Dating a Cancerian? Here are the pros and cons of dating this sign

Love is an amazing feeling but when you are in a relationship the difference in you and your partner's personality may hamper your relationship and knowing your partner might help you prepare for the ups and downs that may come.

Updated on Sep 14, 2019 02:37 PM IST  |  9.7M
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If your partner is born between June 21 to July 22, they belong to the zodiac sign - Cancer. This zodiac sign is a water sign. People belonging to this sign happen to be very intense and sentimental. They are known for their strong personality traits but it comes at a cost. They also have some very intense and emotional traits that can have a major impact on your life. If you are in a relationship with this emotional water sign, you may want to be prepared for what is to come. This sign can be a handful to handle. A Cancerian wears their heart on their sleeve and if you want to know more about the person you are dating, their zodiac sign might be a great start.




The people from this sign are very trustworthy. They will literally take your secrets to the grave. They're very protective of their loved ones and very caring. This sign will fight the world for you. Your partner won't let you get out of bed if you're sick and if they hear single sneeze they will baby you and care for you till you get better. Their family holds a very important space in their lives. Family life and loved ones are all that matters to them. There is nothing more important than the health and safety and goodwill of their family and loved ones. They don't do flings and casual dating. They're very emotional and crave a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. They are loyal and fully commit to the person they date. They won't run away from problems. they will be more than happy to work through problems. They're very creative so you can expect handmade gifts and little artistic things here and there.




Cancerians are very emotional and while this is a good thing, they also have a tendency to be overly emotional. They can have major mood swings and they won't listen to anyone when it happens. They want control in life and sometimes it just gets too much to handle. They can get very dominating and controlling. They tend to freak out when things get out of hand. They love their homes and it's like their little cocoon. They are not very social and getting them out of the house may be a huge task. be prepared for meanest tantrums if you drag them out of their comfy home. People belonging to this sign are total naggers. They are super clingy and won't want to do anything other than spend time with you. and god forbid if they dislike anything that you do, they will nag you till the end of time. They have a lot of negative energy and it can be all over the place at times.


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3 months ago
Very clingy and don’t want to admit to it they would rather say it’s you being clingy and send you away until they realize that they have nothing to cling to and then it’s sad faces and tears and I say this as a clingy person but I don’t care be clingy just don’t then it off and then say it’s me when it’s us