Oppenheimer box office: Christopher Nolan film has an Outstanding Saturday of Rs. 20 crores in India

Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, grossed Rs. 20 crores on Saturday, a 15% rise from Friday. With a total of Rs. 38 crores, makes India the second biggest market overseas for the film.

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Oppenheimer box office (image courtesy Universal Studios)
Key Highlight
  • Oppenheimer scores big in India, grossing Rs. 20 crores on Saturday, a 15% increase from first day
  • Oppenheimer's two-day collections in India Rs. 38 crores, expected to hit Rs. 59 crores weekend
  • India second biggest overseas market for Oppenheimer behind UK, biggest in terms of ticket sold

Oppenheimer had an outstanding Saturday at the Indian box office, grossing Rs. 20.25 crores, which was 15 per cent higher than its first-day earnings. Considering the film's strong opening in high-end plexes on Friday, with many theatres reaching full capacity, it would have been acceptable if the film had remained flat or experienced a slight decline on Saturday. However, the film not only avoided any drop but also witnessed significant growth in ticket sales. The two-day total box office collections in India for Oppenheimer now stand at an impressive nearly Rs. 38 crores, and it is expected to reach around Rs. 58-59 crores for the weekend.

In India, the biggest Hollywood hits are predominantly action-adventure franchise films, for a 3-hour talky drama to put these numbers is simply unimaginable. Credit goes to the film’s director Christopher Nolan, who commands a rabid following in India. However, that following was considered more of a niche and never before had it generated this sort of numbers. Though it is likely that the following has grown in size considerably and we may see even bigger numbers when the director comes with something that has higher commercial value like Inception today. 

The box office collections of Oppenheimer at the Indian box office are as follows:

  • Friday: Rs. 17.50 crores
  • Saturday: Rs. 20.25 crores
  • Total: Rs. 37.75 crores

India is the best-performing market for the film internationally. With $7 million plus weekend, it will be only second to the United Kingdom ($12 million) in terms of gross box office collections, ahead of bigger Hollywood markets like France, Australia, Germany, etc. despite releasing on Friday while the aforementioned had four or five days weekend. In terms of tickets sold, it is even better, with more than 2.30 million admits, ahead of 1 million in the United Kingdom or 0.70 million in France.


About Oppenheimer Movie

Oppenheimer is a biographical thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist who was pivotal in developing the first nuclear weapons as part of the Manhattan Project. Cillian Murphy stars as the titular character, with Emily Blunt as Oppenheimer's wife, Matt Damon as General Leslie Groves, and Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss. Other members of the cast include Florence Pugh, Rami Malek, and Kenneth Branagh.

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