Nargis Fakhri's Rockstar Performance - MAX Stardust Awards 2012

Ok her expressions made me laugh a little but let me know what you guys think....
Kudos to Nargis for her first stage performance :D
BTW,she looks gorgeous!


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The comments here on pv actually rival the blank, sour, confused glares she got from the audience. Only Akki & two other guys bobbing their heads enjoyed it. Shazahn looked like she wanted to whack her with a stick lol, Rekha was stunned, Vidya couldn't seem to believe her eyes rotflmfao! Everytime they showed the audience I laughed even louder. I thought I had seen the worst female dancer bollywood had to offer when I saw Kat dance but Nargis has taken the crown with this. Houston, er...Mumbai, we have a new queen! LOL.

wtf was tht

she looks funny i can only see her lips dont want to talk about the dance move and facial expression and she looks more like katrina both are same i m wondering why she dint feel embarassing to perform such aboring act in the stage she should have practice a lot before coming to stage and now i feel i can dance better than her.

oh man! I feel so bad for Nargis. That was terrible! Must have been so embarassing. She looked way more natural in the movie.

why would you ruin a a a rahman song like that?
its a lovely dance song without the remix.

she got beautiful kashmirii face with a 10/10 body

she is very beautiful

Whats her height?
she looks taller than Deepika & Sonam & Anushka...looks like 5'11 at least......
However...Yeah Her Dance was the WORST dance ever.
She looked like a man from
but obv she has a pretty & unique face.

isko bolo p0rn me kam kare, success rahegi

I dont like nargis and i didnt watch this video.But i saw one of her performance with shahid @ stardust in which she danced for munni.first time i felt she looked kinda hot in that one.

OMG that was terrible. She and Sonam definetely are Bollywood's worst dancers.

"That was embarassing to watch. I don't blame Nargis so much as the choreographer. "

I think the poor choreography had no choice. she sucked so bad, they had to opt for cheese and whatever possible to save this disastrous performance LOL

Nargis Fakhri = LADY SUNNY DEOL!!!! lol

seriously those lips are so distracting, duck-face is the word. hahaha and she can't dance. I agree, I have a new found appreciation for Katrina's dancing skills in comparison to this foreign maal. We don't need another clone, please don't frighten us. Most of the audience were busy laughing in the beginning or attempting to appear serious. LMAO :D wtf was this?!

She killed the song and not in a good way. this is cold-blooded murder. hahhaha she was hilarious from the begging till the end. Taking off one's shirt and special effects don't substitute for dancing. Too easy for these goris to come to BW and take over. Time to take back our desi-haq!!!! aethey rakh!

That was embarassing to watch. I don't blame Nargis so much as the choreographer. Well she put in a decent effort and she looked beautiful in the close ups but man that was some cheesy stuff.

After watching this, I have new found respect and admiration for Katrina Kaif. At least Katrina doesn't look completely stupid when she dances.


at least katrina can dance

lol that was well messed up!!!


much better dancer then Deepika when deepika started in performances, deepika still sucks!! nargis looks alot like Kareena Kapoor thats why I like her

Ok her expressions made me laugh a little but let me know what you guys think....
oh, she does have an expression ?? i didnt see anything ! expressionless like katrina kaif
and i hate Deepikas fake smile ! shes ranbirs dog...after him like always

Did not like this one at all, but she shone as Munni with Shahid. That performance was a complete contrast to this one.

LOVE IT. NOT!!! wheres the lip sync?? It's not a background song, its a performance. Quite a thandi performance.

What the hell was that? she was so stiff all through her performance.she just proved she can't act neither can she dance.

she needs to STOP plumpin her lips....:O

pls upload the whole show --

Nargis is fine, lets see her in another movie

Poor girl cannot dance and those expressions were terrible!

rubbish performance.

she is beautiful and has gr8 potential if she works on acting skills...

wata hell was she doing ....... i seemed like she was working out or something !

WTF WAS THAT....LMAO It is the most funniest thing I have ever seen....BEST PERFORMANCE AT AWARD FUNCTION THIS YEAR!

wow its really weird how this stage performance was just like her performance in the movie...started out comical and ended up passable...i think shes a really awkward girl in real life so she brings very little confidence to her performance..she should play passive, quirky roles..shed excel at that


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