25 Romantic And Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Do you want to put your girlfriend to a good night's sleep? Here are some romantic bedtime stories for my girlfriend, to make her feel loved and cherished.

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Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby
Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Nighttime is one of the best times to pamper your partner and shower her with care and love. One of the most romantic ways to convey your emotions to her and strengthen your bond is to narrate bedtime stories to your beloved. Not only will this pull you two closer together, but you'll also get the chance to make her sleep like a baby. People who are in a long-distance relationship often have the feeling of missing out, so they might want to hear your soothing voice. If you wish to fill the gap in your relationship and evoke feelings of love and romance, then here are some great bedtime stories for girlfriend.

A Bouquet of Lilies And Roses

A couple in love through a flower meadow imagining themselves in a bedtime story

One day, Mark went to a florist and asked him to pack a beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses (as they were the favorite flowers of his wife). He went home happily to surprise his wife. As soon as his wife opened the door and saw him with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, she was delighted, but before she could ask what they were for, their daughter asked, "Why did you bring these flowers, Daddy?"


He beamed with a smile and said, "My fellow colleagues were discussing their spouses today, and reminiscing about the time when we first met our respective partners. It made me feel so happy, and I feel so lucky to have your Mommy in my life. She is the most kind-hearted, warm, and charming woman in the entire universe." His wife's eyes got filled with pride and joy, and they all hugged together. It was a blissful moment for the family!


Gift of the Magi

A couple in love imagining themselves in a Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories

This is one of the most beautiful short stories by O. Henry and is about a man and his wife who were poor yet lived together happily. One Christmas, they long to give each other meaningful Christmas gifts, but are constrained by their meager budget. So, they both decide to give up their treasure to afford a gift for one another.

The wife who adorns her beautiful hair sells them to buy a watch fob for her husband, and he pawns his treasured watch to purchase a beautiful jeweled tortoise-shell comb for his wife's beautiful locks. When he comes home, he is shocked to see his wife with short hair. Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes when they realized they both have given precious things to each other, but the tears were not for the futility of their actions, but for the purity of their love.

Whispers of Love

Closeup of couple making heart shape with hands after reading a romantic bedtime story

On a beautiful night, a girl wanted to tell her special one what she feels for him. She thought he was sleeping, and so she leaned in close to his ear and whispered softly, "Just like it is difficult to count the number of stars in the sky, it is difficult to measure my love for you. I love you with all my heart, and soul."

The boy opened his eyes, pulled her closer to him, and said, "I love you too, honey. Thank you for these sweet words, and I promise you I will be by your side now and always."

A couple playing true or dare as in a Romantic Cute Bedtime Story with their couple friends

One day, one of the most popular guys in the college was given a dare— he had to ask a shy girl to the prom. He couldn't complete the dare, but despite losing at the game, he won in life because that game allowed him to unravel the sweetness of the girl. They became friends, 3 years later, he proposed to her, and she said yes! He lost the game that day, but won the heart of a lovely girl!

Love You Till Eternity

An eager couple reading a book with Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

A husband came back home and presented a dozen flowers to his wife. She was very happy to receive them, but was a bit perplexed when she saw that one flower was artificial. Out of curiosity, she asked her husband, "Honey, why did you give me 11 fresh flowers, and one artificial one?"


The husband smiled and answered, “Be it real or artificial flowers, they might fade away one 

day, but my love for you will never ever fade, my darling."

The High School Romance

A couple in dim lights reading Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

"High school romances don't last forever!" Ben thought, but then he met the beautiful, kind-hearted Alexa. She entered his classroom and sat on the empty seat beside him. They soon became best friends, but he didn't have the audacity to confess his feelings to her, until one day, on her birthday, he bent to his knees and said, "Alexa, since the time I have seen you, I have not stopped thinking about you. I love everything about you but was scared of rejection, but now, I want you to know that you have someone who will always take care of you."

To his surprise, Alexa replied, "Even though I liked you from day one, and when we became friends, I was so overwhelmed. I hesitated to say anything because I didn't want to jeopardize our beautiful friendship. I had no idea you liked me at all. I am so glad you said it all today. I love you too." They looked into each other's eyes and held hands for the first time.

True Love Is Enough

A couple sitting up in bed reading Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Once, a man and woman got stuck in the middle of a forest and had no food or water left. The man was talking to her with a gentle smile on his face, and it seemed like being stuck there didn't matter to him.

The woman asked him, "You talk with such a pretty smile on your face, what's the reason behind this beautiful smile?" To this, he replied, "You are the only reason why I smile. When I have you, my life is complete. I don't need anything else then." They were able to get out of that dense forest and live a beautiful life together.

True Love Never Dies

True love soulmates intimate at park engaged and happy as in a Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

When Max was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors told him he had only ten weeks left to live. He was shocked and broken to hear this, but decided that he will use the time wisely and make all the arrangements for Carol, his beloved wife.

After his demise, Carol found out that he hid more than a hundred notes around the entire house before he died. She found one note after another, and it served as a reminder of his love. It was the most beautiful farewell gift one could ever imagine. 


The Sweet Bickering

A sweet couple bickering like a Romantic Cute Bedtime Story

Once a husband and a wife had an argument that turned into an ugly fight. She got so furious that she yelled at her husband and asked him to leave. He packed his bag and left. Shortly after, the wife came back to her senses and started panicking about him. She called his friends, but no one knew about his whereabouts. She started worrying, and negative thoughts started haunting her mind. It was snowing outside, but she didn't care, all she wanted was to find her husband. 

She walked up the sidewalk searching for a taxi. Suddenly, she saw someone sitting on a bench in a garden ten feet away. When she came closer, she realized it was her husband. She sobbed and said, "I am so sorry, I thought you must be with your friends. I was so worried about you." Her husband replied, "I care a lot about you, and couldn't have left you alone." They both burst into tears, apologized to each other, and went back to their home. From that day onwards, they made it a point not to fight so bitterly, and hurt each other with their words or actions. 

The Tipsy Boyfriend

A tipsy boyfriend

One night, a couple went to a bar, and the guy got a little drunk. She got furious at him as to why he drank too much, but there was little she could do other than take him home safely. She dragged him into the car and drove to their apartment.

She then helped him lie on the bed and removed his shoes so that he can sleep peacefully. As soon as she reached for his clothes, he pushed her away, yelling, "Go away! I love my girlfriend, so don't touch me at all!!" Hearing this, the girlfriend didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but she knew that he loves her so much and is loyal to her.

Story of Manjhi

A cute couple over a mountain

It is said that true love has the power to move mountains, and the real story of Dashrath Manjhi can make everyone believe that. Manjhi was a simple man who loved his wife a lot, but as fate would have it, she tragically died because of serious injuries after she fell while crossing a nearby hill.


He was heartbroken, but made up his mind to carve a small path through the mountain so that the villagers can get easy access to medical assistance. Initially, he was ridiculed by everyone, but he finally succeeded. He is known as the Mountain Man, and what he did shows how much he loved his wife. This is one of the most romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend that is based on a real story. 

The Wedding Invitation

A couple on their wedding day

On a dinner date, a man asked his girlfriend, "Honey, tell me — will you come to my wedding if I invite you?" The girlfriend was aghast hearing this. How could he say such a thing, she thought? 

She gathered a moment to ask, "Why did you ask me that? Do you not see any future with me? Or are you seeing someone else?"

The boyfriend chuckled and replied," No, honey! I wanted to invite you as my bride. So, will you accept the invitation?" They both laughed heartily, and she answered with a resounding, "Yes" and gave him a kiss. 

You Are Beautiful

 A beautiful couple

There was a girl who had a lot of insecurities about herself because of some past issues. She thought everyone was beautiful except her. She loved a boy but was hesitant to approach him, as she feared rejection. One day, as he walked towards her, she was surprised. He asked her name and asked if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee. She said yes, and soon they became friends. Slowly and gradually, the boy fell in love with her, and when he confessed his feelings to her, she was astounded.

"But I am too ugly," she said when he told her about his feelings, to which the boy replied, "You know we can count the number of stars easily in the sky." The girl's eyes widened, "That's practically impossible!" she exclaimed.

The boy smiled sweetly and said, "Just like counting stars in the sky is impossible, your being ugly is also impossible. You are the most beautiful person for me in this world." They hugged each other and smiled. 

This is one of the cutest bedtime stories for girlfriend. 

Like Or Love

A couple in love that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

One day, when a boyfriend and girlfriend were having fun chatting at a cafe, the girl mustered the courage to ask the boy if he likes her.


He answered, "No, I don't like you." Her eyes got moist hearing this, and she got up and started walking out of the cafe when the boy caught her hand gently and said," How can I like you when I am deeply in love with you? Yes, I love you a lot!" The girl was delighted to hear this and gave him a tight hug.

The Reason Why I Love You

A couple in love that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

A girlfriend asked her boyfriend, "Give me one reason why you love me?" Her sudden question surprised him. He had no idea how to answer it, and this made her feel that if he has no reason, that means he doesn't love her. She began sulking, and this is when the boyfriend hugged her tight and said, "I don't need a thousand reasons to love you, because divine love needs no reason." Hearing this, the woman smiled and gave him a kiss.

Frank And Alice

A cute couple in bed reading Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Frank and Alice were married for 20 years, and one day, Frank's life changed unexpectedly when his wife met with a car accident. She had bruises all over her body, as well as some internal injuries, due to which she fell into a coma. The doctors said that they have no clue when she can wake up, but Frank didn't lose hope.

He visited her every day and told stories about their past. On their wedding anniversary, he showed her the album of their wedding day, and she slowly began to move her lips. She began to gain consciousness, and after a few weeks, she finally woke up and recovered. This tells us that true love never dies and conquers everything. 

Ultimate Love

Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

A girl and a boy were best friends, but the boy had feelings for the girl. However, he didn't have the courage to tell her. One fine day, he decided to tell the girl that he had fallen for her. He made up his mind that even if she didn't love him, he would ask her to be friends with him. He met her in the evening, and after a long silence, told her that he wanted to talk about something. 

"I also want to talk about something", she replied.


"Ok, you go first", said the boy. "I am in love with a guy, but he has no clue about it," she exclaimed. His jaw dropped, and his heart skipped a beat. He calmed himself down, and asked, "That's great to hear! Who is he?"

She replied, "You know him because you know all of my friends. I have written his name on this piece of paper." 

With a heavy heart, he took that paper and went back home, tears still falling from his eyes. When he reached home, he pulled out that piece of paper and was going to throw it away, when he saw that the name she had written was his. He smiled and immediately called the girl to tell her how much he loved her.

Online Love

Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

They met online on an app. The lady was an introvert, and he was an extrovert. Both of them shared different likes and dislikes, yet they found comfort in talking with each other. As they started to get to know more about each other, they realized that they had more in common than they realized. They started falling in love with each other, and couldn't spend even a day without talking to each other. The only constraint they felt was distance, and so one day, they decided to meet one another. 

They both met and bonded over a cup of tea. As they left, they both promised each other to talk every day and never leave each other's hands. Soon, the man relocated to her city, and they moved in together and lived happily ever after. 

The Tale of Pure Love

A lovable couple that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

A boy was single and looking for love, and a girl was single,and she was also looking for a connection. One day, they met at a party, and then they weren't single anymore. Was it a mere coincidence? No, it was Cupid at work!

The Blind Girl

A blind couple that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Once, there was a girl and a boy who were madly in love with each other. The girl was blind, and the boy took proper care of her. She really wished she could see him and had an image of his looks in her mind. 

One day, she received news that made her jump with joy, she got to know that her parents have finally found an eye donor for her. She was eager for the operation to get done and see the world and the love of her life. Once the operation was done, she saw her man standing in front of her, and felt excited to see him for the first time. It was at that moment that she learned her eyes had been donated by him so that she could see. 


The Hidden Love

A couple with hidden love who reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Maria and Eric had been married for 15 years, and after all these years, the spark in their relationship had gone. The couple didn't go out for candlelight dinners, movies, or shopping. Eric used to be very busy with his work and couldn't even bring gifts for her on their wedding anniversary. Maria tried to make him understand that they need to rekindle their romance, but he used to shut her up by saying that whatever he is doing is for both of them. She stopped saying anything after that.

Once, Eric had to go to New York for a business meeting, and he couldn't even spare five minutes to speak with Maria. She packed his suitcase and bid him farewell. Once Eric reached his hotel in NYC, he opened his bag and found a file that he needed for the meeting. With that file, there was a pink envelope in which their family photo was put with both of them happy and smiling. It made him go back to his past memories. It also had a note that read, "I know you are busy with your work, but I miss you every day, my honey bear." He realized his mistake and on his way back, he bought a pair of earrings and his wife's favorite chocolates. Maria was super- duper happy to receive the gifts. After all, the love was never lost, just hidden deep inside their hearts.

The Pet Dog

A couple with a dog that read Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Once there was a woman who loved pet dogs but couldn't keep them because her husband was scared of dogs as he once got badly bitten by one. Her husband also didn't like the fact that she is not able to have a cute dog because of him, but as he was highly scared of them, he couldn't muster the courage to have one at their home. 

Once, a woman was walking in a park when she saw a cute, little puppy shivering in the cold. Her heart went out to it, she removed her jacket, and wrapped it all over the pup. She brought the puppy home, fed it, and put it to sleep. She also said to the pup, "Don't make any noise, or my husband will get to know about you."

At night, when the man came into the house, he could sense something fishy as she was all over the place. At night, when he heard barking, he went to the room where the pup was sleeping and got a bit scared. But soon he became aware of the fact that his wife loves pets so much, and woke her up saying the pup needs her.


The woman asked him to caress the pup and that it won't harm him. He lent his hand towards the pup, and it started sniffing and licking his fingers softly. Soon, his fear vanished away, and the pup became their new family member. The man on his wife's next birthday gifted another pup to her, and they all lived together as a happy family.

The Introvert And Extrovert

The shy couple that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

Liam was an introvert and his wife, Emma, was an extrovert. He loved staying back at home, and she rejuvenated herself by going out and meeting people. People thought they would be a difficult match, and they won't last forever. But they did because their love for each other was greater than the differences in their personalities.

They used to take interest in each other's hobbies – Liam used to go out and attend parties sometimes, and Emma used to stay back at home and watch a movie from the comfort of their home sometimes. Together, they found a way to channelize their energy into something positive and find a common ground to enjoy each other's company. Their story teaches us that with love, we can cross any hurdle to stay happy. 

The Photograph

A cute couple taking a photograph that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

One lovely morning, a man took a photograph of his wife after she woke up. 

"Why did you click my picture like this? I don't look good when I have just woken up" she said. 

He smiled and answered, "You are the prettiest woman for me, and I want to show my kids that their mommy is beautiful without makeup. Their mommy is the perfect woman on Earth."

To this, she smiled and they both kissed each other. 

The Hug

A couple hugging that reads Romantic Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend to Make Her Sleep Like a Baby

One day, a girl went to his boyfriend's place to visit him. The guy had a pet dog, and she was scared of the pet, which is why he always used to put the pet on a leash whenever she visited him. But, this time, he kept the dog without a leash, and when she entered, the dog went up to her. She was scared and hugged her boyfriend tight. The naughty trick worked for him.


These were some of the best bedtime stories for your girlfriend. Read these amazing romantic stories to her and make her believe in the power of true love all over again. This activity will also strengthen your bond and bring you two closer together.

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