25 Best Couples Drinking Games to Play And Have Joyful Moments

Couples drinking games are engaging, romantic, and rejuvenating. Here are some best drinking games for couples to play and bring magic back into their lives.

Chhavi Puri
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Uncover the best couples drinking games
Uncover the best couples drinking games

It is always thrilling to play games with your partner. It can contribute towards making a relationship feel fresh and fun. If you enjoy drinking sessions as a couple to release stress and unwind from time to time, you can make it even more fun and exciting by incorporating some fun couples drinking games! It is quite common to do and say things they would never do when they are sober and some of the games can be quite revelatory. 

Drinking games for couples are popular worldwide because they help break the monotony of life and build a spark in the relationship. We have got you covered with some of the best drinking game ideas for couples. Enjoy!

1. The Quiz Game

A couple playing a quiz game which is a great couple drinking game

Do you want to test your partner's knowledge of you? If yes, then play this amazing drinking game. For this, you need some personal questions ready with you in advance, alcohol, and shot glasses. 

Below are some fun questions you can ask:

  • What was the date when we first met each other? 
  • What was the first movie we watched together? 
  • When is our first kiss anniversary?
  • What is my favorite dessert?
  • What is my biggest pet peeve?
  • What is the one thing I always carry with me when I am going out?

Whoever says the wrong answer will have to take a sip of alcohol.

2. Truth Or Dare

If you are having a game night with your partner, then playing Truth Or Dare is inevitable. It's a game that can be played anytime, anywhere, and can help you heat things up. The rules of this game are simple— your partner will select either ‘Truth or Dare’, and based on their choice, you'll ask them a question, or give them a dare. If they don't give an honest answer, they will have to take a sip of alcohol. Similarly, if they fail to perform the dare, they will have to drink. . You both will take turns asking questions and giving naughty dares, and who knows the game might lead to some kissing, hugging, or maybe even more.

3. Make Me Laugh

Make Me Laugh  is a best drinking game for couples

This game is pretty simple to play and is one of the best drinking games to play for couples. Put a timer on for 30 seconds and during this time, you have to try to make your partner smile/laugh. From telling jokes to enacting a funny character, you can do various things to make them lose the challenge. Do not tickle because that would be cheating.  If you manage to make your better half smile or laugh in 30 seconds, then you win, and they have to take a shot. If not, you take the shots.

4. Flip the Coin

You don't have any board games or cards to have fun with your partner? Don't worry at all because you can now enjoy fun drinking games for couples with a coin. One of the best things about this game is that it's fast-paced, and you can play multiple rounds. Take a coin and flip it in turns. Your partner needs to guess whether it is heads or tails. Because it’s a drinking game, get ready to get tipsy and drink a small amount of alcohol if your partner’s guess is correct. You can notch it up by making it a strip game — if they guess wrong the third time, they have to take off a piece of clothing. Play it as much as you want, or until you are left wearing nothing. This is one of the best drinking card games for couples.

5. Spin the Wheel And Drink

Want to play a couples drinking game that's easy and not-at-all-testing-on-the-mind? If yes, then go for the Drinking Roulette game.  For this game, you need shot glasses, a wheel, and a drink of your choice. Spin the wheel and drink whatever is in the shot glass that you land on. It could be water, wine, or any random glass concoction that you and your loved one make together. It's simple and fun!

6. Charade

Charade is a couple drinking game

There is no chance you haven't played Charade even once in your life. It is one of the best couples drinking games if they are keen on rediscovering the excitement in their love life. Make it more fun by having drinks along with it. Write some romantic, sexy words or sentences on chits, fold the chits, and place them nicely in a bowl. Take turns to pick the chit, and whoever picks it up will have to act out the word to their partner using gestures. You cannot utter even a single word. If your partner guesses the word right, they have to take a shot, and if they say the right word, get ready to take a shot. You can add a difficulty level to the game by putting a timer of 40 seconds, and guessing the word in this time frame only, or you lose.

7. Guess the Word

Guess the Word is a couple drinking game

This is one of the most romantic drinking games for couples that will for sure bring you two closer together. For this, prepare in advance a list of lovey-dovey words, and draw the word using your fingers on your partner's back or nape of the neck. For example, if the word is love, then draw L first O then V, and then E. Let your partner guess the word, and if their answer is correct, you need to take a shot, or they take a shot. Take turns in this game, and have fun.

8. Find the Spot

Do you wish to fulfill your romantic fantasies? Play this game then and make your night with your partner steamy hot. The game is simple and hot. Ask your partner kinky questions like, "Kissing what body parts turns me on the most?", and give them two options to choose from. If the answer is correct, you’ll have to drink, and if the answer is wrong, the shots are for your partner. You can even make it a strip game, and ask your partner to remove an item of clothing for three wrong answers.

9. Snakes And Ladders

Snakes And Ladders is a couple drinking game

You must be thinking, 'wait, what? Can we turn this innocent childhood game into an intimate one?' Well, of course, we can! Play it as you would normally play it, but here's a catch — every time you climb up a ladder, your partner takes a shot, and every time you slide down a snake, you take a shot. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

10. Jenga

Jenga is a couple drinking game

Jenga is one of the best at-home drinking games for couples to play and rekindle romance. This is a raunchier version of the Jenga game, wherein both of you will pull out blocks in turn. The catch here is that these blocks will have body parts and some tasks written on them. You have to perform the task with the body part mentioned in the block. If you manage to do the task, your partner takes a shot, and if you cannot, you have to take a shot. Make sure to include kinky tasks for an eventful night.

11. Red Or Black

This is one of the most popular valentine's drinking games for couples. You can make it hotter by adding some rules for a more intimate experience. This game can be played with drinks and a deck of cards. Pull out a card, and ask your partner to guess if it's red or black. If they choose the wrong color, they take a shot.

12. Drunken Pictionary

This game is a unique combination of drawing and drinking. If you want to bring out your artistic side, then this is the best game to play with your beloved. You need a marker and a whiteboard for this one. Make chits with words written on them, these can be birds, movies, or anything else. The game is simple— draw something on a whiteboard related to the word, and your partner has to guess it as quickly as they can. The more they delay, the more he or she has to take shots. If they fail to say the right answer within 30 seconds, they can even be asked to remove a piece of clothing.

13. The Q&A Game

The Q&A Game is a couple drinking game

It is one of the best drinking games for couples which can be played online. So if you are in a long-distance relationship and want to bring back the spark in your love life, then this is the game to play. As the name of the game suggests, you need to ask funny or personal questions to your partner. This is the best game to play if you want to know some secrets.

You can ask questions, such as:

  • What is the one thing you love the most about me?
  • When shall we get engaged?
  • Where should we go for our honeymoon?

If you or your partner refuse to answer a question or don't answer quickly, take a shot.

14. Never Have I Ever

This game never gets old and can be played at home, on a trip, or even at a party. Frame some sentences in advance, and start playing the game. Suppose, if the sentence is, "Never Have I ever kissed anyone on a first date." If the answer is yes, your partner will take a shot, if not, no one takes a shot. Such playful games reveal a lot about your partner.

15. Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is one of the most exciting couples drinking games. You must be thinking, how is this a drinking game, right? Well, the crux of the game remains the same, but you can make the game spicier by making the bottle point to an object like chocolate, an outfit, a cake, a hula-hoop, or whipped cream. Now, spin the bottle, and whatever the bottle points at, your partner will need to perform something sensuous using it to entertain you. Play this in turns, and whoever fails to perform the task will take a shot. 

16. Sit And Stand

This is a tricky game but will surely make you have loads of fun while playing it. The instructions of the game are simple— the couples should stand facing each other in a row, and the person conducting the sit and stand game will say 'sit' or 'stand.' The partner should do anything but follow the instructions. For example, if the instructor says 'sit' you should stand, and vice versa. You should say 'sit' and 'stand' as fast as you can to make your partner lose the challenge. Play this game for sixty seconds, and whoever loses takes a shot.

17. Burst the Balloons

This is one of the most jovial drinking games for couples to play at home or at a party. In fact, this game is best played with other couples. The more, the merrier! For this, you need to have balloons and a stopwatch. All you need to do is burst a balloon by pressing it against the back of your partner. You cannot use your hands at all to win the challenge. You need to pop as many balloons as possible within sixty seconds. You can have five rounds of this game, and the couple who bursts the maximum number of balloons wins. After every round, the couple who loses will have to take a shot. You can tweak this game a bit if you are playing it at home, you can set a timer for sixty seconds, and see who bursts the maximum number of balloons in a minute. Whoever loses after each round takes a shot and/or removes a piece of clothing.

18. Take out the Candy

This is a game that's loved by many, and by the end of this game, you are bound to get closer to your special one. You'll need a bowl of flour, candies, and a table. Put some candies in a bowl of flour and place it on a table. Now, placing hands behind the back, you and your partner will try to take as many candies as they can with their mouth and put them on the table. If your partner takes out more candies than you in one round, you'll have to take a shot. You can play this for as many rounds as you can.

19. Eye Stare

Eye Stare is a couple drinking game

This game doesn't require any introduction, as it is one of the most popular couples drinking games. It is a great game to play for a date night, and you can make it more engaging with some shots. To play this game, all you have to do is gaze into each other's eyes without blinking. Whoever blinks first loses and takes a shot. You can play this game for as long as you want, and who knows maybe it'll end up in some cozy, intimate moments.

20. Most Likely to

It is one of the best question-drinking games for couples. Write questions on chits and put them in a bowl. Take one chit out and read the question aloud. If you think you are most likely to do that thing, point a finger at yourself, or else point the finger toward your partner. If the choice between you and your partner is different, both of you will have to take a shot. 

Some of the drinking game questions for couples are:

  • Who is most likely to forget the anniversary date?
  • Who is most likely to get late to a party?
  • Who is most likely to sleep during a movie?
  • Who is most likely to not take a shower for days?
  • Who is most likely to curb their anger during a fight?
  • Who is most likely to apologize after making a mistake?

21. Facts Check

One of the most fascinating drinking games for couples, this one never gets old. The faster you are in this game, the better chances you'll have to win it. This game requires nothing but plenty of knowledge about your partner to play it. You need to take turns to fire out facts about each other. Your partner will say a fact about you, and then you will say a fact about them. This game goes back and forth. If one of you repeats any fact or says something that is not true, you'll have to take a shot. 

The facts could be: "Your favorite cuisine is Chinese." "Your favorite holiday destination is Rome." "Your favorite color is black." You can go as funny with the facts you state.

22. Streaptease Dice

Playing dice can be very romantic if you come up with your own rules. This one is pretty simple to play — roll dice in turns. If the number is even, you will have to take a shot, and if the number is odd, you remove a piece of clothing. You can add excitement to the game by assigning each number on the dice with an activity like kissing, biting an ear, hugging, massage, etc.

23. The Queen Card

This is one of the most amusing drinking card games for couples. In this, you need a complete deck of cards, and remove three Queens from it. Leave just 1 Queen, shuffle the cards well and place them in the middle of the table. Now, you and your beloved will start drawing the cards one by one and keep playing until one of you gets the Queen card. Whoever loses will take a shot. You can make the game more joyful by planning in advance some activities that the person who loses will have to do. The player who loses will have to do one of the three things you set before starting the game, such as do a strip dance, give a massage, sing a song, and so on. The game continues until you get bored or things get heated up.

24. Two Truths And a Lie

Two Truths And a Lie is a couple drinking game

It is one of the most exciting couples drinking games that reveal facts about yourself to your partner. People in a long-distance relationship can also play this game and keep the spark alive in their relationship.  You and your partner will take turns and tell three things, out of which one will be a lie. Your partner will guess what's the lie, and for every wrong answer, they take a shot.

25. Going to the Bar

If you want to go all giggly, then play this game with your partner. For this game, all you have to do is say "I am going to the bar to get..." and finish the sentence with a drink of your choice. Your partner will repeat the same sentence and add the name of the drink of their choice. For example, if you started with "I am going to the bar and ordering wine." Your partner will say, "I am going to the bar and ordering wine and beer." The game continues until one of you mispronounces a name or makes a mistake. Whoever makes a mistake has to take a shot. Be ready for the fun and giggles with this one.

Playing games together can help bring back the magic in the mundane life of a couple. Couples drinking games like “eye stare”, “Jenga”, “never have I ever”, etc. are fun, engaging, simple, and don't require a lot of things to play. Play these games to liven up your life and keep the chemistry alive. Many of these games require you to be truthful, so don't shy away from saying what you feel. Maybe it will help you get closer to your partner. Whenever you get bored, play these romantic games and fill your day with love and excitement.

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