IVE, ENHYPEN, Gong Yoo, Park Eun Bin and more share warm greetings with fans for 2023 Chuseok festival

IVE, ENHYPEN, Gong Yoo, Park Eun Bin, MONSTA X, THE BOYZ and more share online warm greetings with fans for 2023 Chuseok festival

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IVE Credits- Starship Entertainment,  ENHYPEN credits- HYBE
IVE Credits- Starship Entertainment, ENHYPEN credits- HYBE
Key Highlight
  • Multiple idols and actors shared warm greetings with fans for 2023 Chuseok festival
  • The festival this year is being celebrated on 28th, 29th and 30th September

Korean stars have conveyed their warm greetings for Chuseok, a holiday akin to the Korean version of Thanksgiving. This year's Chuseok falls on September 29 and spans from September 28 to September 30, with the holiday extending until October 3 due to the inclusion of the National Foundation Day of Korea.

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Check out some of the Chuseok messages shared by K-pop singers and Korean actors for this year's celebrations.


The members of IVE shared a video extending Chuseok wishes to their fans. Quoting the saying "Be nothing more or less than Chuseok," they expressed hopes for everyone to have a wonderful holiday. The members encouraged fans to indulge in good food and take the opportunity to reunite with people they haven't seen in a long time during the festive season.


ZEROBASEONE extended warm wishes to fans for the festival, emphasizing that it marks their first celebration with their fandom. Expressing their happiness, they encouraged fans to indulge in delicious food and spend quality time with family, friends, and their loved ones during the festive period.



ENHYPEN members delighted fans by donning traditional Hanboks. They shared with their fans that they played numerous games during Chuseok, having a joyful time together. The members expressed their hope that their fans, known as ENGENEs, also enjoyed the festive season. Additionally, all the members gathered to make wishes on the full moon, celebrating the true essence of the festival.


The members expressed that, as the autumn season is renowned for its abundance, they wished their fans, MONBEBE, a prosperous Chuseok. They encouraged fans to indulge in plenty of delicious food and spend quality time with their families. Additionally, for those celebrating alone at home, the members invited them to celebrate the festival virtually with MONSTAX, fostering a sense of togetherness during the festive season.


The members began by noting the arrival of the cool autumn season and the return of Korea's national festival, Chuseok. Members shared their plans for the festivities and expressed their hopes that their fandom, ATINY, would spend the holiday filled with happiness, mirroring the serene beauty of the full moon.

BIGBANG’s Daesung

Daesung wished fans to eat loads of good food and spend Chiuseok in abundance.


They extended warm wishes to fans for a happy and prosperous Chuseok this year, emphasizing the importance of enjoying good food and making wishes on the full moon. All of the members enhanced the festive spirit by wearing traditional Hanboks.

High Cookie actors (Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Hyun Wook, Kim Moo Yeol, and Jung Da Bin)

Actors Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Hyun Wook, Kim Moo Yeol, and Jung Da Bin conveyed their Chuseok wishes to fans, encouraging them to enjoy the joyous holidays with loved ones and indulge in plenty of delicious food together.

Gong Yoo and Park Eun Bin

Gong Yoo and Park Eun Bin extended their wishes to fans for pleasant weather that is neither too hot nor too cold, urging them to relish the moment while indulging in good food with family, friends, and loved ones.


Son Suk Ku

Son Suk Ku wished for a joyous arrival of Chuseok in 2023, encouraging his fans to spend this delightful time with their loved ones, enveloped in warmth and happiness.

GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam encouraged fans to spend the holidays with family and friends, advising them to refrain from using YouTube or watching anything during this time. Instead, he urged fans to cherish quality moments with their loved ones, asking them to put their phones down and fully engage in the joy of spending time together.


Solar and Moonbyul extended their wishes to fans while dressed in hanbok, playfully asking how they looked. They expressed their desire for fans to have a fun, healthful, and happy Chuseok, sending warm wishes to their fans, MooMoos, for a joyful and festive celebration.

Park Ji Hoon

Singer and actor Park Ji Hoon donned Hanbok to convey Chuseok greetings to fans. He remarked on the swift passage of time, mentioning his ongoing preparations for fans and expressing his commitment to continue doing so. Park Ji Hoon encouraged fans to indulge in plenty of delicious food during the festive season.



Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support from their fans, they thanked them for their love on SLAY. Additionally, they encouraged fans to enjoy plenty of delicious food, make wishes on the full moon, and have an overall good time during the festivities.

YNK actors (Moon Chae Won, Shin Hye Sun, Chae Jong Hyeop, Kim In Kwon, Park Hee Soon, and more)

The actors conveyed their wishes for fans to have a joyful Chuseok and to always be happy. They extended hopes for fans' Chuseok to be prosperous and enjoyable, expressing a wish for everyone to have a good time during the festival.

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