Run BTS Next Top Genius Part 1 Highlights: V, Jungkook’s diet, Jimin’s YouTube channel, J-Hope cannot lie

The popular variety program has returned this week with another laughter stimulating episode complete with all seven members of BTS.

Published on Jan 05, 2023   |  08:18 PM IST  |  1.4M

Run BTS announced its first drop in the new year with a new version of the highly popular variety show that brings together one of the biggest acts of the planet in their most real and fun state. Titled ‘Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode Next Top Genius’, the teaser foreshadowed a group time with unlimited laughter incoming for the BTS ARMY.

Pizza time

Celebrity chef Paik Jong Won, who has previously worked with the South Korean group for another ‘Run BTS’ episode, has become friends with the members, especially the oldest, Jin. In fact, the chef and the singer decided to have their own short variety show named ‘Drunken Truth’ where they handmade some alcohol. Paik Jong Won sent some delicious pizzas from his brand to the BTS members who devoured them.

V and Jungkook’s predicament

While the hyungs were enjoying the pizza, the two youngest tried not to give in to their cravings. Sat beside each other, the maknaes were controlling their urge to grab a bite from the many tasty-looking slices while the older members lightly teased them about it. It became a fight against their own decisions as the two members were on diet and stuck to not caving into the wants. Jungkook even went ahead and held a slice right against V’s nose just to see if he would be tempted but the ‘Sweet Night’ singer stuck to his resolve. 

Jin’s “controversial” toppings remark

The ‘The Astronaut’ hitmaker gobbled down the pizza and praised all the mouthwatering toppings as the other members agreed. However, there was one particular comment that made global fans do a double take. Jin raved about the pickles he was eating with his pizza and asked, “How do people overseas eat pizza without pickles?”. While many questioned his topping choices, others came to his defence saying that he meant radish pickles and not the cucumber ones trying to make the situation better, launching a hilarious discourse across social media about his pick.

The game of 16

BTS started light with a card game where they put their minds to test. Putting their matha and addition skills to test, SUGA was the first one out while the rest fought it out with numbers. Towards the end, as only members Jimin, Jin and RM stayed, the former’s move made RM yell out ‘Shibow’ (fifteen: shib means ten + ow meaning five) making everyone flustered as the pronunciation is too close to a Korean cuss word. They clarified the same amidst fits of laughter and disbelief. The first game’s winner was Jimin, followed by the ranks in order: RM, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook and SUGA, who came in last.

The ‘Liar’ game

BTS played an upgraded version of the famed mafia game as they were divided into two teams in each round: the liar team and the citizens/villagers team. While they all tried their best to fool each other and find out who the actual liars are, it was only more apparent how well the BTS members knew each other and were accustomed to their presence. To add to the fun, each one of them was given electroencephalograph cat ears. As they lied or tried to be cheeky, the ears moved and made them look adorable. When a question about if they liked to take showers frequently or not was raised, they failed to lie and the liar team was found out easily. The next question was about them having fruity faces and though they faltered, it became a hilarious round of guessing who was which fruit. The last question was about dancing when sad and soon the fingers were pointed once again. In the end, the game came to a close with Jungkook being rightfully picked as the liar.

The following week’s episode was teased next with more fun games at the expense of the BTS members who are always ready to unleash their funny sides. After the group events, it is time for solo games that will earn the members more points and hopefully, a reward awaits them at the end.

About Run BTS

The famed variety show was begun by the South Korean septet in 2015. It did not gain the numbers it currently boasts right off the bat as it first started slowly with smaller episodes that introduced the group member’s traits to the world. Over time, their charms had the fans hoodwinked, and as the global influence, as well as their amount of fans, grew, so did the interest in their non-music activities, with the primary focus on ‘Run BTS’. The show took a break of 10 months and returned late last year with special episodes released every few weeks to keep the momentum going.

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