Snowdrop star and musical actress Park Soo Ryun dies aged 29

Park Soo Ryun, who has acted in many musicals, was found unresponsive in her building staircase.

Anoushka Mathew
Written by Anoushka Mathew , Writer (K-pop, K-drama)
Updated on Jun 12, 2023 | 01:33 PM IST | 1M
Park Soo Ryun; Picture Courtesy: Park Soo Ryun’s IG
Park Soo Ryun; Picture Courtesy: Park Soo Ryun’s IG
Key Highlight
  • Park Soo Ryun made an appearance in many plays, musicals and made her drama debut with Snowdrop
  • She was found unresponsive in her building's staircase as she was coming back home from work

On June 12, a Korean media outlet reported that Park Soo Ryun fell down the stairs while returning home from work on June 11. She was found unresponsive and later declared brain dead. She later passed away in the hospital. Park Soo Ryun, who was known to be kind-hearted, was immortalized by her family as they decided to donate her organs to the hospital.

About Park Soo Ryun: 

The musical actress was born in 1994 and made her musical debut in Il Tenore. Since then, she became active in musicals like The Days We Loved and Siddhartha. She was also supposed to be performing in Jeju Island just a day after the accident. She was also known for her small role in JTBC historical drama Snowdrop alongside BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jung Hae In and others. She took a picture with Jung Hae In, uploading it to Instagram, and said that after the second filming session, Jung Hae was the 'sunbae' (senior) who stayed with them until the end of filming. He had thanked each and every actor on set, despite the fact that there were minor roles! She wanted to work with him once again. She ended it by saying will only be able to watch the drama when it comes out now that her character appearance is over. She also talked about how it was the first drama of her life, showcasing her excitement in the other pictures, dressed as her character and with the rest of the cast. 


Park Soo Ryun’s family:

The actress' mother told South Korean media that her daughter's brain was no longer working, but her heart was functional which is why they decided to donate the organ so that it can bring life to someone else. If someone could survive with Park Soo Ryun's heart, her family would feel that she is still around. All they wanted was to save someone who deserves to live a long life.

The mortuary was prepared in the funeral hall of Suwon Hospital, Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Centre. The funeral will begin on June 12 at 4 PM KST and will be observed till the morning of June 13.

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