EXCLUSIVE: Crash Course in Romance’s Jung Kyung Ho on if it was tough to teach Math, advice to high schoolers

Hospital Playlist fame Jung Kyung Ho spoke to Pinkvilla in an exclusive chat about his latest role and his on-screen chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon.

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Jung Kyung Ho: courtesy of Studio Dragon
Jung Kyung Ho: courtesy of Studio Dragon

‘Crash Course in Romance’ is not the first time actor Jung Kyung Ho has had to put his memory skills to the test as he tries to retain difficult concepts. However, as Choi Chi Yeol, he quickly became a highly-liked character with a lot of skeletons in his closet, slowly letting them go, much to the viewers’ delight. You may recall his face as the police officer from ‘Prison Playbook’ who won our hearts with his considerate actions for his imprisoned baseballer friend. Many would also remember him being a fabulous cardiothoracic surgeon in ‘Hospital Playlist’. However, his journey began years ago, throughout which he has embodied a myriad of characters displaying a spectrum of emotions. This time, was no different.

Jung Kyung Ho in Crash Course in Romance

South Korea’s education system has been the topic of multiple superhit TV shows and films, with the fierce and almost-battle like quest to the top that has been criticized. It has done little to deter the masses who continue to strive for the best and receive so by putting their children in top-notch academies. The subject of this K-drama was taken from the opposite end as a star professor’s work was put under the microscope. Jung Kyung Ho played out the role of the coveted Math professor to a T, however, it was very much a tough role for the 39 year old who has long left studying. 

Crash Course in Romance: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Talking to us about the knotty scripts presented to him in the form of dialogues and elaborating on his thoughts about the country’s educational realm, Jung Kyung Ho dishes about his unlikely but highly adored relationship arc with Jeon Do Yeon


Jung Kyung Ho’s Interview

We see you talking about a lot of complex mathematical terms throughout the show. Did you have a tough time learning those dialogues? How good or bad were you personally at math?

Definitely, it was challenging. (laughs) Memorizing the lines was not so hard but understanding the mathematical terms was tough. I also put a lot of time and effort into writing neatly on chalkboards.

This show touches on a very important aspect of today's high school education as parents obsess over their children's grades. If you were in their shoes, how would you advise a teenager and would you be able to allow them to make their own decisions without forcing them to come back with certain results?

I don’t know much yet, but through “Crash Course in Romance,” I realized I want to tell the students that now is the only time they can study. I do feel unfortunate for the kids to be having to intensely study for the one-time test, but it is the only time in life you can study all you want. It will be hard, but I hope you know, those times are invaluable because you cannot turn back time.


Jung Kyung Ho: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Seon's romantic arc seems improbable but inevitable. How would you describe these two characters and their love story?

Choi Chi Yeol seems cold-hearted but is humane and Nam Haeng Seon seems strong but has many scars. You will know their story if you watch “Crash Course in Romance.” (laughs)


Crash Course in Romance: courtesy of Studio Dragon

If there was a “Crash Course in Acting”, what’s the one valuable piece of acting tip you’d like to give young actors, something which you learned yourself through acting?

At some point, I found myself being one of the older, experienced actors on set. Honestly, I learn from the younger actors. I look back on myself wondering if I could have done their performances if I were that age.

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