Kalank Box Office Collection Day 6: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's film fails to mint money on Monday

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer Kalank released on Wednesday last week and received mixed reviews. Check out the day 6 box office collection of this Abhishek Varman directorial.
Varun Dhawan,alia bhatt,Box Office,KalankKalank Box Office Collection Day 6: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's film fails to mint money on Monday
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Despite all the buzz and excitement, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer Kalank failed to create magic. Directed by Abhishek Varman, the film also stars Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha. Kalank released on Wednesday last week and received a mixed response from the audience as well as the critics.

The day 6, Monday collection of this Varun-Alia starrer is very low. As reported by Box Office India, Kalank's day 6 box office collection is approximately Rs 3.50 crores. This is a huge blow to the makers as the film was made with a big budget and had lots of expectations.

On its first day, Kalank made a great collection of Rs 21 crores approx at the box office. However, due to mixed reviews, the film's collection showed a downfall in its numbers. On day 2, Kalank earned 10.50 crores, Rs 10.75 crores on day 3 and Rs 9.25 crores and Rs 11 crores on days 4 and 5, respectively. 

The overall collection of Kalank is now Rs 66 crores approximately.

This week, Avengers: Endgame will be releasing in the theatres. Looking at how almost all the booking for the film is housefull, it will be difficult for Kalank to survive.

Have you watched Kalank? What are your views? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Despite all the bad reviews, I thought Kalank was a beautiful movie. Alia's and Varun's chemistry was great and the ending brought tears to my eyes.

I have a gutt feeling bhramrastra is going to see the same fate. Everybody already despises the lead pair together.

There were a few issues working against it. First, the audience has Alia fatigue. Kjo ensures she gets her first choice of roles she wants and it was becoming obvious, and billing her as the "beauty" wasn't believable. Secondly, it was a VERY obvious poor man's SLB film. Third, the story was subpar. Fourth, Kangana actually has fans who do support her and agree with what she says. Kjo and his people really need to start paying attention because if the audience stops showing up, they'll never rake in the bucks.

Dont white wash the fact the Alia's limitations as an actress were glaring in Kalank. She can do screaming and nostril moving scenes but she lacks finesse as an actor. She is an ordinary actress. Had the film done well, she would have milked it like she was the next meryl streep. Not in this life time.

bcoz im unbale to like this comment, i just want to leave a reply sayin i agree a 1000%....not in this lifetime lololol

they showed the film today at 5 pm on oslo. the whole theater was almost empty, and the few people who were some of them went on the middel of the film and I heard him say: it shows religion conflict and one side of if it like bad guys ... therefore I think most boycott that movie!
+ i think You can't have sad end if the whole movie is sad! It gets too much

Hollywood actually pays close attention to this, like Cutthroat Island actually had a World Record for Biggest Box office Bomb back when that was a category. India not as much. There's like 3 levels, "flop" which is underperforming, "bomb", which is failing to recover your budget significantly, and "disaster", which is barely making any money at all, forget about recovering budget. Like, I'm pretty sure Bombay Velvet might be the biggest box office disaster in Bollywood history, because it had a significantly bigger budget than other flops. But this is getting there, it's currently in "bomb" stage, it will not recover it's massive budget.

I live abroad, in a place where Indian movies don't play- at all. Then all of a sudden Kalank arrives. I went to the cinema like a shot. I got a VIP seat, got my snacks, first day, first show. The whole place was empty. No...Im not kidding-empty. My private screening, a glimpse of my dear country and its costumes and music. Im a grateful, happy bunny. Now don't come near me all you people who disapprove! Pachaas din ke bhookey ko sookhi roti bhi swarg lagegi na? Come on fans/non fans...lovely humans to lonely desi human... give me some upvote love :-)

Anti national family view Alia bhatt needs to be boycotted by audience. In today's time actors ideology matters

Sure Just go and see Pooja, Sonia Razdhan twitter. Their tweets are ani national, anti India progress and they also retweet anti national tweets for real.

Anti national family view Alia bhatt needs to be boycotted by audience. In today's time actors ideology matters

So kalank is done,next big project of Karan Johar is bhramastra with nepokid again,let’s make that superflop.

I just don't get this - we actually watched the movie (unlike many who just went by the reviews) and LOVED it. The storyline is mature, acting is incredible and the chmeistry beyween Alia and Varun is superb. The songs, sets, mature story and the acting - all superlative. In the SF bay area its been house full and everyone is wondering whats with the negative reviews. Watch the movie - its like Lamhe (and yes Bombay Velvet, Zubeida, etc) - classic movies - not fluff like Sonu ki sweety etc.

Ok Karan

Well what do you expect 4 talentless nepo kids

This is what you get when you keep shoving nepo kids down our throats

This is what happens when you keep promoting nepo kids. All 4 other actors got ignored and kept promoting as Varun-Alia movie. I'm tired of this pair.

This is what happens, when you are too complacent, nepo kids or not, when you don't research well, when you don't pay attention to the story at all, when you have only pay attention to the look of the film. Alia could be used well and so could be Arun, despite the nepo kid thingy, if only Karan could pay attention the mood of the box office. Why small films are succeeding? be it stree, or other films.

KJO should go easy on promoting Alia. It is heart wrenching to see her get the best of the opportunities. There is some level of resentment towards her. Her success is not earned but is given to her. Not her fault that KJO has taken upon himself to promote her but it just happens. KJO and Alia are viewed as one unit.

this movie won’t cross 100cr, wow. social media really is an illusion and doesn’t have much impact on ticket sales

now brahmashtra must flop so that ayans and ranbirs arrogant smug faces can take a hit

Karma hits you back KJ. You want to make Manikarnika flop bt Kangana survive and you sink. More to come

Even Thugs earned more than its budget. Kalank won’t have that luxury.

Worst movie n flop for Varun Dhawan

i watched it in norway, if the ending was NOT sad then would have watched it many time.
now Barath im looking forward to your release in norway.

What a pathetic movie waste of time and money

I totally agree! In a very popular PVR cinema that is always full irrespective of the movies running there had this Audi empty! Just 2 of us idiots that were there to watch it. What a waste of money! The actors that can’t act to save their lives, the random story... u randomly decide to get married, randomly decide to learn music and then randomly go and dance there, randomly decide to have an affair, randomly become a journalist and write an article... like seriously!!! What a waste of time that was! Sonakshi was the one dying, but everyone had the same morose expression on their faces! Complete fail!

Kalank is full time boring movie,entire film is totally shitt

Worst movie of the year

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