So Help Me Todd Creator Scott Prendergast Reveals Major Show Spoilers And Future Plot Amid Season 3 Cancelation

So Help Me Todd creator Scott Prendergrast reveals what could have been in Season 3 after the show's finale ends on a cliffhanger.

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So Help Me Todd (IMDb)

Spoiler Alert: Details about the cliffhanger and future plot developments of So Help Me Todd ahead!

So Help Me Todd fans, here's the scoop: the show's finale ended with a big cliffhanger, but unfortunately, CBS decided not to renew it for a third season.

However, Creator Scott Prendergrast shared what would have happened next if the show continued. The finale introduced Merritt Folding, a mysterious figure causing trouble, and hinted at more drama to come.

So Help Me Todd creator Scott Prendergast reveals major spoilers amid show cancellation 


Prendergast revealed to TV Line that he planned for Folding to be a major villain in Season 3, pulling strings and complicating everyone's lives. He even had Marcia Gay Harden in mind for the role.

The show creator intended each season to end with a new character shaking things up, leading to a big finale in Season 7.

Prendergast told TV Line, “Every season of the show was meant to end with a man arriving to complicate things,” he added, “In Season 1, it was Harry. In Season 2, it was Folding. And so on, and so on — until the final season [Season 7] when the show ended with a very important woman arriving.”

Prendergast says that if the show had continued, Season 3 would have started a week after the finale, diving into the fallout from Folding's actions. It would explore Todd and Judy's relationship, which was blossoming with chemistry and plans for the future.


Scott Prendergast on Todd and Judy's future


When asked about what Prendergast had in mind about their future, he revealed, "So many plans for Todd and Judy. Judy Maxon was, in part, an homage to Barbra Streisand’s character Judy Maxwell in “What’s Up Doc?” And if you watch that movie you’ll see that Barbra’s father is a Judge. And yes — the crooked Judge Brixton from episode 209 was Judy’s dad."

The film producer continued, "They were estranged. But the fact that Todd basically put him in jail was going to complicate things for him and Judy. They’d work it out, and they’d be together, very happy, extremely happy, and in love and in cahoots, for three more seasons. And then — kersplitzo. She’d move to Thailand (too much of a free spirit to stay in any one place) and Todd would marry someone else."


Scott Prendergast on the 'unfair' end to Allison's story 


Allison, facing personal struggles, was set for a transformative journey. Her storyline was meant to evolve dramatically, leading her towards becoming a forensic pathologist and starring in her own spinoff series. 

Scott admitted in the interview with the outlet, "The cancellation is probably most unfair to Allison. Our Season 2 headline for her character was Saturn Returns. She’d been the “Perfect Princess Doctor Daughter” for all of Season 1, and we wanted her to completely fall apart and hit rock bottom in Season 2."

He further said, "That book was the turning point – it would become her bible – and it would lead her out of her terrible year and on to the life she was meant to lead. She’d take some P.I. classes – which would cause a lot of friction when she second-guessed and one-upped her brother while unravelling cases. And eventually, she’d become a Forensic Pathologist and Medical Examiner – and have a spinoff medical mystery series entitled Allison, ME."


Susan Scott would have unexpected alliances 

Speaking about Susan Scott Prendergrast reveals, that Susan, despite declining a promotion, was destined for success at a new firm alongside Gus. Their professional lives would intersect with Margaret's legal battles, leading to unexpected alliances and personal challenges.

Margaret and Gus, amid professional mergers and personal conflicts, would have navigated a complex relationship, possibly culminating in marriage. The show aimed to blend drama with humor and emotional depth, exploring family dynamics and personal growth.

Reflecting on the series, Prendergrast highlighted pivotal moments and character developments he was proud of. He shared, "The three siblings sitting around the fire talking about who was Mom’s favorite in episode 107. Matthew, Skylar, and Maddie knocked that scene out of the park and added a whole new dimension to the show." Scott discussed a few more scenes before he added, " I’m proud of the entire show."

Despite the show's cancellation, he expressed gratitude for the fan support and shared his vision for the Wright family's future, which included new additions and poignant moments of closure.

To the devoted fans who made So Help Me, Todd, globally famous, Prendergrast thanked them for their love and loyalty, emphasizing the show's core themes of family and growth. He hinted at what could have been, imagining a satisfying conclusion that tied up loose ends and celebrated the journey of the Wrights.


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