped for a positive conclusion to the day.

Seungkwan’s message read:

CARATs, it's a little late, Happy birthday! I hope you are having a comfortable and happy day today, but you may still feel a bit groggy and heavy as you return to your daily routine after the holidays. Eat well for dinner! Let’s end the day well.

12. Vernon

Meanwhile, Vernon celebrated his fan’s anniversary with a series of candid and quirky selfies of himself and captioned them “Happy Birthday CARATs.”

13. Dino

SEVEENTEN’s maknae, Dino wished CARATs a happy birthday, expressing a desire to repay their support, he hoped for many joyous days ahead. Dino encouraged CARATs to pursue their desires and expressed a deep love for the fandom.


Dino wrote:

Happy birthday, CARATs!! Haha I hope you have more happy days this year and there are so many things I want to repay you. I hope you do everything you want to do today, I love you so much.

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