Who are the members of UNIS? Know 8 winners of Universe Ticket announced as final lineup

UNIS is an upcoming girl group who have been formed through the survival show Universe Ticket. Get to know all the eight members.

Published on Jan 18, 2024  |  11:06 PM IST |  1.3M
UNIS: Universe Ticket
UNIS: Universe Ticket

UNIS is an eight-membered girl group who have been formed through the reality show Universe Ticket. It is also one of the few K-pop groups which also includes a Filipina line. Bang Yunha, Nana, Gehlee Dangca, Im Seowon, Oh Yoona, Kotoko, and Jin Hyeonju made it to the final lineup. On January 17, the SBS show finally came to an end and these contestants emerged as the winners. The group will be managed by will be managed under F&F Entertainment for the next two years and six months. Here is a detailed look at all the participants who made it as a part of UNIS. 

UNIS Members

1. Elisia

Elisia Lyrisse Parmisano or Elisia is from the Phillipines. Born on April 18, 2009, she was a child model and actor in her formative years. Previously, she was also a trainee at Starship Entertainment. Interestingly, she is the cousin sister of Marcus from HORI7ON which is an all-Filipino K-pop group based in South Korea. 

2. Bang Yunha

Bang Yunha is from South Korea and was born on February 28, 2009. She was a former JYP trainee. Not only that, but she has also modelled for various brands as a child artist. She has learnt musical acting and ballet before joining the show to become a part of UNIS. 

3. Nana

Born on June 6, 2007, Nana is from Tokyo, Japan. Previously, she was also a part of the girl group PRIKIL. She has confessed that she is a K-pop and K-drama stan, especially BTS and hence wanted to take up being an idol as a career. Nana made it to the final lineup as she proved her talent and skills.


4. Gehlee Dangca

Gehlee Dangca also belongs to the Philippines. She was born on August 19, 2007. Before joining the reality show Universe Ticket, she was a beauty pageant contestant and a fashion model. Not only is she known for her good looks but also her singing and dancing abilities. 

5. Im Seowon

Im Seowon is from South Korea. She was born on January 27, 2011. She is the youngest participant to make it into UNIS. Though she is the maknae, she had already made her debut in 2021 as a soloist. She is well known for participating in MissTrot 2. 

6. Oh Yoona

Oh Yoona was born on October 7, 2009. She belongs to South Korea. She was a part of the pre-debut group Free In Sass and Play With Me Club. She showcased her vocals and dance on Universe Ticket and found herself a spot in the upcoming group. The talented member can also play the drums. 

7. Kotoko

Kotoko is from Japan and was born on October 28, 2007. Universe Ticket was her first time joining a survival show. The talented contestant was selected for the final lineup on her first try. This shows not only her skills but also her dedication and hard work. 


8. Jin Hyeonju

Jin Hyeonju was born on November 3, 2001, which makes her the eldest in UNIS. She has a Korean father and a Filipino mother. This makes her the first Filipina-Korean K-pop idol. Prior to the survival show, she had made her debut as a part of Good Day as Lucky and Cignature as Belle. 

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