Top 13 best Korean love songs you need to listen now

Check out these 13 best Korean love songs right now and start a romantic jam session now.

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CHANYEOL, Punch; Image Courtesy: Stone Music Entertainment
CHANYEOL, Punch; Image Courtesy: Stone Music Entertainment

Korean songs are all the rave right now as the world is riding the Korean Hallyu wave right now. Korean songs are not limited to just K-pop there are many genres to discover. Korean love songs, or romantic songs are a genre that is filled with beautiful songs from K-pop groups, K-pop idols, and K-drama OSTs. Here are some of our favorite Korean love songs that will surely make you wanna fall in love or cuddle up with a pillow and just dream. These top 13 best Korean love songs are perfect for a romantic jam session.

Top 13 best Korean love songs for jamming to right now 

13. My Love by BAEKHYUN

My Love is a beautiful Korean ballad by EXO’s BAEKHYUN. The song is a sweet romantic song with its lovely hook, and Baekhyun’s melodious voice, it just becomes better and better. The slow background music with piano, lets the vocals shine even brighter. The lyrics is a soft confession of love, one of the best Korean ballad songs.

12. ONLY by LeeHi

ONLY by LeeHi with her heavenly vocals touches your heart and the beautiful high note of ‘Be my only love’ just melts you. The R&B track with its slow yet poignant music is an exceptional Korean love song. 


11. Bittersweet (ft. LeeHi) by WONWOO, MINGYU

Bittersweet by WONWOO, MINGYU of SEVENTEEN featuring Lee Hi is a flawless Bossa Nova track where all three singers’ vocals blend like magic into each other. The song is about a love triangle and with its guitar-led music base, it becomes an impressive Korean love song. 

10. Rose by D.O.

A touching and melodious song by EXO’s D.O., Rose is an upbeat romantic song written like a love confession. He just can't help being in love with his crush even if he is being cheesy it's okay cause it's love. Rose is a lovesome song by a smitten lover moreover, D.O. also released an English version. What could be more perfect for a romantic jam?

9. Way Back Home by BTOB

Way Back Home by BTOB is a touching Korean ballad with a pop beat and touching vocals of the members. The song sings how love is standing with each other through thick and thin, whatever happens, your lover is like a home, where you can rest with peace. 

8. Star Blossom by Kim Sejeong, Doyoung

Star Blossom is a soft jazz song with the harmonizing vocals of Kim Sejeong and NCT’s Doyoung. A heart-touching lyrical song that is about a night stroll taken by lovers, how mesmerizing and romantic the simple moment is, and how it is a memorable sight, where eyes meet and love envelopes both.

7. Ready to Love by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s Ready to Love is a popping and hip-hop track but mainly it is romantic, all love songs need not be slow sometimes a soulful pop can do the trick. It’s a confession where one is ready to have a meaningful relationship and just wants to run away and stay together with their lover.

6. Just One Day by BTS

One of the best Korean love songs comes from BTS, not a typical romantic song but you can’t miss the most sweet and romantic chorus of the song which is filled with just one feeling, love. Just one day expresses the desire to be with your loved one for just one day, hold their hands and just be with them. With captivating vocals and an impactful rap, the song becomes a beautiful romantic K-pop track.


5. Beautiful by Crush

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is not only an iconic drama but its OST is nothing less than a miraculous sweet honeyed melody collection. One of the beautiful OST of the drama is Beautiful by Crush, it is an indispensable Korean love ballad with the most emotional lyrics perfect for summarizing the connection between the leads and how just being together with your lover can make life beautiful.

4. POOL (ft. Sumin) by WOODZ

POOL by WOODZ, where the heart is his pool and his lover is diving in it. A lo-fi style R&B track expressing love that engrosses you completely and you just think of your lover all the time. WOODZ and Sumin’s vocals create the most heartwarming melody together. 

3. SoulMate (ft. IU) by ZICO

Soulmate a hip-hop and urban track by ZICO featuring IU is the perfect song to listen to as you read a romance and sip coffee. SoulMate is lyricized like a ballad telling the story of a boy and girl who meet and form a deep connection, they end up realizing that they are each other’s soulmate. With a jazzy touch, funky sounds and a calming aura SoulMate creates a beautiful romantic duet.

2. Some by BOL4

An iconic romantic song in all ways, Some by BOL4 is a sweet folk K-pop song, which sings like an ode to first love. A sentimental love song where a person is tangled between confessing their crush, and the feelings that are so overpowering that they just want to forget everything and be in love. The song with a beautiful instrumental set up, is the best lovey-dovey Korean love song out there.

1. Stay With Me by CHANYEOL, Punch

Stay With Me is the king of Korean love songs, no doubt. No song can ever take the place of this legendary song. Everything from the music to lyrics to vocals by CHANYEOL and Punch is just perfect. Stay With Me is an OST from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and like the drama, this song is superhit and remains forever iconic. With the most heart-touching lyrics telling the tale where you just hopelessly fall in love with someone, and now your eyes just look for them everywhere. It all seems like a dream, how can such a love that is in books be real, the song encapsulates all that and so much more. This Korean love song deserves to be on top and in your playlists now.


These Korean love songs are the most-loved and we love them as well. Listen to these now and get ready for your next romantic jam session right now. Hum to these Korean love songs now and fall in love, maybe.

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Are Korean love songs popular internationally?
Yes, there are many Korean love songs that are popular internationally like Some by BOL4 and Stay With Me by CHANYEOL and Punch.

Do Korean love songs only come from K-pop artists?
No, Korean love songs come from a wide range of artists not only from K-pop but other singers as well like soloists.

Can non-Korean speakers enjoy Korean love songs?
Yes, music is something that transcends language barriers and Korean music and love songs prove that.

Are there any English versions of Korean love songs?
Yes, many artists tend to release English versions of love songs like D.O. released his song Rose’s English version.

Are there any Korean love songs that have become iconic or timeless?
Yes, Stay With Me by CHANYEOL and Punc has become iconic and timeless and is loved around the world.

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