4 Signs you are in love with the wrong person

Most of us often end up putting our trust in people who are not serious about us. While it is not easy to judge people in a matter of some time, there are always some red flags involved. Here’s a list of few signs that you should look out for in your partner.

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 06:08 PM IST  |  856.7K
Signs to look out for in your partner
Look out for these signs in your partner
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Love is blind, and rightly so. When in love we get butterflies in our tummy, the imaginary pianos play in the background and the breeze makes us float in the air. Amid all this ignoring a few red flags, that we fondly call mistakes, seems alright. However, there’s a reason why they are called red flags. It is a warning that you may be about to receive the worst of the heartbreak of your life.

It is always when we find our partner cheating or until we suffer from the violence that we realize we are in love with the wrong person. However, what goes unnoticed is the minor signs that scream of something fishy every now and then. Here’s a list of 4 signs that prove you are in a wrong relationship and you need to reconsider it.


You constantly have to ask for time

I’ll call you later. Been busy today, we’ll talk tomorrow. I am too tired to talk. If all these phrases sound familiar, you need to evaluate your relationship. While it is not necessary that the person you love is always free or should be, but there’s a thin line that makes a difference. It shouldn’t always be about work. If you are the one constantly asking for someone’s time and to no avail, remember you are precious too, just like your time, if not more.


Lack of communication

While this is a very clear sign in itself, but there are times when it comes in disguise. It starts with the other person avoiding you for a while. The reason being he doesn’t believe in sharing his problems. Here’s when you need to step in and ask why? If you get, I have always been like this, for an answer, it's time for you to understand that things might not be going like you wanted them to be. So, before investing too much of your emotions, sit back, relax and think is it worth it?

It depends on their mood

If you are having a conversation only when s/he is in the best of his/her moods, there are high chances they aren't serious for you. Or even if they are, things can’t work this way for long. If you are the one who ends up waiting for his/her mood to get better so that the two of you can talk, and if the wait goes on for days and weeks, think twice before committing to such a person.


Their actions don’t match their words

When your luck favours you and you manage to speak with your better half and they make you believe you are their priority and they are in love with you, but only the next day you are left questioning, for whatever reason, how much of that was true, there are chances that s/he is a sweet talker. A relationship calls for trust, commitment, and for both of the people involved to stick to their words. If either is not doing it, talk to them about it. If that doesn’t work too, you need to get away from it.

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