Box Office Report: Shahid Kapoor gets his biggest opening with 'Shaandaar'

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Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's 'Shaandaar', that hit the screens yesterday, got a decent opening of Rs. 11 crores nett (Source: Box Office India). Though it is not that good an opening, considering it released on a Holiday, it has surely recorded biggest opening for Shahid Kapoor!
According to Box Office India, the film fared well in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and East Punjab. 'Shaandaar' grossed 2.55 crore nett in Delhi / UP and 1.42 crore nett in East Punjab. The final figure in Mumbai should come in at around 3.50 crore nett. 
Given that today is a working day, the collections may drop further and the actual business that 'Shaandaar' does will only be known after having a look at their Saturday and Sunday collections.


Thanks to Alia, Shahid finally gets a double digit opening. It's still not good though and Shahid fans used to bash Varun like anything

Okay come on. Alia deserves a lot of credit for the opening, whether ppl like it or not she has a strong fan base outside pinkvilla and shahid despite being a good actor has never been a draw at the box office.

Haters, at least it's an accomplishment for him. This is a very commercial release after Haider. Expectations were high from the movie after Haider, Queen and Highway but it's still a step forward for him... so bring it on trolls!

Compared to the accomplishments of his contemporaries, and even newcomers who debuted several years after him, he's a flop. :)

So 11-12 crores in the opening day is the biggest of Shahid's career? Wow! That is really poor. Even newcomers like Ranveer and Varun managed much bigger openings within 2-3 films.So if this is his biggest opening then I think that none of his films reached the 100 crores mark right? If so then how embarrassing.

Headline says that , its his PR article..

"Shahid gets his biggest opening" I'm sorry but that's a bit ridiculous. No one went to watch Shaandaar solely for Shahid, 50% of the people went for Alia as well. (Just like no one watched Haider for Shahid, people watched it because all in all it was an incredible movie). To say it's "Shahid's" biggest opening is rude to Alia Bhatt. I like Shahid a lot, but are you serious, Alia Bhatt has a better box office record than him. For example, who do you think 2 States was a hit for? Let me tell you one thing, it wasn't because of Arjun. As much as I find her annoying, its not acceptable that you disregard her role in the opening figures. Had Shahid done Shaandaar outside of Dharma and with Ileana or something, it wouldn't even had made 10 crores on the first day.

2 states was not a hit for alia it was a hit because it was a book adaptatiotion that millions of people loved like I did I watch 2 states not knowing who alia bhatt was bit i did know arjun from ishaqzaadee, and I still watch the movie cause I love the book and wanted to see it come to life

11 crores not 13.1 . Fake figures

Shahid is one of the most overrated actors in BW. 15 years in the industry with 4-5 hits. Out of which 1-2 that he can claim to carry on his shoulders; Kareena walked away with JWM, Tabu/Irrfan/Vishal with Haidar, IshqVishk and Vivaah were crap movies with regressive, brain-damaging content. I mean, why do people even consider him a great actor? He is strictly mediocre, with horrible script sense, and occasional bouts of genuine talent. Alia is probably the reason Shaandaar managed this opening.

Completely agree. IMO, he 100% owes his career to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. If not for them, he'd be nowhere today.

lol thats a fudged number and it's sstill not great for dusshera

Doesn't Alia really deserve most of the credit for the opening considering her track record? Shahid is a good actor but not really a box office draw...

it's 13.1 cr and it's the biggest oppening for both shahid and alia,the movie is doing great ,you can go check.

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