EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif to play a Pakistani once again; to star opposite Varun Dhawan in ABCD 3

There have been reports of Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif pairing up for Remo D'souza's next. And now comes the good news that the two will definitely be seen together in the director's film.
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Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan wowed the audiences as they performed on some hit tracks together at their DREAM Team tour in 2016. There have been specualtions that the two will be seen in ABCD 3. Well, the good news is that the two are pairing up for Remo D'souza's film. The film also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan in the lead roles. 
Some trade sources from the industry told us, "So we will get to see Katrina Kaif play a Pakistani character yet again. Yes, we've learnt that Remo D'Souza's next film with Varun Dhawan will see the actress playing a Pakistani girl, while Judwaa heroine, Jacqueline Fernandez will play a British girl. The title of the film is ABCD 3." 
Salman is playing father to a 13-year-old girl in ABCD 3. It is an emotional film about a father-daughter relationship. It has a lot of dance elements in it, for which the actor is going to rehearse before he starts filming. 
Talking about Salman, Remo had earlier said, "It is a dance film and Salman has been training in different styles; all the dance forms will be a surprise for fans so I don't want to reveal them yet. I'm waiting for Salman to get done with the promotions of his next film. That's when I will know his dates and we will go on the floors accordingly."
He added, "I am pretty sure Salman can pull off anything. As a dancer, he always does exactly as he is told by the choreographer."
When asked if the movie is the third part to his hit franchise ABCD, D'Souza earlier clarified, "I am planning for ABCD 3 around June next year. While we haven't chalked out the details yet, we might just go with the leads of ABCD 2, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor."
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Flop flop

U all tell me why dp dosent have big hits like padmavat n bajirao without slb..hah

Piku, R2, Cocktail, yjhd, love aj kal. Name one film which kat get on her own and make it a hit without big names

U are t done with your obsession with DP? Piku yjhd r2 are are hits. She got Bm and padmavat on her own n make it a hit. Haha Kat even can't get film on her own n needs her powerful Ex.

Amazing how she is still in the industry, with no talent, purely contacts can take you places..

One word Salman khan

she is still relevant but she's no more the big star she once was, not even close and even she knows it, hence the back to back extended cameos, she doesn't have high standards no more coz she knows that beggars can't be choosers

If saying that made your sad life a bit happier. Katrina has immense fan following. Her name has become household unlike others from this generation.

Kat had immense fan following. Lol household name yeah first as Salman girlfriend later to girlfriend now Salman ex. Others like alia dp Anushka are household names. That too not as some one current or else. Post this truth

*** first Salman gf later RK gf

It is amazing Katrina , Varun , Jaqueline and Salman. I love to see this film. I like Jaqueline to play Pakistani girl as she can speak fluent Hindi/ Urdu than Katrina. Further she can emote fabulously. I saw her dance with Prabhudeva what a expressions although she can do various dance forms. Katrina will be have to work had on dancing and acting too. As you are compared with 7 years junior actress in the film industry.

oh please neither kat nor Jaqueline can speak urdu/hindi well they are hired for abcd 3 because of their dance period

Katrina kaif looks good with everyone onscreen sallu akki hrithik srk amir imran ranbir saif john neil ajay( rajneeti) dp looks good with srk ranveer and ranbir only facts first

DP hasn't work with Salman aamir n hrithik to say she doesn't look good with them. I bet Salman dp n hrithik dp will make a good pair. She looks good with akki.

Katrina gave namastey london singh is kinh and welcome to akshay dp gave chandni chowk to china kat gave rajneeti and first hit movie of ranbir apkgk and dp gave him bachna ae haseeno in starting of ranbir career kat gave newyork to neil and john dp gave desiboys and lafange parindey to them kat gave mbkd to imran and dp gave bkb now say who is bigger star

Kat gave phantom to saif while dp gave cocktail and love aj kal to saif. Kat gave fitoor to adi dp gave yjhd to adi. DP gave Rk his biggest hit ever yjhd to rk. DP can act and not begging her ex to save her career and to launch her sister. Who is the biggest star.

Phantom is a movie that not just katrina kabir and saif should be proud but whole india and everyone who believes in humanity and against terrorism should be proud of its the greatest movie movie ever made for my all brthers and sisters who died in mumbai attacks thankeyou kat saif and kabir for making phantom we love you


Stop hiring and playing Pakistanis bw enough already

In zero , thugs and now this Kat is a second one not the lead. Poor kat

I will love to see her in rajneeti 2. bharat instead of crap abcd 3

If she is in abcd 3 i am excited if she is not i am supet excited because the kind of script she is choosing nowdays are legendary and completly new fitoor bbd jagga jasoos are flop but has its own genre and legecy as an experiment and new things

Dance film without Hrithik? Not dissing varun . He is good but not a good dancer.

I think she is playing Varun’s mom

Most flopest actor of Bollywood in this decade is imran khan we all agree Katrina did mbkd with him in a clash with bodyguard it does the collection of 93 cr and deepika did break ke bad with imran even google have to google to know the exiestence of that movie it collected 1 cr in india and 80 lakhs internationaly

First kat fans tell how bodyguard clash with mbkd? No one dare to clash with him. Now earned 29 crs with 22 crs budget stop lying and get your facts right btw every anon is not a DP fan but katrina fans can't think beyond DP. Obsessed ppl

Bodyguard and mbkd had only one week diffrence go and checkout it did the collection of 93 cr see imdb for it and she got nominated for the best actress in filmfare for mbkd her comic timing was supervely praised stop lieing

You are too confused. First you said CLASH now saying One week difference. Open the dictionary and see the meaning of CLASH. Clash is what MD/Rustom, or JTH/SOS, Kaabil/raees . Kat has nominated only once for filmfare that too for NYC. She never won any best actress awards in 16 yrs. She always bashed for her poor hindi and acting. stop lying.
post this plz

Bit you claim CLASH. Go and see the meaning of it. Kat only had filmfare nomination once in 16 yrs that too for New York. Get your facts right. Her acting was thrashed. Stop lying. Post the fact

kat PR need to check Break k kabd opened with 3 crs and make 29 crs in total with 22 crs of budget. Bodyguard didnt clash with MBKD . gosh liars

Haha Kat fans obsession with DP is insane your comoarison proves you are so embarrassed of kat and can't defend her thus has to drag DP and bring her down. If Kat fans know about bkd then Google must know about it too.lol mbkd didn't clash with bodyguard. Stop lying. Bodyguard came in aug 2011 while mbkd in Sep 2011 Mbkd did 38 cr business not 93. Jhoot ki had hoti hai. Also DP got praise for bkb but Kat got thrashed for mbkd. Check Boi for bkd collections. It make 17 crs in India and 29 crs ww. Budget was 22 crs. Kat fans lie a lot like Kat. Lol 1 cr in India even opening is of 3 crs. First weekend is of 11 crs so how it can make 1 cr in India? Kuch bi. Dare not to ignore the truth plz pv post it don't ignore n biased towards dp. It's important fact that should be posted. If u ignore means u r biased n paid

First her PR should tell what about the film Kat n PR said that yrf film rk kat and varun are doing.? They said it in 2015

83 k4 race 3 vdw rajneeti 2 namaste London 2 batti gul kick 2 simba super 30 yrf film with hrithik Bharat now this. Lol Kat attaching her name with every film in the making but in reality she isn't there. Post it

Wonder what if when makers announce the cast on 19 and Kat wouldn't there? What will her PR and bots say?

According to dp fans kat is nothing without sallu but going with this logic thay are trying to say she is everything with sallu so thanks for compiment but by the way will you guys take an one movie name of dp which superhit without slb srk amitjee and ranbir kapoor i mean just one name plz

According to Kat fans she has starpower and doesn't need her ex Salman. Kat is nothing without him and it's not a compliment but proof that she is talent less and flop who need Salman. DP has piku padmavat and rl. Big b has 3 flops before and after piku . Srk has 3 back 2 back flops . Rk last hit was with DP. Slb last hit was devdas. DP can act and not sleeping with ex to save her career and to launch her sister. Dare not to ignore the truth plz pv post it don't ignore n biased towards dp

Yes DP has PIku, RL. According to kat fans salman is a murderer and she doesnt need him but she is ZERO without him. the world says this not only DP fans. its not a compliment but shows kat is manipulative who cheated salman and call him names and has not starpower and talent. Dp can act and dont lick her EX ass to get movies and to save her career. SLB had flops after Devdas. Big B last 3 movies before piku and after piku were flops. Rk has series of flops after YJHD Can you name one movie of kat which is a superhit due to kat and she got it on her own?or even in which she has act? Truth is kat fans cant defend kat desperation and her her actions. she has proved her fans wrong. By bashing DP, you prove that you are ashamed of kat.
post please pv. dont be biased plz

Amit jee is a megastar always he was the only reason to watch piku than there was irfan khan in it who gave bigger hit than piku hindi medium in his own Katrina gave ranbir first blockbuster of his life apkgk unlike dp who gave disaster bachna ae haseeno and before yjhd ranbir already was superstr of kats rajneeti and ajkgk and rockstar and barfi srk gave my name is khan his greatest movie of all time and superhit jab tak hai jaan before chennai express it clashed with superhit son of sardar as well slb is always a genius filmmaker so for which movie you will give credit to dp but kat gave mbkd and apkgk and rajneeti in her own and yes she made ranbir a superstar even ranbir accepted it back than he gave only flops pv be fair for both sides and post it plz

Amit jee is a megastar no doubt but why his last n first 3 movies after pIku flop? He said ppl went to watch DP. Irfan said it was DP star power which dag ppl to the cinema. fyi rk first hit was wakeup sid. kat didnt gave him his first hit. Rk is a superstar since his debut She herself needs big names to get a hit. Dp gave RK the biggest hit of his career YJHD so far. Before yjhd RK was called the NEXT superstar wasn't a superstar. MNIK is way too old hit, SRK the last hit was HNY. JTH isnt a superhit. it got love n respect coz of yash ji . Jha is a brilliant film maker, Rajkumar santoshi a hit n superb at comedy and MBKD is YRF movie so for which movie you will give credit to kat but dp gave piku, RL, Padmavat on her own. Couldnt stop laughing at kat made RK a superstar. hahaaha Kat herself cant make her movie a hit, need her ex to get a movie, begging her EX to save her career and to launch her sister. She cant make herself a superstar so how cna she make RK a superstar. RK is talented and born superstar. Dp won best actress 3 tmes kat none. DARE NOT TO IGNORE BE FAIR ON BOTH SIDES PLZ PV POST IT. DONT BE BIASED

But he himself said ppl went to watch DP. Hindi medium wasn't that hit. Irfan said it was DP starpower which bring ppl to the cinema. Critics praised dp and she won best actress. Rk first hit was wakeup sid. Lol at Kat gave. It was a hit due to good script. Why Kat can't make JJ a hit and give him a much needed hit? Bah as average. . Yjhd is the biggest hit of Rk. He as touted as next superstar not a superstar. Rajneeti has national award winners while she has 15 mins role. Rockstar was an average movie but Rk acting was praised n he won an award. It was a stage and worked due to yash ji demise even in that Anushka outshine Kat. Srk last big hit was HNY. Well DP is a superstar who can act and impressed critics and audiences. Who don't beg her ex to give her movies. World credit DP for her hits. Latest is padmavat. Which movie credit will you give to Kat? Dp gave piku padmavat and rl on her own. Lol ajab is rajkumar santoshi who is a great and hot film maker , rajneeti has big names and national award winners while jha is a super film maker and mbkd is a hit due to sings and her. Lol at Kat made rk a superstar. He is talented N act. Kat herself can't make her and her sister a superstar. She is begging her ex to save her career and to launch her sister. DP make Rs a superstar. . Oh be fair for both sides and post it. Don't be biased towards dp plz.

Oh great. Skipping. Not like there was any reason to see this film, I'm not a fan of Varun, and putting Jacqueline in any movie tanks it. I gotta say, I've really surveyed everyone and some how SHE is still topping my "CANNOT ACT TO SAVE HER LIFE" list. Every bad actress who has been in the industry like as long as her, Sonam, Alia, Parineeti, has done at least one really good performance since their premiere proving they deserve to be here. Now, Katrina Kaif is supposed to help salvage it? Katrina?

she tried differnt dance forms chikni sheela nachdene sare kamli pashmina

She never tried different dance firms . All songs u mentioned are same. Pelvic and chest thrusts only. Kami has a body double that's why despite its been a hit song madam Kat never performed it on stage ever.

in her peak time she gave hits mbkd newyork ajpkgk raajneeti with her own merit and she has flops with akshay and salman

Mbkd was average, NYC has John who was hit at that time rajneeti has big names and national award winners while ajab has good story and songs. Where is her merit? She has hits with akshay n Salman. Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore

haters always find excuses

Fans will always blind and delusional

why so much hate for her dear

Telling the truth is not hatred.

And will you take one sucessful movie name of deepika in which there is no srk slb amitabh bachchan plz i am dying to know and ya one more thing mbkd realesed next friday of megblockbuster bodyguard of salman and did 93 cr collection in india in2011 while piku did 67 cr in 2015 having amitabh and national award winner irfan how is that haan

And will you take one successful movie of kat which there is no khans hrithik akshay rk ? Name one movie which she has got on her own? Where she has act? Slb cast DP coz he knows it will be a hit. Why SRK last 3 movies Flop? Why big b last 3 movies before and after piku Flop? Why rk don't have a hit yjhd? Why irfan movies aren't big hits like piku? Padmavat earned 19 crs without big heroes? Name Kat one Kat film which make 19 crs without big heroes.

FYI, pak actresses are naturally pretty,and can act,deliver diagloges in clear Urdu ,sound like poetry!

Katrina is a good dancer but her dance moves are too westernized and athletic. Take Shraddha back she is good dancer and has that Indian grace in her body.

Did they just put Salman-Varun-Katrina-Jackie in one film ? Holy crap

yayyy !! They were great together on Dream Team Tour

amazing at pr kat is after web series she wants this movie . kat - varun are such an odd pair why cant varun act with new people

Hrithik is a perfect choice for this dance movie

Kat aunty is after young guys. He is too young for you Kat.

Is she playing his mom?

fgs can kat stop playing a Pakistani why show them in bw . kat varun are the worst combo

Proved katrina is the most manipulative and cunning fake woman in the history of BW.

Agr bhai n is cheater n manipualtive woman ko help na kia hota na toh yeh 4 disasters k bad gayab ho jati.

Poor kat fans cant say now kat is still in demand and popular. when the truth is out that she is a user and getting these movies due to her EX BF.

KAt was with salman so giving hits and getting big movies. Also, people respect her. Her fake image of naive,sweet and genuine person was trusted by many. She cheated salman, do PR drama and leaked all info with Rk, her down fall started, giving flops, lost all big brands and no one wants to cast her. No RK dump her so she ran back to her EX. got big movies and a hit but no one respects her and her true face is out for all to see.
post it pv plz. its a fact

Katrina is such a mediocre dancer. She is over rated by her PR. She can do only one dance form and too repetitive.

Big dance film should have god of dance Hrithik not varun.

Again EX Boyfriend salman factor. When will she stop using him and gets a movie on her own? its so embarrassing to be kat fan.

Kat fans : kat is a megastar
Reality: she cant act and makes a film hit on her own.

kat fans : she has most no of hits n less flops

Reality: all those hits are due to big male heroes and she is always thrashed for her acting/hindi and same looks
Kat fans : she is popular and doesnt need her ex salman

Reality: she is ZERO without him. She even cant get movies on her own.



Wonder where this talentless kat would be if salman wasnt there?

Boom part 10 :p

Probably, they now know that Katrina Dad lives in Karachi.

Katrina dad Ronald turquote lives in Canada.

Salman's extended charity for Varun, after Kat. The whole industry is forcing these nepo kids on us. Do they ever take interviews of outsiders? I've never seen any job opening for bollyood.

so kat will play varun's mom and jackie will be his love interest...

Only interested if Varun will be paired up with Katrina. I'm sick of watching Katrina-Salman & Varun-Jacqueline over & over again. Time for fresh couple.

What Katrina is playing Varun’s mother??

Katrina pr at it again. As soon as it was announced on Twitter Remo D'Souza and Bushan Kumar are making a biggest dance movie her pr started spreading rumours.

Dp fans are shocked right now dp shocks kattu rocks

Kat n her fans are so obsessed with dp and her fans. DP n fans are not shocked but happy coz Kat proved them right. She is nothing without ex Salman. DP rocks katty shock


Perks of being with Salman. #user kat

Kat will never do this movie with jacky. Sheis so jealous of jacky. KAt didnt say hi and ignore her when both were at IPL. Also at JDJ where she came for BBD , jealous kat ignored Jacky.

Dance film. When will kat do a moive where she acts and proves her acting skills? also, again another big film for her all thanks to her EX BF Salman. I feel so sorry for hher fans who claimed kat is here bcoz of h er talent and doenst need salman. She is still ruling hahahaha. She would have disappreared if he wont give her movies. Well jacky emotes better than kat.
post this truth

Kat is WORTHLESS without salman. lol at her fans who called her popular and a queen

Awesome casting

Suitable film for her. All dance and no acting

Shru hogayi PR QUEEN KAT

Salman at it again.... Get a spine dude, you are 50+ old.

I hope it's Shraddha out there in ABCD 3. ..kat would not be suitable it

lol now Katrina is playing second fiddle to her unofficial replacement Jacqueline! Her heyday as lead heroine is officially over

veryyyyyyyyyyyyy very good news every its fantasti film salman in with katrena fantactig

Seeing varun and kat in a movie is my dream specially in abcd but salman and jacky are you serius like poll dancinh is worst dancing form in which jacqeline is good and sallu no comments

Kat doesn't have starpower. She needs her ex to get movies and a hit. I pity her fans

Who confirm it? Kat loves to attach her name to every film. Be it k4 ,83 , batty gul , race 3 kick 2. What about her yet film with varun and Rk which her PR said it's confirm in 2015?

Again Salman gave director movie. She is zero without Salman

Trade sources lol it's her PR. Waiting for remo to deny.

Kat PR

After tiger zinda hai the kind of madness people has for salman katrina producers like remo have to sell their whole property home and even himself to afford salman and Katrina in the same movie only yrf or dharma can afford their prices as couple

Varun and Katrina should be in abcd 3 and jacqeline and salman should be in another movie dancing dady i think that would be awesome

Omg this is the best news ever varun Katrina and Jacqueline are amazing dancers but Salman i don't know why would they cast him he can't dance

Aww why not shraddha.maybe because of dates

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