40 Types of dresses for women for every occasion

When it comes to finding types of dresses to wear the options are endless. Certain outfits flatter certain body types, weather, and occasions, so it can be overwhelming to try and tackle the choices alone.

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40 Types of dresses for women for every occasion
40 Types of dresses for women for every occasion

There are numerous types of dresses and fashion icons to choose from. For many people, dressing up means different things. The dress's length, shape, and cut all have an impact on the style of the garment. In addition to traditional clothes and historical inspirations, dress styles are influenced by the necklines, fabrics, and sleeves. There are several different dress styles to take into consideration if you're shopping for one to wear out. Choosing the ideal dress outfits can be difficult because there are so many fashionable patterns and attractive shapes, styles, cuts, and lengths.

Types of dresses for women

Even the most seasoned fashionistas could feel overwhelmed trying to pick a dress that is appropriate for their body and lifestyle gave the wide variety of dresses available. We've produced a list of every style of dress for women to be aware of to make shopping quick and easy. This guide will assist you in finding the best short and long kinds of dresses for any event, along with dress names. Shop these styles of clothing to discover fashionable outfits that will suit your body type and look cute on you, from shift to a-line to wrap.

1. Midi Dress

Midi Dress

The midi dress, which falls between a maxi and a mini, is what everyone needs for situations where you're not sure of the level of formality of an event. This style is flattering on all body types because it can have any neckline or sleeve length on dresses. Put on some tights and ankle boots for the ideal winter look, or pack some flats and a sweet straw hat for a chic picnic!


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2. Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder

Take the risk and wear an off-the-shoulder dress to keep your shoulders visible. This kind of dress keeps a sleeve or ruffle on the bicep while showcasing your shoulders. For those who want to show off their shoulders and arms but don't want to commit to a strapless look, the off-shoulder style is fantastic.

3. Shift Dress


The shift dress was a massive trend in the early 1960s and has a simple, boxy shape. It is a short and typically sleeveless dress that hangs from the shoulders. It’s ideal for those who have a lean, column-esque body shape, as they appear straight. You can style this dress with a mid-length duster jacket and a pair of slingback heels or even knee-high boots, to give it that real ‘60s flair! This shape is the ideal blank canvas for color blocking or print detail.

4. Bodycon Dress

bodycon dress

A bodycon dress is form-hugging and draws attention to your best features. They are ideal for a night out on the town and are frequently constructed of flexible material. This outfit is perfect for people with an hourglass physique because it accentuates the lovely curves!

5. A-Line Dress

A-Line Dress

An "A" form is created by an A-line dress, which is fitted at the hips and progressively widens out toward the hem. It is ideal for a casual situation and is simple to dress up or down. This look works best on pear-shaped bodies since it highlights your wonderful shoulders and gives your bottom half a feminine touch.

6. Mini Dress

Mini Dress

The scandal broke loose in 1965 when model Jean Shrimpton wore a mini shift dress to the Melbourne Cup, showcasing her bare legs and hat-free head to the world. Nowadays, these types of dresses are far more mini and far less scandalous, and they’re a great way to capture attention and showcase your pins! This dress is ideal for anyone who wants to put emphasis on their legs and make the world stop and turn! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Mini Dress

7. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

In the easy maxi dress, unwind at the beach or by the pool all day. Although the cloth hits the floor (or at least your ankles) in this style, which is ideally suited for a more informal environment, it gives the impression that you are dressed up. Everyone would enviously wish they were as fashionable and comfortable as you are if you combine sandals and long-hanging jewelry to create the ideal lazy ensemble!


Love the fit and flare of maxi dresses? Check out a few must-have maxi dresses of the season here!

8. Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

The front of the wrap dress is fastened by crossing one side over the other and tying the fabric at the back or waist. This style, which is frequently worn by celebrities like Kate Middleton, has a traditional silhouette that is ideal for athletic body types since it gives the appearance of an hourglass figure even if you don't naturally have one.


Wish to know easy style hacks to look flattering in a wrap dress? Click here to get access to the exclusive style guide to tie knots and bows like a true fashionista.

9. Halter Dress

Halter Dress

or summer, a halter dress is perfect. including a tie around the neck and an upper body without straps or sleeves. Some halter necks have fabric fastened around the neck instead of a bow. Those who want to highlight their broad shoulders should choose this type of clothing.

10. High-Low Dress

High-Low Dress

A high-low dress is a form of asymmetrical dress. They are typically longer at the back, and shorter at the front. This shape works with casual types of clothes as well as ball gowns. It is the perfect style for anyone who wants to show off their sexy pins, and they’re best paired with high heels or platforms, so the back of the dress doesn’t drag on the floor.

11. Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress

A sheath dress has no visible seams, is form-fitting, has a straight shape, and is nipped at the waist. It is perfect for a professional function or a night out because it sits at the knee or just above. This dress style is ideal for people who wish to highlight their stunning curves because it looks great on women with an hourglass body.

12. Peplum Dress

Peplum Dress

For those who love a playful style, a peplum dress is perfect. The detail can be below the waist, under the bust, at the hips, or around the neck or shoulders. The fit and flare silhouette of the peplum shape has its origins in Greek antiquity. For a day-to-night look, you can swap flats for a pair of hot heels, adding height to your figure, making your legs look super long and your waist nipped in and tiny.

13. Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

Dress in a sweater to keep it relaxed! This knit dress is available in several lengths and may be worn loosely or form-fittingly. Given that there are so many distinct silhouettes, it is ideal for all body shapes. To keep your pins warm, wear them with thigh-high boots, or add sneakers for a fun, casual style!

14. Pencil Dress

Pencil Dress

The pencil dress is the one for you if you want to make an impression when you go out. Dress A pencil dress, so named because of its shape, is normally fitted at the waist, with a hem that falls below the knee and no frills or flounce. This shape is ideal for a date night outfit or a little black dress. You can add some variety by choosing a plunging neckline or keep it modern and seductive with a turtleneck.

15. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress

Wear a shirt dress to keep things relaxed and cool. It is a loose-fitting dress with a button-down front and a shirt collar. This design is available in various lengths and occasionally has a defined waist. A shirt dress's collar and button-down front serve as its focus points. You can easily dress up or down; just pick up a pair of chunky ankle boots or sneakers, and you'll be prepared for a night on the town or at the beach!

16. Slip Dress

Slip Dress

With a slip dress, let your inner grungy girl out. This design, which is often satin with a V-neckline, spaghetti straps, and lace, is worn as undergarments. With a pair of barely-there heels or hefty boots, you may dress it up or down. To give this dress the authentic '90s vibe, keep it casual by wearing a white blouse or a basic T-shirt underneath!

17. Smock Dress

Smock Dress

A smock dress is a gorgeous go-to for anyone in a rush! Super comfy to wear, a smock dress is usually loose-fitting. It can have long sleeves or be strapless, so it’s super versatile. Dress it up or down with a leather jacket and cute ankle boots for a perfect transitional outfit!


18. Ballgown

ball gown

Wear a ballgown to be the belle of the ball! It is a formal dress that reaches the floor and is ideal for a formal occasion like a ball or a black-tie event with a dress code. This look can take on many different shapes, from a mermaid silhouette to a princess silhouette with a pronounced pouffy skirt. Wear a ball gown when you want to make a grand entry and dazzle everyone in the room!

19. Mermaid Silhouette Dress

Mermaid Silhouette Dress

The mermaid silhouette, which is a ballgown design, is the ideal dress for a black tie event. The mermaid dress is long and straight from top to middle of thigh or calf, when it expands out into a broad skirt, as a mermaid's tail might. This is how the dress gets its name. Choose the tight-fitting silhouette if you have an hourglass or pear-shaped form. You might choose a profile that is a little looser around the waist and hips for bodies that resemble columns.

20. T-shirt Dress

T-shirt Dress

The T-Shirt dress is the best option when you're going out for breakfast or to the movies because it is the epitome of casual dressing. The loose-fitting silhouette and round collar are reminiscent of a typical T-shirt, sitting just above the knee. Naturally, you can also get T-shirt dresses with pencil skirt silhouettes, but the T-shirt neckline on dresses is the main attraction. Get creative with this look since it works well on any body type and can be worn in any season!

21. Tea Length Dress

Tea Length Dress

The Edwardian era, when clothing became lighter and was, therefore, therefore more comfortable to wear indoors, around friends, and frequently while sipping tea, is where this timeless style first gained popularity. The complete circular skirt on this silhouette ends mid-calf. A tea-length type of dress is ideal for folks who are heading to a semi-formal event or want to add some classic Hollywood drama to their appearance because it has a boutique silhouette. For a complete Audrey Hepburn-inspired ensemble, pair it with adorable flats or timeless low-heel heels.

22. Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is appropriate for a cheesy party or drinks at the bar, as the name of the dress suggests. A cocktail type of dress code event is ideal for this type of dress because it strikes just above the knee. This dress is adaptable and comes in a variety of necklines and styles so you may pick the perfect one for you.

23. Denim Dress

Denim Dress

Put on a lovely denim dress if you're not in the mood to cram it into your pants! This sort of dress is composed of denim, as the dress's name would imply. They are available in a variety of dress styles, including ones with pinafores and pockets, long sleeves, and button-down fronts. This easy, stylish, and versatile casual-cool look is appropriate for various situations.

24. Pinafore Dress

Pinafore Dress

A pinafore dress has medium-sized straps on the shoulder and is collarless and strapless. It can be worn with a turtleneck or a shirt underneath. With this adorable little dress, you can show off your body without having to wear anything too constricting.

25. Bardot Dress

Bardot Dress

This dress, which was inspired by the blonde bombshell Bridgette Bardot, exudes opulence and sophistication. These dress designs include an off-the-shoulder motif and come with a sleeve that sits just below the shoulders, giving you the appearance that you've taken your sleeves off a bit!

26. Tube Dress

Tube Dress

Show off your assets in a tube dress if you want to create an impression while also making an appearance! strapless, form-fitting, and tight. For summer nights when you want to seem sensual and alluring without sacrificing your ability to stay cool, this dress is a perfect choice. Given that it accentuates your best features thanks to its figure-hugging shape, this dress looks excellent on all body types!

27. Qipao Dress

Qipao Dress

This type of traditional Chinese clothing first appeared in the 17th century, under the Manchu administration. The Qipao is a stunning garment with a high neck and a straight skirt. They are traditionally made of silk and feature beautiful stitching. The current Qipao, which has a high slit on one or both legs and various sleeve styles, first gained popularity in the West in the 1920s. This outfit is a breathtaking example of how detailed and amazing Chinese culture is.

28. Long Sleeve Dress

Long Sleeve Dress

For those chilly winter nights, opt for a dress with long sleeves on the dress. This style is not only a smart choice for freezing nights, but they’re also incredibly sexy and alluring. Long-sleeved types of dresses come in a range of different silhouettes, so no matter what style you’re after, whether it be a bodycon, ballgown, or midi dress, there is something perfect for you! These styles of dresses are ideal for those who wish to keep their arms covered.

29. Bell-Sleeve Dress

Bell-Sleeve Dress

A bell-sleeve dress identifies itself with the sleeve ending at the mid-forearm or wrist, with a flare flowing down towards your hands. The sleeve is shaped like a bell, hence the dress name. These dresses come in different silhouettes, but the focal point is the sleeves dresses.

30. Strapless Dress

Strapless Dress

Use a strapless dress to highlight those stunning shoulders. The 1930s fashion designer Mainbocher is credited with creating the first contemporary strapless garment. As the name implies, this style is sleeveless and strapless, sitting just above the breast and following the contours of your body. You can always wear these kinds of dresses with a T-shirt or a skivvy underneath if you don't feel like baring skin.

31. Blazer Dress

Blazer Dress

When you need to conduct work while also having fun, the blazer dress is the ideal outfit! These types of dresses are worn as dresses but have blazer-like appearances. The design is frequently double-breasted, creating the impression that you're donning a blazer for males. Rock it with a pair of low-rise sneakers or an ankle boot set because it is adaptable and ideal for any season.

32. Empire Waist Dress

Empire Waist Dress

The empire waist was popular in the eighteenth century. The dress creates a flattering impression by gathering under the bust at the slimmest section of the body. This dress will squeeze the top of your abdomen and flare out at the bottom of the top portion of your body is smaller. It's ideal for tiny females since it lengthens the lower portion, giving the impression of incredibly long legs.

33. Sun Dress

Sun Dress

Get some sun and dazzle everyone in a sundress. Given that it is loose-fitting, has spaghetti straps, and has a broad neckline on dresses, this outfit is best worn in the warmer months. These types of dresses frequently have larger skirts and tighter waistbands. Sundresses are delicate, airy, and feminine; they look their finest in lovely flower prints or soft hues.

34. Kimono Dress

Kimono Dress

When the word "kimono" originally meant a piece of clothing, this traditional Japanese dress was created more than a thousand years ago. The kimono is currently one of the most well-known outfits, distinguished by its long sleeves and wraparound clasp. Although the modern kimono dress can feature long sleeves, a wraparound design, or a slit in one leg, the classic kimono is still widely used today.

35. One-Shoulder Dress

One-Shoulder Dress

Whether you’re indecisive or it’s just cold outside, you can always opt for a one-shouldered dress! A one-shoulder dress is a form of asymmetrical dress, characterized by a single shoulder. Choose from a full-length sleeve or one-strap; however, you wish to wear it, you’ll make a statement. The asymmetry of the garment will attract attention for all the right reasons; you’ll look stunning!

36. Handkerchief Hem Dress

Handkerchief Hem Dress

A handkerchief hem gives the asymmetrical dress some flair. These hems are made to look like multiple handkerchiefs clasped together in the middle and flowing down the skirt. Dresses with handkerchief hems can be any length and have any neckline. It might be subtle or overt, but either way, it's a lovely way to display your exquisite pins!

37. Asymmetrical Dress

 Asymmetrical Dress

If you're unsure about the formality of an event or party, an asymmetrical dress is a great choice. Two sides of an asymmetrical dress will have various lengths. The dress may occasionally be shorter on one side or longer in the back than the front. There are also asymmetrical dress styles that have long sleeves on one side and no sleeves on the other. There are so many different asymmetrical dress versions that fit every body type!

38. Bandage Dress

Bandage Dress

The bandage dress, made popular in the 1990s by French fashion designer Hervé Léger, has a bodycon-like style. Its development, nevertheless, is more akin to shapewear. The dress's 'bandage' construction, which consists of knitted tape layers that hug the body in just the right areas, gave rise to its name.

39. Pouf Dress

Pouf Dress

Nipped in at the waist and pleated into a full skirt, the pouf dress is sweet and girly. Very 1950s in design, this style is famous for its “poufiness” in the skirt. You can go full throttle down the feminine road by pairing it with cute pumps and pearls, or you can make it rocker chic with sneakers and a leather jacket. Pouf Dress

40. Princess Silhouette Dress

Princess Silhouette Dress

In a Disney movie, you would normally see the silhouette of a princess. It is form-fitting at the top and waist but flows beautifully below, creating the appearance of a complete princess-style gown. Anyone may wear this dress because it highlights your shoulders and arms. For those who aspire to live the life of a princess for a day, the princess silhouette is a traditional and historical-inspired garment!

What types of dresses are in fashion now?

Types of dresses include Mid-length skirts, a feminine pink tint, plush velvet, stylish athleisure, scorching off-the-shoulder tops, lovely statement sleeves, cool stripes, and embroidered patches are all current fashion trends. Midi skirts can be worn anywhere and at any time. They are stylish, comfortable, and simple to wear.


What is fashion summary?
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What are the 4 types of clothes?
Casual wear – worn as standard clothing. Formal wear – worn for events such as weddings. Lingerie – under garments worn for support and / or decoration. Sports wear – worn for athletic activites like running.

How many types of dresses name them?
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