EXCLUSIVE: Shraddha Kapoor's makeup artist Shraddha Naik reveals the changes in life after lockdown 

Ace celebrity makeup artist, Shraddha Naik reveals all that she has been doing in her downtime and what her days have looked like post the lockdown.

Updated on Jun 04, 2020  |  10:25 AM IST |  537.4K
EXCLUSIVE: Shraddha Kapoor's makeup artist Shraddha Naik reveals the changes in life after lockdown 
EXCLUSIVE: Shraddha Kapoor's makeup artist Shraddha Naik reveals the changes in life after lockdown 

The novel Coronavirus has turned the entire world upside down. Every industry has been badly impacted by the virus. The fashion, beauty and entertainment industries predominantly have been badly impacted by this with fashion weeks, significant fashion events, film shoots, award shows and everything else being cancelled. At times like this, industry experts too have been taking time off, slowing down, taking things one day at a time. Shraddha Naik, personal makeup artist of diva Shraddha Kapoor has also been coping during these tough times in the same way. 

Though she does miss work, the artiste has been keeping herself busy at home by cooking, still practicing her makeup, filming makeup videos on demand of her followers and binge watching shows or catching up on reading. 

You usually have a hectic life, now after lockdown how has life changed?
The pace has slowed down! All of a sudden I have time for everything that I have always wanted to do.

What are the things you are doing which usually you were missing out on?
I always wanted to make educational videos on makeup. I get a lot of requests to recreate looks or make videos of basic makeup. This is exactly what I am doing right now!
Also I have started cooking which I am enjoying quite a bit!

Everything has its pros and cons. How do you see lockdown?
Yes I miss my work and being on set but now that we can’t do anything about that I like to look at the bright side.
Everyone’s doing things that they never had the time for, spending time with yourself and your family. The most important thing is that our planet is getting time for some reboot! Water has turned blue again, sky is clear, we can hear birds singing and even spot dolphins in our sea... I guess Earth can use this detox time for herself which is going to be beneficial for us!


You are an integral part of Shraddha Kapoor’s team. Are you in touch with her over video calls or msgs?
Yes we did a video call last week and we keep messaging about how much we miss seeing each other!

How do you usually spend your day?
I am not a morning person and I love my sleep! So my day usually starts at 10 am! I do some basic cleaning of the house- jhadoo, bartan, pocha and then I do skipping and some stretching for around 40 mins. I have always wanted to meditate but somehow never managed to do it so now I have started meditating for 6 mins and I hope to increase the time little by little.
I usually skip breakfast since I am on intermittent fasting. Then I cook my lunch and dinner. Watch some Netflix... hooked to Dark series lately or do some reading!
Afternoons usually I talk to my parents, make some video calls to my cousins or friends!
Evenings I usually spent in shooting makeup tutorials or editing them!


What are the precautions you taking?
I don’t step out as much as possible. If I have to buy any essentials then I go once a week and make sure I wear a mask. Once I am back home I  wash whatever grocery packets I can with Dettol and have a shower and put all the clothes I was wearing to wash.

Anything you would like to tell people from your profession?
“This too shall pass.” We might never get this “me” time again! We will get back to our busy schedule soon so make the most of this time!


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