Who is DPR IAN? Popular K-RnB artist who became star of IU's Shopper music video

DPR IAN is a popular Korean RnB artist known for his unique concepts and style. He is the director and the star in the latest music video of Shopper by IU.

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DPR IAN in IU's Shopper Music Video; Image Courtesy: EDAM Entertainment
DPR IAN in IU's Shopper Music Video; Image Courtesy: EDAM Entertainment

DPR IAN is a famous Korean RnB artist from Korea. His real name is Christian Yu, and he was born and brought up in Australia. When he came to Korea, he wanted to create his own identity, follow his own way, and create something original and new that broke through the ideals and restrictions. DPR IAN is an artist with an edge, adventurous style who is always in search of a new concept. His thoughts and ideology are very visible in his work and establish him as a unique singer-songwriter, producer, director, and creative. 

Who is DPR IAN, who starred in IU’s Shopper music video?

DPR IAN is a singer, songwriter, music producer, director, and creative. As a singer and songwriter, he delves into R&B, sometimes diverging into Korean Rock and Alt. He co-founded his label Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) in 2020. He is a former member of the K-pop group C-Clown. After C-clown was disbanded DPR IAN with Live, Cream, and REM went ahead and established the label Dream Perfect Regime. They all use DPR before their name. DPR IAN released his first solo EP Moodswings in This Order and then a full album Moodswings In To Order in 2022. His last album was Dear Insanity… released in 2023.

DPR IAN’s unique concepts set him apart as an artist. His works present his mental health and he likes to work with such complicated concepts and depict with his DPR IAN’s twist in Don’t Go Insane’s music video and song he shows Mr. Insanity, one of his alter egos, who is a more insane, a sort of a maniac, part of his existence which might be frowned upon by the world but if you tilt your view a little you can see the powers that he might have. DPR IAN and DPR LIVE released Diamonds + and Pearls which was part of the original soundtrack of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


IU’s Shopper MV directed by DPR IAN

The music video of IU’s Shopper is based on the concept that there is a shopping store where shoppers can shop whatever they want and how they want, they will not care about what others think or how they are perceived. They simply reach for the highest or the lowest whatever they want, and they are satisfied with it. IU’s Shopper lyrics also focus on having dreams, big ones without the restrictions of the realistic part of life. Her character wishes for as much as she can get, she sings of greed, of having a haul, and all of that without giving a care to the world.

The concept was aptly captured and directed by DPR IAN who narrates the story at the beginning of the song. He has added minuscule VFX here and there which establishes the magical part of the Shopper’s music video. The video looks magical, with out-of-the-box thinking and execution. Fans loved the video and the director, who starred in the music video as well. DPR IAN’s visuals have made him the talk of the town and his work on the MV is being praised as well. 

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