EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? This married actor refuses to lock lips on the big screen

Can you guess the married actor in question?
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Locking lips on the big screen and getting intimate with the co-star is a very common thing in Bollywood. But there are many stars who aren’t comfortable doing so. While for some it is about their image, for some it’s to avoid issues in their personal life. Same is the case with this married Bollywood actor, who refused to shoot a kissing scene in his recently released film. Though the actor has shot for intimate sequences in films that he did before marriage, now he doesn’t want to do these things fearing what his wife will say. That apart, he also doesn’t want his daughter to indulge into some passionate moments with different men. 

So when the script demanded him to lock lips with the leading lady of his film, the gentleman politely refused and requested the director and the producer to edit the script. Naturally, the producer and the director were surprised by this demand because the kissing scene formed a crucial moment in the movie. However, this married star refused to budge, forcing the film’s team to get away with the scene. While we aren’t sure how much of the drama did the married actor save up on back home, clearly on the professional front not all are happy with his decision, especially given the fact that the Mrs never bothered to restrict herself and did all that the role demanded!

Well, we wonder what’s cooking though! 

Have you’ll guessed whom are we talking about?! Let us know in the comments below.


Who would want to kiss Abhishek anyways.... eeks


well Abhishek is a gentleman

Thank God!! Can't imagine the heroine's plight if she had to do this with him!

Saif Kareena and Sara

Who wants to kiss Abhishek?

My guess Saif kareena and daughter Sara cuz she has stepped into movies now. Kareena has done bold scenes with others and so has Saif.

Fawad wanted to kiss Ranbir in ADHM...but KJO refused and asked Fawad to behave himself and brush his teeth...

Yes fawad was taking advantage of ranbir's innocence and pure heart...and kjo is sooo naive to deal with a manipulator like fawad...

Actually no one wants to kiss abhi...even his wife...

but did abhishek ever do a kissing scene before?

Yes he did...he kissed Lara Dutta and rani mukherji..I don't know if he kissed more, i haven't seen all of his films.

Abhi and Ash
Movie: Manmarziyan

There has been no release of saif in recent times and his last film was kaalakandi where he locked lips with isha talwar

But y there is mention of daughter..Junior AB daughter is still a child!!


No film of saif has released in recent times.

Abhishek. He always refers to Aishwarya as “ the Mrs”. Last line.

We'd be sympathetic to an actress if she's coerced into something she's uncomfortable with (the way Biswajeet caught the very young Rekha unawares & kissed her forcibly in her debut movie ). If this particular director made it clear in the beginning itself that there's an important ,intimate scene to which the actor agreed ,only then do they have grounds for complaints. Agree with the comments below ,sounds like Abhishek with Tapsee for Manmarziyaan . Aishwariya has done movies depicting physical relationships like The Mistress of Spice , Choker Bali , Shabd , the rather raunchy role in ADHM ;before marriage she's kissed Vivek Oberoi in KHGN & Hrithik in Dhoom 2.

But if you see even ASH has not 'kissed' anyone per say after her marraige. Agreed, she had intimate scenes with Ranbir Kapoor in ADHM but still had NO kissing scenes

Honestly speaking ,I don't think there's anything wrong in an aesthetically shot kiss or love scene -before or after marriage . It all depends on the plot , how they shoot it & promote it . Sometimes the script needs that kiss like in Raja Hindutani when Karisma unwittingly falls in love with Aamir . On ADHM , Saba was a bad role (not because of the intimate scenes) for Aishwariya as it was a poorly developed character . There was no growth to the character's trajectory nor did I get why she falls hard for Ranbir.

Abhi and Ash

It says recently released film so must be abhishek

Saif !! Bebola the Drama Queen who do watever she wants!!

I would’ve guessed shahid Kapoor but the last line has me stumped

Abishek aishwarya maybe

Saif Kareena!


Abhishek Bachhan

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan

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