Tips to help a man who is deciding between two women

Here are three advice for men who are choosing between two women.

Published on Oct 08, 2022   |  10:43 AM IST  |  712.1K
Man choosing between two women

Finding the ideal life mate can take a lot of individuals a long time. However, there are occasions when men are fortunate and may have to choose between two perfect women options for dating; in these cases, it more often than not feels like a curse than a blessing for them. However, how do you actually plan to escape the love triangle and choose the appropriate woman? While casually dating a few people is acceptable, you will eventually have to make a decision if you want to advance the relationship. In this situation, you need to dig within to gain some understanding when you are at a junction in your romantic life and uncertain of how to approach.

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You might want to consider the following suggestions in order to pick the suitable woman between the two.


Make a list

1. Make a list of the good qualities of the two

Grab a paper and a pen, make a list of the great qualities of the two ladies in your life, and then try to determine which one best fits your needs. In essence, what you're doing is giving every explanation positive and negative—more substance and reality. The most crucial traits to seek for are commitment and respect, not appearance or social standing. They should be approachable, reliable, and possess emotional maturity.


Talk to friends

2. Get opinion from your closed ones

Talking to your friends about issues in your love relationship might be helpful to you, especially when choosing your future mate. Sometimes they are able to view the bigger picture, including both you and your partner, and assess the situation more thoroughly. It helps to ask for feedback and you have a safe place to talk. Furthermore, it is worth the effort to tell your friends or family about your viewpoint if you feel comforted or affirmed as a result.



Put feelings first

3. Prioritize your feelings

Even if it could appear selfish and you risk offending the other woman, consider the broader situation and put your feelings first. It's not always simple to decide between an old love and a new one. Although it's acceptable to prioritize your emotions, avoid feeling bad about duping someone. Being a man is having the courage to face the consequences of your own decisions and actions without any regret.

Even though telling the truth can and will get you in difficulty, lying will land you in much more serious danger. The correct way to end any relationship is to be honest about your choice, show respect for the other person, and have a direct discussion.

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