What to Wear with Red Pants: A Celebrity-inspired Style Guide!

No statement piece ever screams fashion as red pants can do! From corsets to oversized tees, here's a style guide on what to wear with red pants!

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What to Wear with Red Pants: A Celebrity-Inspired Style Guide!
What to Wear with Red Pants: A Celebrity-Inspired Style Guide!

Red is beyond the shadow of a doubt timeless, quintessential, and bold, and our personal favorites are definitely the red pants. We believe that nothing boosts your confidence like colorful bottoms. So if you're wondering what to wear with red pants, we've compiled ten different ways to style them effortlessly! For those who haven't hopped on to the red bottoms trend, this is your sign to do so! Now scroll down to find out what goes well with red pants.

What to Wear with Red Pants: 12 Outfit Ideas 

1. Make it Monochrome:

Make it Monochrome

Nothing says bold, confident, and experimental as going monochrome in a strong color. One of our personal favorite red pants outfits is a red top paired with statement red bottoms. From a power blazer to a stylish corset, there's no dearth of options to pick from. When paired with streamlined red pants, your best features will be accentuated, and the silhouette will be one to remember. Moreover, when paired with a well-fitted bodysuit, a monochrome look can give an illusion of a sleek jumpsuit or one-piece, which is always a good idea! With the color combination, the right fit, and some slight accessorizing this outfit is sure to make some head turns. 


2. Play with Prints:

Play with Prints

If you're in the mood for something fun and playful, the best move is to experiment with prints. From plaid and polka dots to abstract shapes, there is a plethora of prints you can play around with to make a stylish statement. These prints add some fun to the outfit while bringing an element of detailing that was otherwise absent. Leading the list of stylish red pants outfit ideas, printed blazers, scarves, and t-shirts are all great alternatives you can pair. Opt for prints in contrasting colors for a pop of energy, or go monochrome in terms of shades for something more chic and clean, yet equally fun! 


3. Oversized Order:

Oversized Order

The trend of this season, oversized clothing, is the right mix of casual and chic. From oversized blazers to casual baggy t-shirts, you can decide the vibe when it comes to creating outfits with red pants. Opt for a casual oversized tee with baggy cargo pants for a day-out look. Or pair an oversized blazer with well-fitted pants for a sharper look that exudes power and confidence. With power shoulders, stunning accessories, stilettos, and a perfect dark red pants outfit, you'll be good to go for any business formal occasion. 

4. Keep it Casual:

Keep it Casual

Casual red pants outfit for women is a common search that women look for, and there are several options you can choose from. From easy breezy crop tops to cute printed tank tops, you can play around with all kinds of t-shirt silhouettes for a relaxed fit. Pick a comfortable sweatshirt for colder days, or a chic bralette for warmer days depending on the occasion and the look you're going for. In terms of cute outfits with red pants, casual fits rank high on the list of snug yet stylish attire! 

5. Pick Different Materials:

Pick Different Materials

From denim jackets to cashmere knits, playing around with materials is an instant addition that can elevate your whole outfit. If you want to add a little luster to your outfit, opt for satin, but for a more comfortable look, you can pick cotton or wool. Summer outfits call for easy breezy linens, while winter weather needs weighted fabrics like wool. Fabrics like fur, or weighted linens will add a classy, elegant touch to your outfit, making it ideal for more formal, business occasions, while playful, experimental materials like latex can add an alluring touch to your outfit, and bring something new to the table! 

6. Switch up the Silhouettes:

Switch up the Silhouettes

From corsets to fitted overlays, many structured clothing pieces are now an integral must-have. They add definition, make your entire outfit look perky, and give the color the structure it deserves to look its best! Next time you're wondering what to wear with red pants, pair tie-ups in different colors and layer them over a simple tee to give an extra edge to an otherwise minimal outfit. Wear a corset with monochrome red pants for a look that is not only super trendy but also extremely stylish, with minimum effort. You can also pair the corset with cargo pants or wide-legged jeans for an elevated outfit that checks all the tick boxes. 


7. Keep it Co-ord:

Keep it Co-ord

Next on the list of outfits with red pants are co-ord sets! Coord sets are the best and fastest way to go when deciding to pick an outfit. They eliminate the need of needing to match things up, and you can shift your focus to accessorizing and opting for footwear. You can opt for a monochrome co-ord set as mentioned in the first poo unit or opt for a printed set that has playful patterns or prints. Since the print and color are constant throughout, you can change up the shoes or the jewelry to add some color to the outfit as a whole; otherwise, you may risk it being too monotone! 

8. Contrasting Colors:

Contrasting Colors

A good way to come up with a red pants outfit idea, is to pair it with something contrasting. Go to the complete other ends of the spectrum, and opt for something like purple or green for a look that’s statement yet stunning, or neutrals such as white or black for an understated contrast. If styled right, there's nothing like contrasting colors to deliver a look that is creative, unique, and still all about that jazz. You can always add some delicate accessories or basic footwear, to tie the entire look together. 

9. Cinch it up:

Cinch it up

There's no harm in adding a little definition to your outfit, and accentuating your curves, if you have the right accessory. Belts or cute waist tie-ups are great ways to add some outline to your outfit and highlight your features. Add a cool chunky belt around your jeans, to add a little extra jazz, or add a classy belt to an oversized blazer, to cinch it at the waist. 

10. Sneakers And Other Shoes:

Sneakers And Other Shoes

Sneakers are a great addition to wear with jeans. Opt for white pre-beige chunky sneakers to add some neutrals to the look, or a simple converse to keep the colorful vibe going. You can also go for heels – switch between stilettos and peep toes when you are opting for a blazer or elevated co-ord set. Sandals for a casual day out, wedges when you're in the mood for heels but don't want to go pencil-thin, and boots for outdoor activities – there's a pair for every kind of occasion! 


11. Bring the Bag:

Bring the Bag

A must-have accessory that is essential to any outfit with or without the red pants, is an amazing bag. Ranging from a tote for all your essentials to a statement sling, for when you're just treating it like a cute addition. Especially when it comes to monochrome outfits, a bag is a must-have to break the monotony of red. So next time you've decided what to wear with red pants, be sure to pick a bag to go with it. Opt for a contrasting color to add a pop of shade that is sure to stand out. 

12. Add them Accessories:

Add them Accessories

Besides the bag, don't forget to add other accessories ranging from bracelets and rings to hairbands! Accessories are the sure-shot way to add spice to any outfit. From delicate and dainty earrings and necklaces for your blazer sets to chunky bracelets and layered pieces for your streetwear fits, you can go all out in terms of jewelry. If you have multiple piercings, you can stack them up on your ear with unique pieces. Switch between different rings to add some jazz to your hands. 

With so many style tips on what to wear with red pants, there's not much more one can say to be convincing! Red pants are a must-have wardrobe essential, especially now when trends like summer wear and retro are picking up. Bottoms in red are a super cool addition to your wardrobe, and if they fit well, and are styled right, they're exactly what you need to make a splash with your fit.


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Do red and blue go together?
Red goes well with almost any color! Red and blue are contrasting colors and look great if paired well. With the right style and the right shades, they can look stunning.

Are red jeans in fashion?
Red is the color of the season! It's eccentric, powerful, and makes a statement. It can be dressed down as a summer color, and with the right styling can make for a great formal outfit as well. It exudes confidence and energy. When it comes to jeans, red is a great color to have a pair in for special occasions. Especially if you are opting for flare or bootcut jeans, red is a great shade to have.

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