Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric Gears To Depart From Salem To Get Over Nicole

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives, June 5, 2024: Eric plans to leave Salem to get over Nicole, while secrets about EJ and Nicole's baby could come to light.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

On Friday, July 5, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Eric wants to end his relationship with Nicole by leaving town. He has already told Marlena and Roman that the only way to get over Nicole is to leave Salem. Now, he must tell Nicole, who says she wants Eric to be happy but secretly wants him too.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights for July 5

Gabi is adjusting to life in Salem after prison, but some things haven't changed. Stefan and EJ are still fighting, this time about the secret that helped get Gabi out of prison. This secret involves Nicole and EJ's baby boy. Will the truth come out just as Eric tells Nicole they have no future together?

Meanwhile, Kristen knows she's the key DiMera daughter and is looking for allies to keep her power. Her latest target is Melinda, who has information that could hurt EJ, including the fact that he's not Jude's biological father. Will this truth be revealed as Eric breaks up with Nicole?

Eric and Nicole might not have a future together, but EverBob might have two. Marlena believes his two personalities can be integrated, but EverBob wants to stay as Bobby for Everett's sake. Will Bobby continue protecting Everett when Jada goes to Rafe with what Bobby accused him of?


Days of Our Lives July 4 Recap

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Xander is lifting weights at home while Sarah opens an RSVP to their wedding from Justin and Bonnie. Xander is not thrilled, but Sarah reminds him that they are family, and considering what Xander did to Bonnie, he should be grateful they support their relationship. Xander wonders why Bonnie can forgive him, but Sarah can't.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie and Justin toast to the 4th of July and their upcoming engagement celebration. Justin thinks it's about Xander and Sarah, but Alex walks in and announces he and Theresa are getting married too. Justin is uneasy and needs time to process the news, knowing he doesn’t trust Theresa.

Brady tells Theresa he wants to send Tate to lacrosse camp for the summer. Theresa supports the idea as it will keep Tate away from Holly. Meanwhile, Tate calls Holly to plan running away together instead of going to camp. Holly isn't sure how they'll manage it, but Tate assures her he has a better plan this time. Rachel overhears their conversation and threatens to tell Holly’s mom, but Holly convinces her not to.


Sarah tells Xander she has forgiven him and they have both made mistakes. Xander promises never to be corrupted by money again. They kiss passionately but are interrupted by a knock. Maggie arrives and gives Xander a check from Victor’s estate. Xander is emotional but refuses to accept it, saying he wants to earn his money. Maggie is proud of him for making this decision.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin advises Alex to get Theresa to sign a prenup, but Alex is defensive. Theresa arrives and offers to sign the prenup to prove her love for Alex. Justin agrees to draw up the paperwork.

Tate shows his friend Aaron the lacrosse camp brochure and convinces him to go in his place. Meanwhile, Holly bribes Rachel with perfume to keep quiet about her plan with Tate. Brady tells Holly about Tate’s camp, and she acts understanding. 

Xander and Sarah watch the fireworks, feeling lucky and happy despite not being the richest couple in town. Alex tells Brady that Theresa agreed to sign the prenup, but Theresa feels uneasy about it. Holly and Tate meet at the park, planning to spend the summer together in secret, unaware someone is spying on them.


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