EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta REVEALS her collection is all about the Indian representation of Game of Thrones

The all new Masaba x Game of Thrones collection just in time to curb your passion now that the show has ended. We get exclusive details from the designer on her all new capsule collection.

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EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta REVEALS her collection is all about the Indian representation of Game of Thrones
EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta REVEALS her collection is all about the Indian representation of Game of Thrones

Are you a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones and don't know how to deal with all your feelings now that the show has ended? Well, we have some good news for you. Designer Masaba Gupta has launched her special Game of Thrones capsule collection with staple pieces that will stay with you forever and keep the show's legacy alive in your closet! 

Masaba Gupta reveals that the company which owns the merchandising rights for Game of Thrones approached her for a collaboration two years ago. "It took a long time to conceptualise and finally release the whole thing because it is a huge show and a big collaboration."

"Etching power in the forest of fury." @tashipedy is draped in our Raven’s Flight Baggy Blazer Set with Westeros Map sheer Tunic. - @ishaannair7 -@nisha_gulati Art - @teebirdyfly #HouseofMasaba #Masaba #GameofThrones #forthethrone

And with such a big project, the pressure is not easy either. One of the the challenges Gupta and her team faced while coming up with designs, was that "we didn't instantly get a design when we saw the show because obviously it is not a show about clothes. So I had to watch and rewatch the show to understand what I could do in my own style since I didn't want to make it something that didn't resonate with the Indian audience". And with such a big project in line, there were no restrictions as such but Gupta said that there were basic guidelines she needed to adhere to. "All the motifs and designs we were using, had to he exact. We weren't allowed to switch them up at all. The dragon, the trees and more had to be depicted exactly. But these helped us create a well-rounded collection. In terms of colour and fabrics there were no restrictions at all," she added. 


“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it whispered your name” Draped in power and reminiscence, @tashipedy is in A Wall of Stark Cape with Gold Stark Sigil Printed Maxi Dress with The Dance of the Dragon Gold earring. - @ishaannair7 -@nisha_gulati Art - @teebirdyfly #HouseofMasaba #Masaba #GameofThrones #forthethrone

When asked about the process, inspiration and procedure behind taking something so epic and putting it on her canvas - clothing, Masaba said that her playground was in fact smaller than it looks like. "That's probably because there aren't too many motifs on the show so we went ahead and created some of our own elements - the sword, the trees, the storm and a lot of blood red, white and grey. And it was very new for us because our creations usually have a ton of colour," Masaba says about the new collection which includes dhoti sarees, kaftans, dhoti pants with coats and trench coats, and tshirts, blazers and lungis for men. As always, the designer has ensured that there are a lot of fusion outfits in this collection as well. 


“He had put despair & fear aside as if they were garments he did not choose to wear.” Wearing honour like a suit of armour, @madhursinghchauhanx is in a Lannister Gold Sigil Trench coat paired with White Sigil T-shirt & Black Lungi with Gold Stark Sigil. - @ishaannair7 - @nisha_gulati Art- @teebirdyfly #HouseofMasaba #Masaba #GameofThrones #forthethrone

What strikes with us though, is the fact that this is how "India would do Game of Thrones. I could have created gowns and other things but I have incorporated Indian elements like dhoti pants, saree, lungi so it is a fusion of modern India and the western world," says the designer in conclusion. 

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