EXCLUSIVE: “I’m crushing on Deepika Padukone’s style,” says Tara Sutaria who spills fashion secrets and more

The actress who made her debut in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year 2 alongside Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday, took some time to share her fashion secrets and wardrobe essentials.
EXCLUSIVE: “I’m crushing on Deepika Padukone’s style,” says Tara Sutaria who spills fashion secrets and more
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Tara Sutaria started her career on the small screen. Many would remember Tara as the child from The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir and Oye Jassie. Now, she has created a somewhat memorable impression on the big screen as well by debuting alongside biggies like Tiger Shroff. But it is not just her acting that has caught people’s eye. One look at her Instagram page and you will know she is a fashionista in the making. Chic summery outfits, chunky sneakers, dewy makeup an soft curls and a radiant smile make for the perfect combination. The actress who is the face of Label Ritu Kumar, took some time to talk about her personal style, the women who influence her fashion choices and more.

One look at Tara and you can tell that she actress will be able to pull off even the most complicated look with utmost ease. A total fashionista at heart, she reveals that she looks up to multiple A-listers, in both the Hollywood and Bollywood industry, for inspiration. Ask her to pick out a few and, “Sarah Jessica Parker,” she says without thinking twice. “She looks divine and her style choices are an inspiration for women everywhere.” Tara doesn’t hold back when it comes to Bollywood either. “I’m currently crushing on Deepika’s style. I love how she manages to carry off any outfit whether it is ripped jeans or a saree. Alia’s style is also amazing. She keeps it young, fresh, fun and relatable.”

But they are not the only women who have helped define her style. She used to “attempt” to be stylish at a very early age! Her earliest memory was of how her twin sister (Pia) used to be a tomboy, but Tara would pick things out of her mother’s closet! “I used to put on my mother’s clothes and lipsticks. At one point, I had these furry things on and strutted around in heels that never fit,” she giggles while reminiscing.

Tara Sutaria with Tiger Shroff and Ananya Pandya

Since then, her style has obviously evolved. “My go-to look right now is light and easy clothing since it is summer. Dewy skin and easy breathable hair are my favourite. I’m in love with asymmetrical clothing as well,” reveals the actress who currently can’t do without sneakers! “In most of SOTY 2 we’re wearing sneakers and since I just finished filming it, I think sneakers are an essential for me.”

But when it comes to real life, would she prefer to wear sneakers and dress down or go all out and glam? “Dressing up for sure. I would say always be fabulous and dress up!”

Being an actress comes with its perks for sure – a huge closet, all kinds of shoes and accessories. Among it all, does she have items that hold sentimental value? “I have my naani’s trinkets and jewellery. She has an amazing sense of style and I love anything and everything that she owns. Her shoes, jewellery, bags and everything are the most cherished and sentimental pieces I own,” she smiles. But just like any other girl, she has her guilty pleasures too! “I can’t stop myself when I’m around beauty products. I’m a beauty junkie. But bags and shoes make for a close second. But I make sure to have a pair of well fitted jeans and a really chic shirt that can take you a long way. I think every girl should invest in these staple pieces,” adds the actress who wants to end with a small but smart note to all girls aspiring to get to where she is. “Actors have a whole team of people working behind them. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t wake up like this! It actually takes a lot of effort and work to look this way. But as long as you are happy in your own skin, you are beautiful. Live the way you want and don’t let people tell you otherwise,” she concludes with wise words.

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