Who Is Nassim Lyes? Meet French Actor Winning Over Audience With Leading Role In Netflix's Under Paris

The success of Under Paris has propelled Nassim Lyes further into the spotlight, earning him praise from critics and audiences alike.

Published on Jun 10, 2024  |  09:20 PM IST |  88K
Meet Nassim Lyes: Netflix's Under Paris Breakout Star
Nassim Lyes (PC: Instagram/nassimlyes)

Nassim Lyes, a celebrated French actor, has been making waves with his captivating performance in Netflix's latest release, Under Paris. At 36 years old, Lyes brings depth and authenticity to his roles that have endeared him to audiences worldwide. In this thrilling shark-attack adventure film, he portrays Adil, the Seine River police commander, with remarkable intensity and skill.

Nassim Lyes: From the ring to the screen - A unique acting path

Before becoming an actor, Nassim Lyes was famous in the sports world, especially as a kickboxing champion for his country. Hailing from Nîmes, France, Lyes's background in sports has significantly influenced his acting. Particularly in roles requiring physicality and strength, his proficiency in mixed martial arts has provided his characters with a unique edge, setting him apart in the entertainment industry.
Lyes's path to acting was full of chance. After finishing his studies and trying law for a bit, he went to Paris with the hopes of being an actor. While working as a waiter, director Tristan Aurouet noticed him and gave him a part in the movie Mineurs 27. This lucky break started Lyes's successful acting career, leading to more roles in big projects like The Spy and All-Time High.

Nassim Lyes's partnership with director Xavier Gens stands out in his career. They had teamed up before on the action-packed movie Mayhem!, where Lyes portrayed an undercover detective. Lyes probably got better at acting in "Under Paris" because of his past movies. He once again shows his talent under Gens's direction.

Lyes's skill at taking on different kinds of roles is clear from his ease in handling diverse characters. A notable highlight in his career came with his performance in the mini-series They Were 10, adapted from an Agatha Christie novel. Initially, the role wasn't intended for him, but it was altered to suit Lyes. This demonstrates the level of respect and recognition he commands in the entertainment industry.

In the movie Under Paris, Lyes plays Adil, the commander of the Seine River police. Lyes makes Adil come to life in the story. Adil has a tough task – dealing with a big, scary shark during a big race. Lyes shows him as a brave leader, facing all the chaos and danger with strong determination.

Nassim Lyes became famous because of his role in Under Paris. Both critics and fans loved how he acted in the movie. It became super popular on Netflix in the US and France because of him. Now, Lyes is seen as a rising star in showbiz because of his talent and hard work.


From humble beginnings to Hollywood

Not only is Nassim Lyes known for his acting, but his own life story is also inspiring to many hopeful actors around the globe. Starting from very little and then quickly becoming famous, Lyes shows how passion, determination, and effort can lead to success. His journey proves that dreams can come true with dedication and hard work.

As Nassim Lyes keeps impressing audiences with his acting, fans are excited to see what he does next. This talented French actor has a knack for taking on different characters and making them believable. He's someone to watch out for in the movie world.

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