EXCLUSIVE: Aditi Govitrikar on the skin & haircare routine she swears by, product she can't do without & more

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EXCLUSIVE: Aditi Govitrikar on the skin & haircare routine she swears by, product she can't do without & more
EXCLUSIVE: Aditi Govitrikar on the skin & haircare routine she swears by, product she can't do without & more

Aditi Govitrikar went from obstetrician/gynaecologist to model and then actor. The mother-of-two has been part of films like De Dana Dan and Smile Please so far. In a candid chat with her, we talk about balancing time, beauty, mental health and so much more.

How did you go from being an obstetrician to becoming a model?
I am an MBBS graduate from Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital. I was doing my internship when I participated in Gladrags supermodel contest, just for fun, and won. The next day, I got an offer to shoot an ad. I had to take a call at that point because I also got an opportunity to study for MD Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and both fields need 100% so I had to make a choice which is why I decided to give modelling/acting one year, but that one year has extended till present. However, I went back to studying 7 years back. I have finished my Masters in Psychology and a Post Graduation in Counselling from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and I’m doing my second Masters from Harvard University USA currently. I now work as a wellness counsellor as well as an actor.

How important is it in today's time considering busy work schedules and pollution for one to maintain good skin and hair health?
I think maintaining good skin and hair health is of utmost importance because it is an indication of good health. If you have good healthy skin, very little makeup can really enhance your beauty. In fact, even if you don’t wear makeup and you have great skin, you will look good. And when you look good, you feel good. Maintaining yourself, your skin, and your hair is of the utmost importance because prevention definitely is better than cure. Yes, ageing cannot be prevented but definitely can be delayed. Maintain your skin inside out with good nutrition, hydration, and anti-stress techniques - all these play a big role in how your skin looks. Stress plays a very big role where your skin health is concerned. So you have to look after your mental well-being as well if you want your skin to glow. Busy schedules and pollution take a toll on your physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. Me-time is very crucial because it allows you to assess, anchor, focus, deal with situations that ultimately show on your skin and healthy hair.

Can you share a few tips and home remedies for people to add to their skin and hair routine?
Starting and ending your day with 10-minute meditation plays a big role in maintaining your skin and health. One tip which I would definitely like to stress upon is using sunscreen even when you are home or indoors. What we don’t realise is that in India because we have sunshine throughout the year the sun rays do affect our skin causing pigmentation, wrinkles, etc, so the minute you wake up, wash your face apply a moisturiser, and sunscreen. It plays a big role in protecting your skin from the harmful rays from the sun as well as from the radiation we are constantly exposed to when indoors. Pay attention to nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Make sure you get your beauty sleep which is very crucial as your organs, your body, your skin and your hair heal from the damage caused during the day so getting a good 7 to 8 hours sleep is very important. Exercising and working out is crucial because it helps with blood circulation. Remaining in a good physical shape helps your skin and hair directly.

What practices should people avoid in order to maintain themselves? Do you think having bad skin and hair health can affect one's mental health as well?
When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good - so yes it is intertwined. When you don’t have healthy skin or healthy hair, it does play a big role in how confident you feel, and when you feel confident it makes a big difference in your energy, how you present yourself and what you say, etc. The practices that one must avoid are smoking, alcohol, dehydration, fast food, or being stressed. Anger, stress, and other negative emotions can be detrimental to your health. Having said that, stress and negative emotions are part of life, so one needs to learn how to balance them. By doing so, you will enjoy overall well-being and not suppress the negative emotions because that too will have an impact. Learning how to manage that is key.

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