EXCLUSIVE: Shahnaz Husain shares some beauty tips all moms to be can incorporate during their pregnancy

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EXCLUSIVE: Shahnaz Husain shares some beauty tips all moms to be can incorporate during their pregnancy

Pregnancy brings mixed feelings.  Along with the joy and anticipation, there can be feelings of fear and doubt. This is natural because pregnancy and the arrival of the baby mean many changes in the body and way of life. A woman’s body goes through physiological, hormonal and glandular changes during this time.  The youthful figure goes through a change and there is the fear that it may never be the same again. Pregnancy, however, is a natural physiological process.  It is much easier to accept the changes in a positive way if one can prepare in advance and take regular care of the skin, hair and body. 

Medical prenatal care has become so advanced that your doctor will advise you on matters regarding weight gain and diet. During the first four months, there is hardly any gain in weight. In fact, people will not know about your pregnancy.  Women who are already overweight should keep a check on the weight gain and the total weight gain should be less.  Regular check-ups will help to keep track of how much weight gain there is. You should be having a balanced diet, with all the food elements, including a moderate amount of carbohydrates and fats. Your daily diet should include fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, cottage cheese, wholegrain cereals, pulses, beans and sprouted grains. For any specific health problems, you should seek dietary advice. Exercise is another way to check excessive weight gain. Of course, it is absolutely essential to take your doctor’s advice before starting any exercise. Walking is probably the best exercise during this time, as it benefits the figure and general health, maintaining muscle tone and improving blood circulation. Many doctors prescribe specific prenatal exercises for maintaining muscle tone, in order to prepare for delivery. It is a good idea to have a regular routine, with regular hours for exercise and rest.

Chloasma is a common problem during pregnancy, in which the skin develops pigmented (dark) patches. Usually, they occur on the cheeks, or the highpoints, like forehead, nose and cheeks. These patches may fade away sometime after the birth of the baby.  The use of a sunscreen lotion and avoiding the sun, as far as possible, helps to prevent and aggravate the condition. If there is no acne or other eruption, the use of facial scrubs will also help to minimize the marks. 

As a home remedy, yoghurt (curd) can be applied on the patches daily with a pinch of turmeric. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water. The use of a facial scrub or cleansing grains, rubbing gently on the dark areas, will also help. 

The fact that you are pregnant does not mean that you cannot go for beauty treatments. In fact, you should continue to pay attention to your appearance. Have timely haircuts and styling. The knowledge that you have paid attention to all aspects can itself boost self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

It is better to avoid high heeled shoes during pregnancy. High heels tend to put excessive weight on the balls of the feet. They also affect posture by throwing the body forwards and putting excessive strain on the back. You can look elegant and attractive in low-heeled comfortable shoes too. Wearing loose kurtas and maternity smocks, for informal wear, will make you feel comfortable.  In fact, you can look smart and elegant too, by choosing colours and designs which suit you.  If you neglect this aspect, thinking you look bulky because of your pregnancy, it will affect your morale and self-esteem. Pay attention to your appearance and take trouble over it. Dark colours help to detract from a bulky, heavy look, while V-necklines also have a slimming effect. 

Pregnancy is not a disease. Having a baby is a natural event.  So enjoy the anticipation and the baby’s arrival. Along with daily external care, pay attention to your health. Feeling good will make you look good and looking good will make you feel better. That is what beauty is all about. 

About the author: Shahnaz Husain is the founder of Shahnaz Husain beauty group. 

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