EXCLUSIVE: After Bharat, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif to star in 3rd part of the Tiger franchise

According to reliable sources, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are all set to reunite for the third franchise of Tiger Zinda Hai. Read EXCLUSIVE details.
EXCLUSIVE: After Bharat, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif to star in 3rd part of the Tiger franchiseEXCLUSIVE: After Bharat, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif to star in 3rd part of the Tiger franchise
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have worked together in many films and they surely make for an amazing pair. Whether it is on-screen or off-screen, their chemistry is undeniable. Last, the two appeared together in Tiger Zinda Hai, that created fireworks at the box office. Salman and Katrina will also be seen opposite to each other in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat that hits the screens on June 5, 2019. And while their fans can hardly wait to see them back on the big screen, we have got some more good news for them. 

A source close to the stars told us that both Salman and Katrina would be romancing each other yet again on the big screen in the third part of the Tiger franchise. Infact the talks about this have been on for a while now. However, there was nothing concrete. But recently, Salman Khan confirmed the same at Saudi Film Festival. The actor revealed that he is doing another Tiger film with Katrina after Bharat. This confirmation came when Salman was asked to comment as to who is his favourite co-star. 

Well, now this is indeed good news. We are already excited for this. How about you?!

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Not a fan of Katrina Kaif but I am ever ready to see tiger and Zoya love story. I was in high school when ett released and was very happy to go for watching Tzh. But I was a bit disappointed with Tzh being a hardcore action film and not being a love story. Hopefully this times it's a combination of love story and action. Beside tiger franchise I hardly watch any Katrina film. Yeah she good in apkgk too.

She was really good in second franchise of film that I was literally shocked that she didn't receive any nomination and she ended up getting praises for zero. People really have a wierd taste. Her song Tera Noor is still the best action sequence ever shot on a female lead in Indian cinema.she is actually cut out for action films with her athletic body and stiff expressions.

Sad, to read negative comments on Katrina, over looking her hard work in climbing the ladder! If Salman is her rescue as some say than Karan is the rescue of Alia and many others. I’m happy to hear the Tiger....news! Her role as Zoya was significantly brilliant! She is rightly nicknamed “Sambo” (Rambo’s Sister) by Ranbir.

Katrina is not the only one who works hard. Every one in every walk of life works hard. She works hard still cant act and still needs Salman. . After so many years, and her fans claims of her being a bankable and a big star who doesnt need anyone, she stills after Salman to get work.. Alia is at least talented and works hard. She actually can act and dont rely on her EX. . Zoya is an overrated role and Katrina was average in it nothing special or award winning performance. Haha dont compare her with Rambo. If it is so Ranbir was right to dump her and call her a fake.

Pv post this please

And Alia works hard, is talented, but still needs Karen Johor. So there you go. Shoulder tapping and having favourites is something that’s there in every industry

As much as I feel for Katrina the last few years and think she did a decent job as Zoya the public has moved on from Katrina Kaif. It’s the reality and happens to every heroine (Madhuri aish etc). She had a dream run for years and was the top actress and won every hot sexy pool but that time has passed. The public has moved on unless she can come up w a killer performance in which case she may go the aish route and still do some movies. That being said only Salman is working w her and that just reinforces the bad image of her to the public - that she is done and without Salman nothing.

She needs to give up the desire to regain that number 1 slot and stop seeking hits and leeching on to Salman. Instead focus on your craft and maybe try to prove yourself in a smaller movie. You will not be the top star you were back in 2006-2014. That time is done.

I am fed up of seeing this couple...please change! everytime there is a need for an actress for Salman's movie, she will just come and grab it...annoying

Katrina and Hrithik only or none other else like Boring Salman Khan

Hrithik Roshan would be better with Katrina Kaif rather than borring Salman Khan..Both are sexiest pair of Bollywood..must be considered!!

He is not inteersted in Kat. Hrithik wont work with her.

No one is interested to cast and work with her anymore expect her ex Salman and her friend Ali.

Be consider Hrithik Roshan.. with Katrina Kaif...

Not surprising, Tiger franchise makes money.

YRF does not have enough money to produce that big budget movie right now. May be two years later.

Only Salman keeps giving her roles . He is her only hope now .

Wow can't wait. Tiger 3 should be co-directed by Ali n kabir. Dream movie it will be.
Also the movie should have the elements of both the movie. Like Ali movie had action but kabir movie had a love story. This one should be combined.
I have an idea for tiger 3.india had a major terror attack in which Pak is blamed. Both of them are called for their duty. Both don't tell each other they r going. Once they reach their country n Pak n india meet to solve the terror attack they come face to face. Tiger blames jihadi camp while zoya blames that it was India's inside job. They fight n decide to ban each other n leave. But they both trust each other so Zoya goes to camp n tiger to inside job person. If you want to know the whole story message me. Won't reveal anymore.


Later in camp Kat n in the leak tiger finds that a third person orchestrated this whole fight. Both go seperately only to find each other face to face. Third person makes them fight n a sequence of action btw tiger n Zoya. Only during fight third person slips into saying that his mission accomplished in making India n Pak fight. Both kill third person together hug it out spend night together make out n then decide we need to stop this hatred. Ending would be modi n Imran shaking hands n announcing Pak n india together will finish terrorism in sub continent.

Heights of desperation by someone's PR, needless to say.......!!

Same old.Boring.

Oh god one more movie starring these two together.



She is nothing without Salman. Period.

Wow I really love zoya. Hopefully Katrina's role is even more meatier than last time. A powerful and kickass women !


They should hitched together

They are not a couple anymore. Exes cant marry.

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