'Love remains unchanged': BTS' RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook reveal handwritten letters for 11th debut anniversary

All seven of the BTS members- RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have shared letters for their fans in time for BTS’ FESTA celebrations on their 11th debut anniversary.

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BTS (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)

As BTS celebrates their 11th debut anniversary, fans globally are actively participating in the 2024 FESTA, expressing their unwavering support and affection. In a heartfelt gesture, each member has crafted special handwritten letters addressed to the dedicated ARMY attendees at the event and to fans worldwide. RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have all taken the opportunity during BTS' FESTA celebrations to share their gratitude and sentiments with their beloved fans.

RM’s letter to fans

In RM's heartfelt letter, he expresses his longing for the fans, eagerly anticipating the day they can reunite, which he hopes will come soon as there's just a year left until they can meet again. He also inquires about the reception of his recent RPWP album. 

Despite keenly feeling the time apart, RM reassures fans that he's been keeping busy with his saxophone practice and promises an electrifying performance of Dynamite for them. He extends warm congratulations to Jin for his hard work and discharge from military service, asking him to extend the group's love to their fans. RM encourages Jin not to worry, assuring him that Hoseok will soon join him.

He continued, "My love for you all remains unchanged. Our love will grow even stronger and more beautiful upon our return." RM acknowledged the difficulty of waiting but emphasized that this was just the beginning of their journey.


Reflecting on the 11 years since their first meeting, he expressed willingness to endure one more year, eagerly anticipating the moment he can proudly address his fans once again.

Jin’s letter to fans

In Jin's heartfelt letter, he began by extending warm wishes for everyone's well-being, expressing a desire to connect more frequently despite his current circumstances. He acknowledged his bandmates' diligent efforts in entertaining ARMY during his absence, admiring their kindness. Now, he felt it was his turn to reciprocate the love and entertain ARMY, although he recognized the challenge of doing so alone.

Jin shared that he had been meticulously planning how to engage and entertain fans for a year now, promising to bring those plans to fruition. Gratefully, he thanked everyone for their unwavering support of BTS over the years. Concluding with a supportive message to his bandmates, he added, "PS: Keep up the hard work, boys."


SUGA’s letter to fans

In SUGA's letter, he candidly admitted feeling out of practice with writing letters, expressing a sense of unfamiliarity and awkwardness. Despite this, he assured everyone that he was doing well. He mentioned the release of his documentary movie since his departure, along with his experience at the army training center and subsequent return, keeping him occupied.

SUGA took a moment to inquire about the well-being of the fans during his absence, showing genuine concern. Reflecting on the significance of their 11th debut anniversary, he acknowledged the flood of memories that come with it. 

He added, "It still doesn’t feel real that I won’t be able to see ARMY on this day but I think you’ll have so much fun while spending it with Seokjin hyung so my heart is a little more at ease!!" SUGA said he was waiting for the day to see ARMY again. He asked fans to not get hurt and that he would see them soon.


J-Hope’s letter to fans

In J-Hope's letter, he warmly inquired about the well-being of fans during their time apart, asking if they've been eating and sleeping well. Playfully, he asked fans what they've been up to lately, wondering if life has been treating them well in the absence of BTS.

He even humorously quizzed, "Do you cheat, or not? Did you carry Sun Jae on your back and run, or not~?" - a cheeky reference to the popular K-drama Lovely Runner.

Jimin’s letter to fans

In Jimin's letter, he greeted fans and said it had been a long time. He expressed how much he misses his fans and imagines what meeting again will be like pondering what hair color he should have. He wonders about many things, such as whether his body will be in better shape, what he should wear when he goes out to meet fans, and what accessories he should choose.

He mentioned that his heart races just thinking about it all. Jimin asked how ARMYs were doing and hoped they were happy, expressing his desire to make his fans happier. He reassured fans that all members are returning one by one, so they shouldn't worry too much, and he will be back with another letter.


V’s letter to fans

In his letter, V asked about ARMYs' health and informed them that he is doing well, getting along with his military mates, and enjoying a variety of new experiences. He shared, "I’m good at shooting too!! I received praise, and learned a lot from our warrior friends in judo and jiu-jitsu, and I just felt like I was born again!!"

Additionally, he mentioned that he dances in his free time because his body itches to do so, ensuring he doesn't lose his self-identity.

He also informed fans that he had lost his fear of heights. He expressed his hope that fans wouldn't get sick or anxious and reassured them not to worry because BTS will see them soon.

V said, "And when we see our members and ARMY again like this, let’s pour out all our long-awaited emotions!" He ended the letter with their iconic term, Borahae.

Jungkook’s letter to fans

In Jungkook's letter, he began with a joke, saying, "I‘m writing a handwritten letter after such a long time and I think my handwriting got worse. Sorry ㅋㅋ." He shared that he has had some tough times but is enduring them all while thinking about meeting fans again.


He asked fans if they had listened to his fan song Never Let Go, mentioning that he knew he wanted to make it into a fan song and wondering if his mind and heart got delivered well.

The BTS member mentioned that he initially wanted to showcase it with a performance, but unfortunately, he didn't have the time. However, if he gets the chance, he will show it to ARMYs.

"I want to hear ARMYs’ cheers quickly. I want to do cool songs again," he expressed. Jungkook also shared that time isn't passing quickly for him, but he finds joy in the present knowing that he will soon be able to meet his fans.

He asked his fans not to be sick and to take care of their health until they meet. "Then, won't we be even happier when we finally meet?!" he pondered and closed the letter with “I love you.”

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