EXCLUSIVE: Endometriosis’s effect on skin & the home remedies needed to manage it according to an expert

Women suffering from endometriosis have a yo-yo kind of relationship with their skin. One minute the skin is glowing looking dewy and the next they are plagued with adult acne and sensitive skin along with other problems.
EXCLUSIVE: Endometriosis’s effect on skin & the home remedies needed to manage it according to an expert EXCLUSIVE: Endometriosis’s effect on skin & the home remedies needed to manage it according to an expert
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Endometriosis causes tissues to develop outside the uterine lining. This condition can affect women of any age before menopause and results in painful periods, difficulty in having sex, pain during urination and bowel movements, infertility, bloating, sciatic nerve pain, excessive bleeding, and many more problems. A very painful disease takes a long time to diagnose endometriosis causes a host of skin problems and inconsistences because of hormone problems and inflammation such as: 

Hormonal adult acne typically on the lower part of the face because of endometriosis and treatments such as the use of birth control pills 

Increased occurrence of blackheads, whiteheads, and small pimples

Eczema causing the skin to become red and flaky

Lupus causing hair loss and rash on the skin and making the skin more susceptible to sun damage


Cysts deep under the skin

Sensitive skin

Oily skin

Male pattern hair growth

Increase skin allergies because endo causes the immune system to become more sensitive

Cutaneous endometriosis is a type of endometriosis that causes nodule to appear on the skin. Another type of endometriosis that affects the skin is the scar endo that is found within the scar tissue. Endometriosis is a very painful condition but it can be easily managed with medication and some basic routine changes. Some of these skin conditions are persistent and some will appear around the start of periods. 

Whatever problems you are facing because of endometriosis, a good dermatologist can help you manage the problem by suggesting some basic skincare routine changes and medications such as hormonal medications, liver medications, GI tract treatments etc. but you can help your skin by:

Reducing the intake of inflammatory foods such as caffeine, sugar, dairy, fried foods, alcohol etc. 

Cleanse your skin every morning and night: The bacteria in the atmosphere around us and even at our fingertips can cause acne and eczema to worsen and therefore you must cleanse your skin every day. Use the hot cloth method to cleanse your face and don’t forget to apply a suitable acid toner after drying. Switch to clay or cream-based cleansers that do not dry the skin overly. After cleansing, don’t forget to apply a paraben and sulphate free face moisturizer. 

Hydrate yourself: Drink at least six litres of water every day without fail. Hydrating well helps your liver function better and also frees the skin from toxins. You can also use a hydrating toner on your skin to keep the dryness away. 

Use a good coverage makeup: Chose makeup that does not contain any mineral oils. Check the labels carefully for parabens and ingredients than can cause skin irritation. Don’t ever forget to remove the makeup before going to bed at night. 

Sunscreen: You cannot go anywhere without wearing sunscreen. Wear a good quality sunscreen containing zinc oxide. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out and reapply every 4 hours.

When using acne treatment products, don’t go overboard, just use the recommended amount suggested by the dermatologist. 

Home remedies for the skin

You can try some simple home remedies to treat the sensitive, inflamed and acne-prone skin caused because of endometriosis that will save your skin:

Green tea toner: Boil some green tea, cool it, and drain the water in a glass bottle. Use this natural toner after cleansing your face. 

Use argan oil before bathing: Argan oil has excellent soothing properties. Apply a small amount of argan oil on the skin before taking a bath.

Turn down the water temperature: Keep the showers and baths to a lukewarm temperature.

Use yoghurt and pineapple face mask: Both ingredients protect your skin and remove the dead skin cells. Mash some pineapple, add it to a bowl of fresh yoghurt, and make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your skin and leave it to dry. Once dry, wash the mask with cold water, and pat dry.

Pomegranate for sensitive skin: Take some pomegranate juice and mix it with fresh tomato juice. Apply this mix on the skin with the help of an organic cotton ball. Let it dry completely and wash with lukewarm water. The ingredients of this mask balance the pH level of the skin and improve skin texture. 

Remember there is no need to feel any social or psychological pressure when dealing with endometriosis. Chose the skin products that make you feel good and give the skincare remedies some time to work and show their benefits. Keep exercising regularly and maintain a healthy routine. Pay attention to your body and if something feels not ‘normal’ call your dermatologist.

About the author: Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics 

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