Grand Shining Hotel starring Lee Ji Hoon, Jung In Sun: Release date, cast, plot, where to watch, and more

Upcoming fantasy horror K-drama Grand Shining Hotel starring Lee Ji Hoon, Jung In Sun and more is set to premiere soon. Know Release date, cast, plot, where to watch, and more.

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Grand Shining Hotel (Image Credits- tvN)
Grand Shining Hotel (Image Credits- tvN)

The highly anticipated fantasy horror K-drama Grand Shining Hotel, featuring Lee Ji Hoon, Jung In Sun, and more, is set to premiere soon. With its intriguing plotline and stellar cast, Grand Shining Hotel has become one of the most anticipated dramas of the early half of 2024, promising to captivate viewers as it hits our screens in the future.

Grand Shining Hotel release date, where to watch and genre

Grand Shining Hotel is ready to make its debut on February 11, 2024, at 10:50 PM KST, 7:20 PM IST. The series will be airing on tvN and TVING. Falling under the genres of horror, fantasy, and romance, it promises an exciting and thrilling viewing experience for audiences.

Grand Shining Hotel plot

Grand Shining Hotel will center on a man who inadvertently finds himself trapped within the pages of a horror novel. As part of tvN and TVING's short drama project O'PENing, penned by emerging screenwriters, this one-episode drama follows Yoo Ah Young (Jung In Sun) as she immerses herself in the novel's world to rescue her colleague Song Woo Bin (Lee Ji Hoon), who has become the target of a serial killer.


Cast and characters of Grand Shining Hotel 

Yoo Ah Young, portrayed by Jung In Sun, works at a publishing company and harbors aspirations of becoming a novelist herself. When she finds herself trapped within a novel, she risks everything to rescue her crush, Song Woo Bin, who has become the target of a serial killer. Her determination to save him showcases her courage and dedication to those she cares about.

Song Woo Bin, portrayed by Lee Ji Hoon, is a man who finds himself trapped in a novel. As the boss of a publishing company, he receives an invitation to review a mysterious novel by an author, which unexpectedly leads to him becoming the target of a serial killer. 

Park Hyun Joo, portrayed by Kim Jae Kyung, is a serial killer known for luring her victims with her captivating beauty. Her irresistible charm is so strong and attractive that she is summoned to exist within the novel's world. Jung Jin Woon will portray Cheon Mun Hwan, who hails from a wealthy family and lacks nothing except love. He becomes fixated on Yoo Ah Young, who becomes his sole focus. Upon learning that Yoo Ah Young's ideal partner is someone diligent, Cheon Mun Hwan resolves to become a police officer. He takes on the task of pursuing the author of the mysterious novel, adding a layer of complexity as a character of the story.

About Lee Ji Hoon, Jung In Sun

Lee Ji Hoon, born on October 29, 1988, is a renowned South Korean actor celebrated for his versatile performances across various dramas. He first entered the acting scene through the teen series School 2013 and has since showcased his talent in supporting roles in family dramas like You're the Best! and Golden Rainbow. Currently represented by P&B Entertainment, Lee Ji Hoon rose to prominence for his impactful performances in hit dramas such as The Legend of the Blue Sea and The Hymn of Death.

With Grand Shining Hotel, Lee Ji Hoon is set to embark on his second upcoming K-drama project, further solidifying his position in the industry. Additionally, he is slated to star in the new Disney+ series Royal Loader alongside esteemed actors like Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu, and Lee Jun Young, demonstrating his continued growth and influence in Korean entertainment.


Jung In Sun's confirmation for Grand Shining Hotel marks her return to K-dramas following a two-year hiatus. Her last role was in the 2021 K-drama Let Me Be Your Knight, where she starred alongside Lee Jun Young of UKISS, Jang Dong Joo, NU'EST's Kim Jong Hyeon, Yoon Ji Sung, and AB6IX's Kim Dong Hyun. Born on April 25, 1991, Jung In Sun has been involved in acting since childhood.

In a 2016 interview, she expressed her desire to expand beyond her childhood star image, leading her to focus on personal growth and development. Over the years, she has developed interests in hobbies like photography and travel. Jung In Sun's notable works in the Korean drama industry include Mirror of the Witch (2016), Naked Fireman (2017), Circle (2017), and Eulachacha Waikiki (2018), highlighting her talent and versatility as an actress. Her comeback to K-dramas is eagerly anticipated by her fans.

Lee Ji Hoon and Jung In Sun have both confirmed their roles in Grand Shining Hotel, marking their second project together after their appearance in the 2016 K-drama Mirror of the Witch. Despite being in the same drama previously, their characters didn't share many scenes together at the time. This upcoming project presents an exciting opportunity for them to showcase their chemistry and talent as co-stars in more prominent roles.

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