Mitron Movie Review: Jaccky Bhagnani is like the extra salt that ruins a dish entirely

Mitron has all the ingredients to be a good film but Jaccky Bhagnani is like the extra salt you put which ruins the dish entirely. Read our full review of Mitron.
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Recreating the essence of an original through a remake is not everyone's cup of tea. Mitron is the Hindi remake of the National Award winning film Pelli Choopulu which made overnight stars out of Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma. But does Mitron create the same magic as the original did? Yes and No. 
Mitron is the story of Jay (Jaccky Bhagnani) and Avni (Kritika Kamra), two people who are misunderstood by their parents. Jay is a lazy engineer who dreams of becoming a chef but his father proves to be the antagonist in the way of fulfilling his dreams. On the other hand, Avni has big dreams of starting her own business and studying in Australia. However, her father wants her to get married and settle down instead. That is how the two first encounter each other by accident during an arranged marriage cute meet. Jay has two sidekicks and friends Raunak (Pratik Gandhi) and Deepu (Shivam Parekh) who are just as unambitious as their leader. Eventually, Jay and Avni decide to start a food truck business together and obviously fall in love. 
Nitin Kakkar tries his hardest to imbibe the freshness of Pelli Choopulu with his direction and extremely laugh out loud moments. The dialogues with the cliched Gujarati flavours are sure to keep you entertained. The supporting cast has done a terrific job and is a major key factor to provide the comedic relief. This includes Pratik and Shivam, who have aced the typical two best friends of the titular character stereotypes. Even Neeraj Sood as Jay's strict dad is extremely funny. He finds unique ways of belittling his son with sarcastic digs.
Kritika Kamra, a popular television actress, makes her Bollywood debut with Mitron and adds the emotional elements to the film. Kritika makes an honest attempt and owns every frame she is in. However, Kritika deserved a better Bollywood debut and specifically, a better male lead opposite her. 
In Mitron, Jaccky Bhagnani has attempted to give acting his best shot yet again but his monotone expressions and dialogue delivery ruin the momentum of any and every scene. Whether it be his outburst at finding out that his girlfriend cheated on him or his talk with Avni's dad about how he hopes to have a daughter like Avni, Jaccky fails to capitalise on what could have shown off his acting skills. It's time for Jaccky to hang up his boots and get into a different career path just like his character Jay.
Mitron has all the ingredients to be a good film but Jaccky is like the extra salt you put which ruins the dish entirely. Mitron, you'd rather skip this film! 
We rate it a 40 percent on the movie meter.


I feel sorry only for Kritika. Not only is she a good actress but has always been very down to earth and friendly. She deserved a better co-star and a better script indeed!

Hahaha this guy should quit. Acting is not his cup of tea.

What do you guys remake and ruin good telugu films.

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