Kalank Box Office Collection Week 2: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt's film gets wiped out thanks to Avengers Endgame

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's film is finding it difficult to grow in terms of box office numbers. Now that Avengers: Endgame released on Friday, it has become only tougher. Check out Kalank's second week box office collection.
Varun Dhawan,alia bhatt,Box Office,KalankKalank Box Office Collection Week 2: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt's film gets wiped out thanks to Avengers Endgame
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Kalank starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha released on April 17, 2019. The film was one of the much-awaited films of this year and the audience had a lot of expectations. It is helmed by Abhishek Varman and produced by Karan Johar.

On its first day, Kalank saw a great opening at the box office. However, due to mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics, the film's number saw a drop in its collection day by day. As reported by Box Office India, the second-week box office collection of the film is Rs 60 lakhs. The report also mentions that Kalank's lifetime business will be under Rs 80 crore approx.

On Friday, April 26, Avengers: Endgame released in India and the shows are housefull everywhere. It is one of the most important Marvel films and there are also night shows of the film in several cities in India. Endgame has shattered a lot of box office records on its first day itself.

Considering the humongous response Avengers: Endgame received and the fan frenzy, it is likely that Kalank will sustain at the box office in the coming week.

This Day That Year


SOTY 2 failure coming up...Stay tuned. Nepo Papa truly deserves this.

Why so much hatred for Alia? Lol, that comment about alia’s (rat) face is so funny. Never noticed it before but see it now....lol.

And anyway, both are mammals

Karan tried to sabotage Manikarnika - and succeeded to a greater extent. But Kangana saved it to stay afloat because of her acting. In Kalank, from what I heard way too many dances, way too many attempts to focus on style which could not make for the lack of substance.

No one should write any negative comment as each film makers work very hard for their movies but some films work and some does not. people who are not working in this area does not know how difficult it is. Please show some respect to hard work.

newcomer janhvi kapoor gave an 75 cr hit film all alone despite the negative reviews around dhadak. sara also gave 65 cr hit film with kedarnath...
and here massive starcast of some of the biggest names is struggling with 60 cr collections and manufacturing numbers in a desperate attempt to conn audiences as if a terrible film wasnt enough.

Ya because we all choose acting over big names plus thanks to avengers

Ya because we all choose acting over big names plus thanks to avengers

karma gets dharma.
and it will go full cycle with this round of nepotism when soty2 tanks.

Rhea kapoor was bang on when she said scripts are bankable now a days not actors .Karan tried to prove that Alia is the most bankable super star goddess on KWK . But Rhea was right .

Madhuri should just retire. Even her dancing now looks pathetic. Not to mention that frozen botoxed face that can hardly emote.

Her face looks mighty fine and emotes perfectly well. Her dance is still magnificent, even when nepo-producer cuts out portions of it. It's people who bully outsider actresses that should retire.

Alia, Varun, ranbir, Sara, tiger, jhanvi are like stsc people. We, the gen category people can't do anything about their rise. Though they don't deserve the success but like we can't do anything about stsc people sameway we have to bear these nepokids.

No, we don't. Stop justifying nepotism throughout this thread.

Reading all comments, I totally agree that bollywood is not democratic at all..It is like dynastic politics of Congress..Imagine if everybody got together and said enough is enough, we will boycott Aalia's movies she and KJo will be back to earth in a jiffy.. and to think she is some sort of a wonder girl is terrifying.

Ranveer and Vicky need to back out of Takht ASAP.

KJ was delusional to think we will accept Alia as a screen goddess. She was decked up to the hilt and best angles and lighting were used but MD and SS overshadowed her and she ended up looking like a little girl playing dress up. Even VD looked like a SRK wannabe.

If the comments again nepotism are by Gen category people then you guys should learn to live with it because you will have to see this till the end of your life. And if you are a stsc then you should not talk about alia being non deserving. Alia is way more deseeving than you guys.

Undeserving stsc who becomes doctors are a great to society. Atleast alia is not a threat and is not taking away my chance.

Is that you, kjo snake? Shut up. It's over. You're done. Your so-called star is done. Bye.

If out country can have reservation system then why should we have nepotism in bollywod. We deserve it.

If India can have undeserving people as doctors, police, engineers, IAS, Judges and everywhere then do they want quality actors for movies. We don't deserve it like we don't deserve to study in medical collage despite scoring much more than our stsc classmates.

Flag bearer of nepotism shown the door.
Hope people become awakened by this & keep on kicking these nepotistic rascals in the butt.
Indian cinema will be a better place thereafter.

Mediocrity shown the door like they deserve. Alia and Varun dont deserve a quarter of the success they have. All manipulated but it wont last.

Kalank truly deserves this fate and Karan's next - Student of the Year 2 - will be an even bigger failure. However, I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLING ALIA BHATT UNDESERVING. In fact, despite having started her career with a dumb movie like Student of the Year, Alia has gone on to deliver very genuine performances in her latter films, starting with her 2nd film Highway. Alia haters - stop being cynical and go and watch Raazi again.

Success of Raazi is its script, and not Alia. The movie would have been a bit even if it was anyone else who would have done that role. People’s problem is that movies like Highway and Raazi are coming to Alia on a platter through KJo and with such superlative scripts people think it’s Alia who is shining in them. Wrong. She’s getting things easy just for KJo to grow his nepo world and it’s wrong. There are far more deserving people who are envied of these opportunities by this clan and making her look like something she’s not. Buying her movies, recommending her to friend directors, buying her awards, link ups with RK to make her look desirable, pitching her with DP in every KWK episode!!! Enough is enough

Next is soty 2 potty takht bragmashastrabn.rukja karan kutte

Not brahmastra. Brahmastra is a blockbuster. But yeah, apart from that, others like soty 2 and takht are going to be bigger flops than kalank.

Takht will be a blockbuster because of ranveer Singh and Vicky as they are not nepo kids. Brahmastra will be disaster because ranbir and alia are undeserving nepo kids and also ranbir is one of the biggest flop actors ever. Though alia is a much bigger and popular star than him.

Brahmasta will be the biggest disaster like Bombay velvet.

yeh toh hona he tha mjhe maloom tha .hahahaha bht badia

alia and karan johar are biggest kalank of bollywood

hahahaha.losers karam and alia time is up.Kutte karan tu dekh ab

I think ranveer should back out, imagine he used to do classy period SLb films, now he is doing cheap period movies.Takht is kalank part 2 but i'm happy these non deserving nepo kids are on the way to ruin themselves lol.

It's funny how stsc people call alia undeserving and taking away opportunities of talanted and deserving people.

Who is more undeserving alia or India's current president who came in power only because he is stsc

If we can favour rich and undeserving stsc over poor and deserving gen candidates then we should learn to watch nepo kids on every film.

In chattiagarh stsc doctors mistake took away the eyesight of 40 people.Those stsc became doctors with very low marks and knowledge.Atleast these nepo kids are not dangerous for our society.

Don't abuse alia and Varun. If we can have undeserving doctors, IAS, engineers, judges, CA etc then why can't we have non deserving actors. Atleast these actors are not eating away our opportunities or harming us.

Karan johar is like Congress. Congress took away the opportunities of talented and well deserving Gen caste people and gave it to to non deserving and rich stsc people.

its not a bigdeal if films failed...at least he tried his best.....what about yashraj production such stupid and annoying they producing films after yash chopra... waiting for takht mr. karan rahul johar.....

Shut up, you and other johar minions.

If Takht does well, it will be only because of Vicky and Ranveer. No one cares a tiny rat’s ass for Kareena, Alia or Jhanvi in that movie. They can be replaced with any unknown faces and the movie can still do well with these 2 awesome men. Karan should thank his stars that these 2 guys agreed to work in that movie.

This was Karan's dream project this shouldn't be go wrong
Really bad yaar

karma for bringing down outsiders

She thought she could take on DP by dressing up like her and walking with stretched neck and 8 inch heels to look tall.... bwahahaha!

There is unanimous rejoicement and it’s unprecedented. Says a lot about what everyone feels about the poisonous duo KJo and Alia. I want next 3 movies atleast of theirs to crash and burn. They need to get down to reality. KJo has destroyed the industry with his nepotism and thrusting this dumb Alia on all of us. Payback is a bitch my friend.

Yes, karma bit Dharma and the snake. I would have loved to give you a thumb up, but the corrupt pinkvilla marked it as a thumb down


Yohooooo... finally Johar bites the dust...! He and his students need a massive lesson in humility. Let this failure teach you some of it.

Such a overhyped boring movie. Screen play was terrible. Deserves this fate.

This is truly an eye opener for an industry obsessed with item songs, sex scenes, nepotism and continuously recycled garbage stories. I hope for more such mega miracles to happen in future.

Lesson for the gang

Feels so good. Rat faced Alia would have learned lesson as everything cannot be bought. Slap to Nepo king Karan Johar !

Proves nepo mouse’s acting capabilities

Under 80 cr... huge loss for Dharma, and probably biggest loss ever for Alia and Varun. Ha.

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