Manikarnika Box Office Collection Day 12: Kangana Ranaut starrer earns decent numbers on its second Tuesday

Manikarnika Box Office Collection Day 12: Check out how much Kangana Ranaut starrer has earned on its second Tuesday.
Manikarnika Box Office Collection Day 12: Kangana Ranaut starrer earns decent numbers on its second TuesdayManikarnika Box Office Collection Day 12: Kangana Ranaut starrer earns decent numbers on its second Tuesday
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Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi released on January 25, 2019. In the film, the actress plays the role Rani Laxmibai, the fierce warrior. Kangana has garnered a lot of praises for her powerful performance in Manikarnika. The critics, as well as the audience, is in awe of her acting skills and the film also received good response equally.
On its first day, Manikarnika made a collection of Rs 2.75 crores at the box office. The first-week collection of this Kangana Ranaut starrer was Rs 56.56 crores approx. On its 12th day of release, Manikarnika has made a collection of Rs 2 crore approx, reports Box Office India. Thus, the total collection of the film is now Rs 74.25 crore.
In an interview with us, Kangana Ranaut was asked about working as a director for the film, and she revealed that this is not the first time she worked behind the camera. "This is not my first experience as far as supervising the edit or even directing a film is concerned. I was 23 or 24 when I directed my first film. It was a 10-minute short film that I had shot with an international crew. Also at that time, I was struggling with small roles in films like Double Dhamaal (2011). So I've been a director since then. Be it direction, writing or editing, I've already done it in the past," said the actress. Meanwhile, check out the tweet and the trailer here.

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Kangana haters are going psycho. they call her psycho but hello they are the worst and sick lot bolyywood thugs.

Karan and his gang are burning and writing mean comments.Cant they accept that KR is one woman army?they are the same faltu people who praised below average actress sonam film.

75cr in 12 days is a good score for a movi"superheoroine" in India, Manikarnika (nothing to do with
padmavat) would be a national success if its planned budget of 60cr had not doubled because of the delay of filming.

If the budget of the movie is 150 cr.and has made barely made 75cr,then how it's a decent run? Also gully boy is releasing this week so the earnings will go farther down of Manikarnika.

Opposition cry. It was made in a budget of 105cr including print and press, has made over 115cr profit of 10cr. Great movie.

Awesome movie...Must watch

Why is pinkvilla lying to us? this movie is not even average at the box office. Distributors are crying. U can fool yourselves not us. We leave in Internet world ok?

No matter what u try to do, this movie is a flop.

Is a disaster. Manikarnika is a big flop. Stop fooling ourselves to make your pay master happy.

URI is going to reach 200 crores in four weeks.
Marnikarnika is very steady and has been released just under two weeks so haters will have to eat their hearts out. No one can take away K's talent, hard work and dedication . She was not paid for picking up the pieces when the director abandoned the project. By blood ( literally and figuratively) sweat and tears Kangana has saved this movie. She's come out a true hero and has exposed Bollywood for what it is....a mafia run org where no one can even tweet a few lines to show appreciation because they are so scared of powerful mafia bosses that run it.

"Decent numbers!!??" Really, Pinkvilla.

Unfortunately, Manikarnika will be remembered as a movie that failed because its main actor was too self-seeking, self-interested and self-important. Kangana usurping the role of director was the downfall. So sad things ended up this way... but there is no one to blame but Kangana.

we all know manikarnika is a flop to padmavaat's box office collection.but kangana will spread lies saying its a hit.we all know what kangana is good at.Telling lies with no shame.shame

A north indian publication bought by roshans floated this story of budget. Zee has claimed that the budget is 80-100 cr total and the film has grossed way more from box office, international, digital and satellite. So sad people can continue to whine.

Roshans are ignoring her existence and this is driving her and her fans crazy....

Atleast think before you spread more lies

Why are you so adamant to show hate towards a perfectly good film? You and people like you are the reason why we have to waste our hard earned money on garbage products. Stop trying to bring her down and at least appreciate talent when you see it, if you can.

The worst actress who could have played Rani Jhansi

There is no way you can spin the movie verdict to a decent hit. It is an utter flop under direction of Ms.Ranaut. With the budget of 150 Cr, it barely collected half of it. No wonder the poor producer had a stroke. I hope he recovers well soon. As for Ranaut she can just go around and spread lies as usual.

U go and watch biopic of that criminal sanju but don’t watch India s greatest woman warrior

At least, sanju is not a thief, cheap , problematic, stalker and homebreaker. This psycho is a mixture of everything. This crazy woman can even kill her mother to get what she want. Anyway, when is this flop movie crossing the irrelevant 100cr?

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