30 Best Games for Couples to Have Some Fun Together

Is boredom killing you? We have covered some of the most fun and exciting games for couples to rekindle the romance and make your date night filled with love.

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Best games for couples to play and have fun
Best games for couples to play | List of the best card games, video games, and online games for couples to play

Sharing fun and laughter is the mantra to have a healthy and successful relationship. But it is normal to feel stuck in your daily monotonous life as a couple and feel bored. But what if we tell you that friendly competition can bring back the spark in your love life and create lasting memories? Yes! When passing through different relationship stages, many couples start looking for different ways to keep up their enthusiasm and spirits.  For many couples, playing games is the new quality time together. Gaming together can help couples feel positive emotions, thereby leading to increased relationship satisfaction. So, if you wish to break the monotony of everyday life and rejuvenate yourself, here are some great games for couples that are easy to play. 

Embark on a journey filled with adventure with these popular games that are sure-shot to bring happiness into the lives of married couples.

It is normal to feel stuck in your daily monotonous life as a couple and try out different ways to have some fun together. For many couples, playing games is the new quality time together. Gaming together can help couples feel positive emotions, thereby leading to increased relationship satisfaction. So, if you wish to break the monotony of everyday life and rejuvenate yourself, here are some great games for couples that are easy to play. 

Fun Games for Couples to Play And Enjoy

1. Card Games

If you are into card games, you can enjoy them with your spouse by playing games such as slapjack, war, blackjack, golf, monopoly, Uno, and so on. If you wish to heat things with alcohol, then you can go for card-drinking games and play King's Cup, Gin Rummy, or Happy Ninja Star with your spouse. 


2. Truth Or Dare

For ages, truth or dare has been a favorite game of many. It is perhaps one of the best question games for couples to play without anything, and know some secrets and/or make them do something crazy. Don't worry if it's just you two playing this game, because it is fun anyway. The game is simple — if they choose 'Truth', you can ask funny or personal questions, and if they opt for 'Dare', you can make them do anything. This is a top-notch game to spice things up and have a joyous evening. 

3. Guess the Tune

This is one of the best couple games for a party. You just need a music streaming service of your choice, all you have to do is play a few initial seconds of a song and let your partner guess the title of the song and the artist. 

4. Stare into My Eyes


Stare game for couples | Best games for couples to play at home

If you want to up your romantic life and become engrossed in each other's love, then this is the best game to play. For this, you need to sit face-to-face with your partner and look into their eyes without blinking for as long as you can. Whoever stares for a longer time wins. Often, the best romantic games to play with your girlfriend lead to kissing, cuddling, and hugging, and this game does the same! Play this anywhere, any time with your beloved.

5. The Singing Game

Competitive games for couples help them strengthen their bond. This is a cool, fun game for people who are miles away from each other. You just need a phone and an abundance of song knowledge to play this one. In this game, you'll sing a song and your partner has to continue with another song based on the last word you sang. Maybe you have an angelic voice, or maybe you don't, it doesn't matter at all. The singing game is undoubtedly one of the best games for long-distance couples


6. The Pretzel Game

This one is a bit tricky as it involves pretzels, but if you have it at home, then give this game a try as it'll make you laugh and enjoy each other's company. The game is pretty simple to play — you need to look for a pretzel recipe that you both love and see who twists the dough into pretzels faster. This is a time-based game, so whoever finishes first, wins. No matter who is the winner, you both get to spend some quality time together and relish a homemade snack. 

7. This Or That

Do you like this or that? Yes, this is the crux of this amusing game.

It is one of the best question games for new couples, and you'll get to know many things about your partner with this one. You just need to ask some questions to your partner, and they need to answer them fast. People who are early in a relationship or long-distance relationship can ask complicated questions to get to know their significant other better. 

Below are some examples of fun questions you can ask:

TV or books?

Movie night at home or clubbing outside?

Beaches or mountains?

Ice cream or chocolate?


Dogs or cats?

Morning person or night person?

Indoors or outdoors?

Homemade food or fast food?

8. Scrabble

Play scrabble with your partner and create happy moments together

Scrabble is one of the best games to play for couples at home. It is an entertaining, exciting, and intelligent game to play. You can tweak the game a bit, and play this in a romantic way, such as you can only make a romantic or sexy word to play. You can take the game to another level by adding categories like Kiss scrabble. When your partner reaches a particular number of points, they get a kiss. 

9. Dumb Charades

Dumb charades never get old and is one of the most exciting games for couples to play at home. In this, you need to pick a movie name and explain it to your better half through acting. You cannot talk at all while enacting the movie, and can only act out the name by using facial expressions, gestures, and body language. You can make this game more fun by making it a kiss or strip game, as in whenever they guess the movie right, they get a kiss, or you remove a piece of clothing. 

10. Drinking Yay Or Nay Game

This is one of the most exciting fun drinking games for couples, and all you require for this one is wine, or any other drink that you like, and two glasses. If you are a teetotaler, then you can get a soft drink of your choice. The game is all about questions and drinking, one of you will ask something, and your partner will answer with a 'yes' or 'no.' If the answer is a 'yes', the person who answers the question will take a sip, and if it's 'no', nobody needs to take a sip. You can play this game at a party or home and make your evening enjoyable. 


11. Atlas 

If you are having a trivia night at your house, then you can play this intellectual game with your spouse and friends. In this game, you need to say the name of a city/country, and the other person will continue with the last alphabet of the place you said. If you or your partner are not able to say a place name, you lose. 

12. Two Truths And a Lie

Play Two Truths And A Lie with your partner and add happy moments to your life

This is one of the easiest games for couples to play at home and spend lovely moments together. To play this game, both of you will have to take turns and tell each other two true things and a false one about yourselves. Your partner has to guess which one is a lie. This game is hands down one of the best 'get to know you' games for couples and will help you know each other better, and come closer. 

13. Ring the Bell

This is one of the most fascinating games for a couple to play at a party or home. In this, you need to ring doorbells and then run off as fast as you can before anyone answers the door. The catch here is that you also need to leave a special treat behind to surprise people.  This game becomes more fun and thrilling during Christmas or Halloween. You can get a tin of cookies, a box of chocolates, a pouch of candies, or a basket of treats and leave these behind. To make it more special and joyful, you can add a cute message too. 

14. Roleplay

If you are looking for ways to spice up your intimate moments, then play this game once. You can dress up like your partner’s favorite character and replicate their mannerisms as well. Who is your partner's favorite character? You can dress up like the character and replicate their mannerisms as well. The characters can be anyone from a movie, TV series, book, or anime, or you can even choose a celebrity for role playing. 

15. Board Games

Playing board games is a fun way to entertain yourselves. Some of the best board games for couples are Mancala, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go!, Jenga, Codenames Duet, Yahtzee, Hive, Carcassonne, Checkers, Stratego, Flash, Forbidden Island, Trivial Pursuit, Qwirkle, Battleship, Connect 4, Battle Line, Monopoly, Blokus, Codenames: Duet, and Guillotine. 

16. Tic-Tac-Toe

If you think tic-tac-toe is only for kids, then you are mistaken, because you can tweak the game a bit and make it suitable for adults. Also, the game can be made intimate by personalizing it. Make cards out of sheets of paper, and describe romantic actions on them. Now take another sheet, draw boxes in it, and properly describe activities such as cuddling, kissing, etc. 


After both of you choose your spot, you'll need to complete the action described and play the next turn. 

17. Story Telling

This is one of the best games for a couple's game night. This game works best if you are camping, or are out on car trips. It's quite easy to play and builds your creativity too. For this, you need to select a few words, to make it more lovey-dovey, you can add words like romance, couple, love, kiss, hug, etc. One person will say a sentence and include one of the words selected for the game, and the other person will say another sentence continuing with the same one. For instance, you can start with 'Carol & I met on a yacht, and it seemed like love at first sight', now someone else can continue the story with a sentence, 'Love at first sight feels like an instant connection with someone. It is divine.' It is important to add at least one word from the list of words selected, and go back and forth until you have created a romantic, funny, or scary story. 

18. Video Games

Play video games with your partner to spend quality time together

One can never get bored of video games. There are many fun video games for couples including Portal, Cuphead, Mario Party, Little Big Planet, It Takes Two, Spiritfarer, Guitar Hero, Bomberman, Overcooked, Diablo, Snipperclips, Halo, Mario Kart, Little Big Planet, Overwatch, Guacamelee, Portal, Secret of Mana, and Love in a Dangerous Spacetime. 

19. Treasure Hunt

Want to make the classic treasure hunt more personalized and delightful? Write some cute things on a note and leave them to guide your partner for the treasure hunt, and guide them for the gift you have planned for them. From a dinner date with music to accessories, you can gift your partner anything and make them feel special. 

20. Name That Episode

Are you both couch potatoes and spend your idle time binge-watching series? If you are a true fan of classic series like Friends, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, and so on, you can plan the 'guess the episode' game. Play any episode from your favorite series at random and ask your partner to name the episode. If you are a true Friends fanatic, you can play the episode where Monica proposes to Chandler, and make him guess the name. You can make the moment lovelier by proposing to your partner the same way, and letting them know what you mean to them. 


21. Twenty-five Questions

If you want to know your partner both inside and out, then this is a fantabulous question game for couples to play. Make a list of 25 one-word answer questions, and tell your partner that they need to answer it as quickly as they can. It's like a rapid-fire round where they cannot take more than a few seconds to answer a question. 

You can ask questions like:

What's your all-time favorite movie?

What's your favorite holiday destination?

What is your dream?

What kind of gifts do you like?

Are you an early riser or a late owl?

Which is your favorite dessert?

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Which is your most special school memory?

What was your favorite subject in school?

Which one superpower do you wish you had?

22. Never Have I Ever

This is one of the most fun-loving games for couples to play at home. If you are on a trip or enjoying solitude at home on a weekend, you can play this game to seek a way out of your mundane routine. For this, you just need a piece of paper and write 'I Have' on one side, and 'Never' on the other. Voila, you are done!

Ask questions to your partner. For example, if you say "I have never stalked my ex on social media." show the cards at the same time. If it doesn't apply to you, show 'Never', and if it does, show 'I Have.' This game will strengthen your bond by making you get to know each other better. You can play this game with other couples too and make it more amusing. 

23. How Much Do You Know Me? 

Play how much do you know me? with your partner and know them better

Do you remember the first time you met your special one? If you have a sharp memory and want to test your partner, then this is the best game to play. You can ask each other questions about how you met, what you wore when they first saw you, which was the first movie you saw together, etc. Whoever wins the game gets a treat, and whoever loses gets a dare. 

24. Tongue Twister

If you want to giggle hard with your partner, then play tongue twister as it is one of the most exciting games for couples. You can give your partner cool tongue twisters and boo them if they lose. 

25. Sink the Ship

For this, you need to have glasses and alcohol or a soft drink. Pour your drink into a shot glass that's floating in liquid in a bigger glass. Make sure not to allow the shot glass to sink. Now, all you need to do is make some changes to make this game romantic. Play the game together, and whoever loses has to complete the dare the other one asks them. There is no limit to the imagination in this game as you can ask your partner anything to do and make your night steaming hot. 


26. Karaoke

Do you love dancing to tunes? If yes, then play karaoke with your special one. You need not have a karaoke machine and can download a karaoke app on your laptop and enjoy singing with your partner. 

27. The Picture Game

For this, you need a small cubicle box and paste naughty, romantic, and sexy pictures on all sides. Now, hold the box tightly in your hand and throw it like dice. Take turns to throw, and your partner has to do in action what the image displays. You can use pictures of kisses, hugs, cuddles, etc. 

28. Online Games

Play online games with your special one

Are you away from your loved one and want to rekindle the romance? You can ignite your love, by playing online games with your better half. Some of the popular online games for couples are Minecraft, Chess, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Portal 2, Overcooked, and so on. 

29. You Laugh, You Lose

Laughter is the best medicine, and this game will evoke so much happiness in you that you'll want to play it again and again. The best thing about this game is that you don't need anything but an online streaming service to play it.  Stream any hilarious video, and make sure to hold your laughter, whoever laughs first will be given a punishment. You can even make this a drinking game and have a sip of wine whenever you laugh. 

30. Scribble it up

Is your partner artistic and has a knack for writing? Or maybe you wish to get a chance to show your creative side? Here's a perfect game for you —  write a line for your partner, and ask them to continue from that in proper rhyme. Go back and forth, until a beautiful love poem of 20 to 25 lines is created. Whoever gets stuck in the middle, gets a punishment. 

Life can be really dull without games. These classic games for couples, including treasure hunt, picture game, and card games will help you delve deeper into each other, and have a great time together. You don’t even need to spend a lot on these games. Many of these games can also be played online, so you also need not worry about the physical presence of your partner. You can enjoy these games even if you are in a long-distance relationship and feel each other’s presence. Play and have fun!

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Which are the best naughty games for couples?
Truth or Dare, The Kissing Game, The Fantasy Box, Bodypainting, and Romantic Scrabble are some of the best games to play for couples and get naughty.

What games can we play on a date?
Some of the games that two people can play on a date are Never Have I Ever, Two Truths And A Lie, Stare Contest, and Truth or Dare.

How do I entertain my relationship?
Send romantic text messages, play fun games together, have deep conversations, go on a trip, and spend quality time together to keep your relationship exciting and fun.

Which are the best free online games for couples?
Chess, Clash of Clans, and Online Truth or Dare are some of the best free online games to play for couples.

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