EXCLUSIVE: Easy ways a pregnant mother can take care of her skin & hair explains beauty expert Shahnaz Husain

Here are all the ways to take care of your hair and skin during your pregnancy days explained by beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain.
EXCLUSIVE: Easy ways a pregnant mother can take care of her skin & hair explains beauty expert Shahnaz Husain
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Pregnancy brings mixed feelings. Along with the joy and anticipation, there can be feelings of fear and doubt. This is natural because pregnancy and the arrival of the baby mean many changes in the body and way of life. A woman’s body goes through physiological, hormonal and glandular changes during this time. The youthful figure changes and there is the fear that it may never be the same again. Pregnancy, however, is a natural physiological process.  It is much easier to accept the changes in a positive way if one can prepare in advance and take regular care of the skin, hair and body. In fact, it can be a time which you will always remember and cherish. 

Many women find that their skin improves during pregnancy and takes on a healthy glow. This is due to hormonal changes. Some, however, may find that certain skin problems get aggravated. If there are any nutritional deficiencies, this may reflect on the skin, in terms of a pale and sallow complexion. A nutritious diet, adequate sleep and relaxation are essential for both beauty and health, especially during pregnancy.

A daily skin care routine should be followed, in keeping with individual requirements. Chloasma or Pregnancy Mask is a common problem during pregnancy, in which the skin develops pigmented (dark) patches. Usually, they occur on the cheeks, or the highpoints, like forehead, nose and cheeks. The use of a sunscreen lotion is important, to provide protection from UV rays, which actually make these patches apparent. Try to avoid the sun, as far as possible, especially from noon till 3 p.m. Facial massages and application of certain creams can help. If there is no acne or other eruption, the use of facial scrubs will also help to minimize the marks. 

As a home remedy, add a pinch of turmeric to yogurt (curd) and apply daily on the patches. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water. Or mix together honey and lemon juice and apply on the patches daily, the same way.  The use of a facial scrub or cleansing grains, rubbing gently on the dark areas, will help. 

The hormonal activity usually benefits the hair during pregnancy. Good nutrition and the vitamin and mineral supplements, prescribed by the doctor, actually help the hair to improve.  If there is any mental stress, however, this can reflect on the hair, by way of problems like hair loss. It is after the baby is born that hair loss can occur. In fact, post-pregnancy hair loss is almost routine. The hair may also begin to look dull and lifeless. There is no need to be alarmed about it. Once the hormones settle, the condition is usually checked.  Regular hair care during pregnancy goes a long way in minimizing problems.

Your regular care should include washing the hair, two to three times a week, with a mild herbal shampoo. Avoid using hair dryers, unless it is absolutely essential. Allow the hair to dry naturally as often as you can.  Weekly henna treatments also help to keep the hair in good condition. They also improve the appearance of the hair by adding body and shine. Weekly oil treatments are also needed. In fact, the oil may be applied the night before your shampoo. You should also consult your doctor regarding continuing vitamin and mineral supplements even after the baby’s birth.

What you must remember is that pregnancy is not a disease. It is a natural process. So enjoy the anticipation and the event. Along with daily external care, pay attention to your health. Feeling good will make you look good and looking good will make you feel even better. That is what beauty is all about. 

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Ask your doctor before putting anything on your face because you have to avoid a lot of products that you used before like retinol. And ask your partner to give you support if he doesn’t because girl I hope you have picked someone who knows how hard all this is.