EXCLUSIVE: Rani Mukerji on winning Best Actress at IFFM 2018: Blessed to get my 1st award after becoming a mom

Rani Mukerji was bestowed with the Best Actress award for her stupendous performance in Hichki (2018) at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2018. The actress EXCLUSIVELY got candid about the excitement she felt to win the award as well as hoist the National flag at Federation Square.
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Rani Mukerji is currently in Melbourne attending the prestigious Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2018. The actress not only had the honour to hoist the Indian National flag at Federation Square but was also bestowed with the Best Actress award for her stupendous performance in Hichki (2018). Rani was also rightfully honoured with the Excellence in Cinema award as she has had a stellar career so far, with no move to back down anytime soon.
In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, while still in Melbourne, an elated patriot in Rani could not contain her excitement over hoisting her own country's flag in another country. Rani shared her experience with us and said, "When it comes to hoisting the National flag or when we say our national anthem, it swells anybody with pride. For me, to be bestowed upon this honour because of the love and adulation that I have received from so many people from around the world that today after so many years I've been able to represent my country and actually do such an honour. This honour has only come to me because of the love that people have given me over the years. I'm feeling extremely proud for being able to represent my country in a foreign land, especially at the pulse point of Melbourne, which is Federation Square. To be able to hoist my country's flag in another country, I can't express to you the emotions because there are so many emotions that run through you. The fact that you feel so much more closer to your homeland. When the national anthem plays, it takes it to another level. When you leave your country and go to another country, you always start missing your country even more. It was a great moment when they had the confetti with the tricolours of our National flag. It was a beautiful phoenix shot to see our National flag flying so high, it felt wonderful. I'm so happy to be able to do that through my work." 
On winning the Best Actress award for a film close to her heart, Rani said, "I've always maintained and said that awards for me are the love and adulation that I get from people who watch my movies. The audience are the people who actually make a movie, a success. But, this time around it was very different. There were judges from Australia, from the Australian film industry who saw our film (Hichki) and judged us as they were on the jury. For me, the language of cinema transcends all boundaries. When people in Australia are watching Hichki and connecting with the movie, the character and the emotions, I think that is the true spirit of any movie around the world. It's truly global and international because movies does not see language or have barriers of any kinds. That's the universal language of cinema that binds filmmakers and actors from all around the world and makes them one. So, this feeling is very special. There are so many people who have not yet watched Hichki and with me winning an award for Hichki, it gives them more incentive to watch the film again. I think it's going to help create more awareness through this award. I feel truly blessed that after becoming a mother. this is my first award and it's my first award for Hichki. And ofcourse, I might get this award far away from my own country in Melbourne, amongst all the Australian Indians and in the midst of the Australian film people so I think it is truly special."
Congratulations to Rani on her well-deserved win and for making India proud!


Still copying Ash.

Awards or not, we all know Rani is decent actor and knows her 'craft' well! She has never spoiled a movie with her bad acting...

She deserved it

She fantastic actress

She was fantastic in Hichki. So well deserved. Hope she does more films.

Now we all know why she accepted Melbourne invitation..,)

Her acting was over the top...

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