‘I Was Going To Cry’: Danny Dyer Recalls Panic Attack On Stage After Night Out

Danny Dyer recently recalled suffering a major panic attack while performing in a play on Broadway. Read to know more!

Published on Jul 10, 2024  |  02:28 PM IST |  13K
Danny Dyer suffered a major panic attack
Danny Dyer (Instagram)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to alcohol and drug addiction

Danny Dyer suffered a major panic attack as he forgot his lines while performing on stage once. The actor recalled the incident that happened during a Broadway play, which was followed by a night out on drugs. The presenter had visited New York for the first time and just wanted to celebrate it.

Danny Dyer about his panic attack

Every star has had a moment of sudden shock, be it on the sets of a movie or be it on stage while performing a play. A similar emotion was felt by Danny Dyer as he forgot his lines while performing a Harold Pinter play on Broadway

Speaking about the same on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, Dyer recalled that this was when he had come to New York, a city that he had never visited before in his life. 

As the actor who was very excited, he decided to take a lot of drugs, he stated. 

Dyer further mentioned that he takes his work very seriously and that he loves it, however, this happened to be a situation he was never in before. 

The stage actor recalled he spent a whole night, right before the play, smoking drugs, and thought that he would directly walk on stage. 


When he stepped onto the stage, Dyer shared he forgot his lines and felt that he was letting down his cast mates, which happened to be a feeling that he had never experienced.

“I loved showing off and then all of a sudden it’s like, so my lips started to go, because I was going to cry,” Dyer stated during the podcast.

How did Danny Dyer come out of that situation?

While talking to the host of the aforementioned podcast, Danny Dyer said that someone from the cast shouted his lines to him, which he said and got off the stage as he had to come back again. 

“I can’t go back on, I can’t, I just had a major major panic attack,” recalled Dyer. However, he motivated himself and stepped back. 

He then recalled that Harold Pinter had come to him and given him a hug which made him cry. 


Throughout the years, after that play, Dyer stated that he has not forgotten the fear of being in that situation. 

The Football Factory actor stated that such situations are needed in your life as they wake you up while adding that he has learned a lot from that failure.

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Who is Danny Dyer's wife?
Joanne Mas is Danny Dyer's wife.

How old is Danny Dyer?
Born on July 24, 1977, Danny Dyer is 46 years old.

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