Sweet Home 2 Interview: Go Min Si on dynamic with Lee Do Hyun’s character, Jung Jinyoung on soldier role

In a conversation with the cast of Sweet Home 2’s Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young and more, lead actors Go Min Si and Jung Jinyoung spoke about the monstrous world. Read more below.

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Go Min Si, Jung Jin Young
Go Min Si, Jung Jin Young

Sweet Home returns! The widely celebrated and extremely anticipated monster-ridden world has made its way back to viewers with a new season, Sweet Home 2. With the reprisal of roles from actors like Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si, Park Gyu Young, and more, the Song Kang-led apocalyptic story progresses into dangerous waters this time around.

Sweet Home 2 storyline

Sweet Home 2 resumes from the last season, when Song Kang’s character walked into the traps of the military and was rescued by Lee Jin Wook. However, what he does not know is that a new form of Pyeon Sang Wook awaits him. Meanwhile, the residents of the Green Home walk into their own nightmare, having faced the downfall of their safe house. These include the characters played by Go Min Si- Lee Eun Yu, Park Gyu Young- Yoon Ji Soo, and more. 

Lee Si Young’s Seo Yi Kyung awaits another fate, having joined the other side due to her special forces past. Jung Jin Young enters as a new character, Park Chan Young, who is an empathetic soldier. Oh Jung Se, Kim Mu Yeol, Kim Shin Rok, Yu Oh Seong, and more join with new roles.


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Sweet Home 2 interview

The cast of the latest Netflix series has been eyeing yet another successful run thanks to the immense popularity of the webtoon-inspired storyline, and with the lead character walking right into the dens of danger, an anticipatory return awaited the viewers. Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si, and Jung Jin Young hopped on a chat with us shortly after the release of Sweet Home 2, to talk about their character’s traits and how they have evolved since the last season.

Lee Jin Wook emphasized how he had to be in the body of Pyeon Sang Wook but act like Jung Ui Myeong, so he had to change his mindset, whereas Lee Si Young had to play a mother who is nothing like what is commonly seen, so she immersed herself in bringing the emotions of pain and despair to the surface.

Go Min Si, whose character Lee Eun Yu has been put in the spotlight after being thrown into the monster-ridden world without the support of her brother Lee Eun Hyuk, played by Lee Do Hyun, spoke about her one driving force for this portrayal. Jung Jin Young enters as this empathetic soldier named Park Chan Young with the will to save as many people as possible from the claws of evil and delves into his mindset taking on the role.

Check out the full interview with Sweet Home 2’s Go Min Si and Jung Jin Young below.

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