Death’s Game Part 2 Early Review: Park So Dam, Seo In Guk's deadly battle of wits is riveting

Death’s Game released its much anticipated part 2. Read on to know what we think about it as we do an early review of the fantasy suspense-thriller series.

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Death's Game (Image Credits- TVING)
Death's Game (Image Credits- TVING)

Death’s Game features a star-studded cast with Seo In Guk and Park So Dam in the lead roles, supported by an ensemble including Lee Do Hyun, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Jae Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Choi Siwon, Go Yoon Jung, Oh Jung Se, Sung Hoon, and more. This fantasy suspense-thriller series is both written and directed by Ha Byung Hoon, adapting a Webtoon of the same name by Lee Won Sik and Ggulchan, which was serialized in 2019.

Death’s Game plot

Death's Game unfolds the story of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), a man facing numerous challenges – unemployment, a moved-on ex-girlfriend, and the loss of all his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Faced with societal pressures and overwhelmed by despair, Choi Yi Jae takes his own life. However, insulted by his casual approach to death, Death (Park So Dam) herself intervenes. She gives Choi Yi Jae a special punishment - he must live through 12 different lives, each one marked by impending death. The twist is that if he can navigate and survive these near-death experiences, he will be granted the opportunity to live out the full lifetimes of those individuals.

Death’s Game part 1 recap

Warning: Spoilers Ahead


Part 1 of Death's Game takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster, providing insight into Choi Yi Jae's life and the factors that led him to suicide. The portrayal of his relentless struggle for survival, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, resonates with the human experience. Each moment of hope is met with disappointment, from seemingly successful job interviews ending in rejection to falling victim to scams and accumulating debt after trusting a friend with investments.

Yi Jae's journey reflects the harsh realities of life, where he loses belief in everything. Coming from an underprivileged background, he received the best education thanks to his hardworking mother. However, witnessing a suicide shattered his focus, triggering a series of unfortunate events. His mind, clouded with insecurities, led him to perceive even his supportive girlfriend, Jung Ji Su (Go Yoon Jung), as fed up with him. Despite recognizing Ji Su as the best person he ever met, his insecurities and fears drove him to break up with her.

Terrified of life more than death, Yi Jae leaps off a building, only to find himself awakening inside a private jet. This marks the true beginning of the story as Death (Park So Dam) rescues Yi-jae from the brink of hell and thrusts him into a mysterious game. As punishment for insulting her, Death subjects him to 12 more deaths, with a twist: survival grants him a second chance at life.

In part 1, Yi Jae experiences seven distinct lives: Park Jin Tae, the second son of Taekang Group; Song Jae Seop, an extreme sports athlete; Kwon Hyeok Su, a high school student; Lee Ju Han, a fixer; Cho Tae Sang, an MMA artist; a baby; and finally, Jang Geon U. In his last life as Geon U, he confesses to his former girlfriend Ji Su, revealing that he is Yi Jae living out 12 different lives. Tragically, they both meet their demise at that moment. Yi Jae realizes that nearly every death is tied to Taekang Group and Park Tae Woo, the first son, who not only killed Geon U and Ji Su but becomes the focus of Yi Jae's determined quest for revenge.

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Early review of Death’s Game Part 2

The basic storyline of Death's Game is reflected in the very first line the show began with “The most tormenting death for a mortal is one that is anticipated.” In Part 2, Yi Jae's struggle for survival takes a vengeful turn. Building on the revelations from Part 1, where Yi Jae discovered Tae Woo's (Kim Ji Hoon) connection to all the deaths, particularly Ji Su's, his beloved girlfriend, he is now consumed by a fierce desire for revenge. Despite Death's warning that she will intervene whenever Yi Jae attempts to take a life, he is determined to bring Tae Woo to justice.


Embarking on his first life in Part 2, Yi Jae assumes the identity of Jung Gyu Chul, a psychopathic painter who uses blood to create his artworks. In this twisted existence, Yi Jae's sole mission is to take down Tae Woo. A fierce battle ensues, with Gyu Chul initially gaining the upper hand, only to be unexpectedly killed by Tae Woo at the last moment. However, a surprising twist unfolds: Yi Jae had strategically planted something to bring down Tae Woo, a secret that even Death was unaware of.

The fundamental narrative of Death's Game undergoes a transformation in Part 2. While in Part 1, Yi Jae was primarily driven by the quest for survival, we now witness a profound shift in his mission. His focus has completely pivoted towards seeking revenge, revealing a different facet of Yi Jae. Despite being known for his academic excellence since high school, he emerged as a desperate and hopeless individual with nothing left to cling to. With the love of his life tragically gone, Yi Jae takes a drastic turn, employing his sharp intellect in every moment to orchestrate a plot for revenge against the man who took away the love of his life.

Within the intricate web of Death's Game, there lies a life lesson, as is often the case. The foremost lesson is a reminder not to trivialize death and to understand that it doesn't signify an end to suffering, especially for those left behind. Beyond the evident consequences, such as the potential to go to hell, the suffering remains for the ones who continue to exist.

An intriguing question arises: Is Park Tae Woo being utilized as an instrument in this Game? Tae Woo, even more sinister than Yi Jae himself, sees himself as a God, further mocking Death. It appears that Death might have a purpose for Tae Woo beyond being a mere antagonist. Tae Woo's role seems to be intricately woven into a larger plan, and there's a suggestion that once Yi Jae grasps his lesson, he might have an opportunity to confront and bring down Tae Woo with the help of Death herself. Whether this speculation holds true or not, only the finale will reveal.

Acting in Death’s Game Part 2

The series boasts impeccable performances from its cast, with each actor delivering a top-notch portrayal of their characters. Seo In Guk skillfully captures the nuanced shift in Yi Jae's personality, showcasing his versatility. Park So Dam embodies the character of Death with strength and confidence, and her realization of potentially underestimating Yi Jae adds depth to her performance. Go Yoon Jung's brief appearance when Death takes her form is executed with precision, leaving an impactful impression.


The anticipation lingers regarding the involvement of Ji Su, portrayed by Go Yoon Jung, as future episodes unfold, adding an element of mystery. Kim Ji Hoon, known for his villainous role in Flower Of Evil, excels in bringing a chilling and psychopathic dimension to his character, instilling a sense of unease in the audience. Additionally, Kim Jae Wook's seamless transition from the psychopathic Jung Gyu Chul to accommodating Yi Jae's presence is brilliantly executed, showcasing his acting prowess.

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