EXCLUSIVE- Karan Singh Grover: 2-year with Bipasha Basu has brought me to a point where I've grown emotionally

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are currently in Goa to ring in their second marriage anniversary. The duo fell in love with each other while shooting for Alone.
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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover complete two blissful years of marriage today. The power couple met on the sets of their film Alone and fell irrevocably in love with each other. 

To celebrate their D-day, the couple has gone for a quick getaway to Goa, as Karan rightfully calls it "Home."

About finding a heaven on earth by marrying Bipasha, Karan exclusively told PINKVILLA, "Everyone says you have to pass a certain amount of time in life to understand what reality is, what truth is and what being in heaven is like. That has happened to me after I met Bipasha."

He added, "Every day has been great and it's been full of love, it's been about learning about one another and about ourselves. So, the two years have been awesome and has brought me to a point where I have grown emotionally, also a little bit physically, mentally not really. That is something I am really working on to grow up a little mentally but every day has been exciting and beautiful and full of love. On 30th, we complete two years and I just wish every year I can make it more and more beautiful for her."

Well, our heartiest wishes to the couple!

Karan will next be seen in the upcoming movie 3 Dev. When asked Bipasha's reaction to the movie, Karan said, "She has seen the trailer. She knows the story also because she is my person in life. She is my best friend, she is my mother, father, daughter, brother, queen, she is my everything. So, whatever I have in my head whether it be professional or personal, I have to run it by her only so that she hears about it and either she will say 'shut up, you are boring me' or she will say 'oh, it is very nice'. When she heard this script she said 'it is very nice', so I was very happy about it."

3 Dev releases on June 1, 2018. 

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Fans who knows him from the beginning will notice how different he is with bipasha, like he's putting up an act, he's faking it.. We have all seen the real karan, he's losing his identity with her. Out of all his wife's I find bips very dominating as far as I know karan- he will start feeling suffocating, he needs his space. Besides bipasha is ruining his career and making him household hubby.

I have heard this all before from the same person not once but twice for two different woman in her life. Hope he sticks to this one atleast.

The pout and the monkey business gets on my nerves.

Happy second anniversary with third wife karan
That was a lot of maths for me

Counting to 3 is difficult for you??

Yes it is.. when it comes to having had two wives and third is current.. anyway good luck to the couple

God bless the couple

3rd time lucky

They are so amazingly, naturally good at faking

Awwww he is so sweet why why .. hapoy Anniversary Monkeys :)

Bipasha is cute, I find karan weird and now he is turning bips too weird

The duo fell in love while shooting for alone when he was legally married to someone else . Wow !

The above picture explains their marriage life

Wrong picture it doesnt go with the articel HAHA

OKAY! When he said she is his daughter, mother. Thats creepy. EWW

Kran just proved he is a weirdo

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