Who Stars In Handling the Undead? Complete Cast List Explored

Now available for streaming on Vudu and Apple TV, Handling the Undead invites viewers to explore a world where the supernatural intersects with profound human emotions.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  03:54 PM IST |  30.8K
Renate Reinsve in Handling the Undead (PC: IMDB)

Handling the Undead, a Norwegian horror mystery film currently available on Vudu and Apple TV, takes viewers on a chilling journey into a world where the dead return to the living. Set against the sweltering summer backdrop of Oslo, the movie delves into the lives of three families grappling with the shocking return of their deceased loved ones.

Main cast explored: Navigating loss and supernatural return in handling the undead

Renate Reinsve as Anna: Navigating grief and relief
Renate Reinsve leads the ensemble cast with her portrayal of Anna, a mother whose world is turned upside down when her son returns from the dead. Renate's performance captures Anna's profound grief and bewildered relief as she confronts the complexities of loss and reunion in the face of supernatural events.

Bjørn Sundquist as Mahler: A grandfather's heart-wrenching journey
Bjørn Sundquist portrays Mahler, a grandfather who unearths his grandson from the grave after the dead begin to return. His portrayal explores themes of love, longing, and the lengths to which one will go to reunite with a lost loved one amidst societal chaos.

Bente Børsum as Tora: confronting the surreal return of a partner
Bente Børsum takes on the role of Tora, who must navigate the surreal return of her partner from the dead. Bente's performance delves into Tora's inner turmoil and conflicting emotions of relief and confusion, adding depth to the film's exploration of how the supernatural disrupts human relationships.

Anders Danielsen lie as David: ethical dilemmas and emotional turmoil
Anders Danielsen Lie portrays David, a comedian grappling with ethical dilemmas and emotional turmoil when his deceased partner, Eva (played by Bahar Pars), returns unexpectedly. Anders brings to life David's struggle to protect his family from further pain while confronting the implications of Eva's unnatural resurrection.

Inesa Dauksta as flora: A daughter's journey through loss
Inesa Dauksta plays Flora, David and Eva's daughter, whose journey mirrors the film's exploration of loss and the bizarre crisis of her mother's resurrection. Inesa's role connects the thematic elements of the plot, offering a generational perspective on coping with the return of loved ones from beyond the grave.


Supporting characters: Adding layers to the narrative

The film also features Kian Hansen as Kian, David's son, who provides a youthful perspective on the supernatural events unfolding around him. Olga Damani portrays Elisabet, Tora's deceased partner, whose return adds complexity to the film's exploration of the supernatural occurrences affecting Oslo.

Directorial vision by thea hvistendahl

Directed by Thea Hvistendahl and based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel, Handling the Undead transcends traditional horror tropes by focusing on the emotional and psychological impacts of the undead's return. The film's minimalist dialogue and atmospheric cinematography enhance the portrayal of the characters' internal struggles amidst the supernatural events unfolding around them

Unveiling universal themes: Handling the undead now streaming

Now available for streaming on Vudu and Apple TV, Handling the Undead invites viewers to explore a world where the supernatural intersects with profound human emotions. Whether grappling with loss, navigating ethical dilemmas, or seeking closure, the characters in Handling the Undead embody universal experiences of love and grief in extraordinary circumstances.


As audiences continue to delve into this haunting tale, the performances of Renate Reinsve, Bjørn Sundquist, Bente Børsum, Anders Danielsen Lie, Bahar Pars, Inesa Dauksta, and the rest of the cast shine brightly, bringing depth and authenticity to a story that challenges perceptions of life, death, and what lies beyond.

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