Box Office Report: Bajirao Mastani has a Steady 3rd Weekend

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Released alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's multi-starrer Dilwale, the clash between Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani hasn’t affected the film in the long run. Post completing a successful two-week run at the box office, the Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone-Priyanka Chopra starrer had a steady third week at the ticket window. 

The film closed at INR 29.05 crores, with collections of INR 7.50 crores on FridayINR 6.00 crores on Saturday and INR 7.00 crores Sunday. The film further earned INR 2.30 crores on MondayINR 2.20 crores and INR 2.05 crores on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively and INR 2.00 crores on Thursday. The total collections of the film amount to INR 170.90 crores nett in India currently.

With the release of Amitabh Bachchan-Farhan Akhtar's Wazir this Friday, it will be interesting to see how far Bajirao Mastani's success ride goes at the box-office.


wow i would have never thought BM would do this well. after people calling it a "niche" film and just another "costume drama" i can't believe it has done so well. even though the characters aren't relateable SLB's style of filmmaking and ranveers acting seems to have awed audiences. I hope they are able to reach 200 crores before the end of the month!

I think this marks a new chapter for Indian cinema. 2015 was a great year. You saw Salman Khan finally focus on content. We saw tons of "female centric" films, which are common enough for us to just call them films. The Actresses Roundtable was one of the best discussions on cinema and current issues I've seen so far. And Bajirao Mastani, despite competition from Dilwale, emerged as a super hit. The audiences will finally get the cinema they deserve!

BM has a budget of 150 cr so 170 is not a big deal.

Don't forget the non theatrical revenu (satellite, music etc...) and don't forget overseas revenu. Bajirao mastani is a superhit.

The budget is 120 crore and they had already sold the satelite-rights for 50crore.

Why be surprised? People really need to stop underestimating the power of actual good cinema. Yes, SRK is a big-wig, but Dilwale in terms of actual substance lacks in comparison to Bajirao Mastani. It worked out like i thought it would. The actual content and story of Bajirao stirred word of mouth and people came out to see it even more so after the initial release and hype of the Dilwale clash. Dilwale is basically a quickie whereas Bajirao is the full on climax.

Even Yeh Jawaani made more than 170 given the hype of BM etc. Shows who the real star is,

YJHD didn't clash with a Khan. :)

Yay, congrats team BM. Excellent direction, superb performances and clap clap for the whole cast and crew.

This movie could have easily gotten 200+ cores if it wasn't for SRK trying to be a bully, but I'm glad the movie did way better then Dilwale :D BM has overtaken Dilwale in lot of International markets as well like the US. Can't wait to see the magic happen once it releases in China with 6,000 screens.

Who had thought that BM will beat Dilwale by a bug margin??? Btw i watched it couple of days back and i was disappointed. It is so average. Jodha Akbar was much better than it.

My son thought the same. Instead of focussing on love solely, SLB should have taken fight scenes from jodha akbar. A man consumed by love, losing track of his responsibility, seems pathetic.

Your comment just shows how awfully you interpreted the story. Bajirao never lost track of his responsibility despite how desolate he was. If he had, he wouldn't have gone to war one last time for the sake of the empire, and this came after he had relinquished his title of Peshwa in front of his mother. He also chose to stay and fight the battle despite the fact that he'd been told beforehand that Mastani had been imprisoned and in his heart he most likely wanted to save her first.

just saw deepikas' pics with nina dobrev and ruby rose for the vin diesel movie :) all the ladies look hawt!

BM records 4th highest 3rd week of all time after PK ( 41.. ) Bajirangi ( 31.24) and 3 idiot ( 30.34 ) Bajirao mastani (29.05)

Yay !!! :D

1 week - 86.15 , 2 week - 55.7 , 3 week - 29.05 .... Total : 170.9 cr super hit

3rd weekend ??? Are you mean 3rd week or what ???

144 Dilwale , 171 Bajirao .... Wow I can't expected like that ...

Andddddddd WW gross 330+ cr greaaattttt ;)

BM can touch 180 :)

Go BM! I hope you touch 200 crores and more people in Bolly make sensible movies instead of the crapfest we are usually treated to.

Love ya SRK! Always have, always will. But you need to stop making movies like Dilwale.

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